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“Yeah Claire's going,” he said, a note of pride in his voice as he said, “She's going as CMO for the Beta site.” He could still remember that conversation they'd had when she'd been offered the position, it had been a really good night that night. “So you're going as the lead for the languages?”

Caleb always like it when the civilians on the base got to act as lead more, he understood the nature of the job meant it was more military run than anything else – that was where most of their money came from to fund the project – but he always liked it when someone they least expected got to act as lead at one point or another. He had gotten that chance himself more times since he'd joined the Atlantis expedition than he had at the SGC, it had changed him, he appreciated the people he worked with a lot more now.

“Everyone is a beginner at some point right,” he replied, smiling sincerely at her, “Besides you didn't get frustrated with the whole process like some people do. You've done well, really well.”

He chuckled slightly as she all but took the box of ammo from him, loaded it the gun up easier than he thought she would, he knew people were always taught the basics of gun handling especially when they came to the SGC, but it still surprised him when someone who he knew wasn't around guns all the time still loaded the think almost effortlessly.

The click of the last piece sliding into place made him smile even more, Ruth definitely had been one of his more better students he'd had. He could only imagine how doing this lesson with Claire would end up, he knew there would either be no gun training at all or they'd have to find someone else. There were a few things he wouldn't teach her.

He hefted the gun up as Ruth asked him to inspect it, honestly he wasn't worried by this point, she had done him proud. Even as he released the magazine briefly to check everything was loaded correctly, no bullets were in backwards – which had happened once – before slotting it back into place.

Caleb put the gun back down in front of her, “It's perfect, I don't think you have anything to worry about falling off or apart,” he said, smiling at her. Before handing over some ear defenders and glasses, the next part was the easiest part of this lesson, probably the one thing that she would already know.

“Ready for the next part?” he asked, slipping his own glasses on, before leading her towards the shooting range. Thankfully it was in the same room as the armoury just more towards the back of it, it meant people weren't wondering from room to room on this level with loaded guns when they didn't really have to.

There was already a target ready and waiting for them, he had prepared everything earlier, made sure that he wouldn't be running setting things up as she got there. He gestured for her to take the main stand point in front of the target.

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