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 Post subject: Bryony Wilson
PostPosted: Mon Oct 12, 2015 6:17 pm 
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Section 1: Personal Details

Name: Bryony Wilson
Age: 24
D.O.B: 23 March 1990
P.O.B: Bethesda, Maryland, USA
Nationality: American
Gender: Female

Height: 1.68m
Build: Slim Build
Skin Tone: Pale Complexion
Hair: Auburn, Long and wavy. Most frequently tied back.
Eyes: Green
Distinguishing Features: Freckles on her face and up her arms.

Playby: Emma Stone

Family: The youngest of three, two brothers both US Airforce. Ronald ‘Ronnie’ Wilson and Shane Wilson. Father: Harvey Wilson, Retired Ex Airforce, Mother: Anna Wilson, Housewife.
Marital Status: Single

Section 2: Employment

Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
Branch of military: US Airforce
Current Role: Critical Care Nurse
Previous Employment: None
Level of entry: Commissioned Officer
Years Served: 1.5 years
Specialist skills:

Additional information:

Section 3: General Information

A. Personal History

The youngest of three and the only girl had its advantages, namely big brothers to look out for you throughout your school and being spoilt rotten. There was no denying that Bry had lived a privileged life of that she had been aware. Her father retired airforce general had seen to that spoiling his precious princess without a second thought. She had had life easier than that of her brothers fighting for their fathers respect in becoming the man that he had always wanted them to be.

Bryony despite being only girl had wanted very much to be one of the guys, never really loving anything girly. Sindy was a toy that had been left dormant in her toy box preferring to play out in the woods. Rebelling from dresses as soon as she was able Bry found her own style generally in oversized clothes ‘borrowed’ from her elder brothers. Despite this Bryony was quite the head turner at school, dating a number of guys despite her fathers disapproval. Quite the socialite Bryony worked and played hard achieving well at college to achieve entry into her first choice university.

Nursing was an unknown for the Wilson family, something which Bryony revelled in. It was something real and it was hers. She was able carve out a life for herself which was her own. She loved the challenge of medicine and the the caring side that came with be a nurse. Studying at Johns Hopkins School of University Bryony received her BSN (Batchelor of Science in Nursing) after four years graduating with honours.

Going into the airforce hadn’t always been a part of the end game, pursuing nursing as a career had left her open to a number of possibilities however in the last year of her degree following Ronnie’s return home following his injury whilst on deployment the decision had ultimately been made for her. There was no other place that she wanted to use her skills and joined the US Airforce straight after graduation and her formal accreditation.

There had been no doubting of which her father had been most proud of when the lesser seen tears rolled down his face as she finally left home for the last time for airforce training.

It had been one Bryony’s earliest deployments that had brought her to attention of the Stargate Programme. Returning to the location Ronnie had sustained his life changing injury Bryony had worked tirelessly against adversity on the front line, somewhere that until that moment she had little or no experience. A mission gone wrong, an entire team attacked by insurgents and multiple casualties had called for medics to be brought to the front line. The journey had been a short one the realities of just how close to the front line their makeshift infirmary had actually been. She hadn't been too proud to admit that nothing could have prepared her for the scene which had met her when she had climbed off the transport. Confusion reigned, insurgent or brother it had been difficult to tell. It almost hadn't mattered the team with little experience immediately worked to stabilise an eight man team readying them for transport with no fatalities. Understandably terrified with another insurgent attack never far away Bry remained cool and calm under pressure showcasing her skills and passion for helping people singlehandedly standing out alongside her team proving skills well beyond her years.

Bryony joined the Stargate Programme in May 2014 just over a year into her service with the U.S. Airforce.

B. General Personality

i. Character Strengths: Her passionate nature, never wanting to give up and never willing to give anything less than her best. She is calm and level headed something which is no doubt a must in her profession. Even in her brief years of service she has seen a number of injuries varying from the paper cut to the unimaginable but she has never once lost her passion to want to help people. She is dedicated and loyal.

ii. Character Weaknesses: She still misses home massively her resolve straying sometimes when the going gets tough. Especially with Ronnies injury the thought has crossed her mind more than once that she ought to be back home. She wears her heart on her sleeve and is very in touch with her emotions. Her privileged upbringing has meant that she is somewhat naive to other people and their upbringings. Although she tries her best to try and understand it can come across as a ‘spoilt rich kid’ and ultimately patrionising.

iii. Personal attitude and demeanour: Bryony is a happy go lucky kinda girl, she should be given the start she got in life. Never having to want for anything and being considered a perfect princess gave her freedoms that many others didn’t have. She has a fiery and fierce personality when it comes to things that she loves and cares about or is passionate in. One would hardly believe all of that fire could come out of someone so small. A real pocket rocket. She is family girl at heart, even now seven years later missing her home and her family very deeply. Everything that she does now she does with them in mind. She hates people who judge her, see her long hair and pretty plain face and consider her to be a girl devoid of intelligence and ability. See her name and know why she is here, through association rather than on her own merits. She is dreamer, believes in love at first sight, believes that peace is truly possible.

C. Additional Information

Ancient Gene: No

RP Sample: Bry through a glance over her shoulder back towards where her brother sat propped on a kitchen stool. “You know the fact you lost an arm doesn’t mean you can’t help with the dishes”, she threw back with a grin. They had reached a place in time when Ronnie’s injury hadn’t been all consuming the family, well at least Bry and her brothers had been able to laugh about it. Grabbing a hand full of soap suds in one hand she threw some back towards him playfully. Bry had loved these moments, between studying and between working the Wilson family had still managed family dinners. The fact that Ronnie had moved back home following the injury one might have assumed a family get together might be easier to handle. The fact is Ronnie had arrived just in time for dessert having skipped Mom’s meatloaf altogether. She and Shane on the other hand had played the dutiful son and daughter and filling their parents with tales from the front lines. Well it had been less of a front line for her working out of the infirmary mainly but still it had felt good to give something back.

”Doesn’t mean I can’t still wrestle you either”, Ronnie replied launching himself off the stall and headed straight for her. She let out a mock scream as dish water slopped over onto the floor wildly as she made a break for it. The wrestle had ended in laughter and the pair had found themselves in fits of giggles at the base of the staircase. As they laughter subsided Bry sighed heavily all to aware that this moment couldn’t last for too much longer. She would be back on base tomorrow and Shane would be back out on deployment in a couple of weeks. Ronnie of course would be here wishing he could have been anywhere else other than here. “I’m gonna miss this”, she began. “Mom’s meatloaf, Dad’s stories, Shane’s terrible golf skills”, she added reflecting on their family trip to the golfing range. Ronnie of course had managed to duck that one also. “And your comic timing”, she finished wish a grin. His grin matched hers only briefly before it fell away. ”Be careful out there Sis, okay?”, Ronnie added. She read the pain in his face as much as they had tried to laugh it off what Ronnie had been through was very real, as was his pain she hadn’t needed to be a nurse to have worked that out. “I will”, she replied firmly biting down on her lip slightly as if to stop herself from saying anything else.

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Welcome on board. Please fill in your face claim, character comfort levels and who's who entries, and then you are free to post your plotter, post in others', and get playing.

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