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Atlantis Expedition CSO
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Section 1: Personal Details

Name: McKay, Meredith, Rodney (but if you call me Meredith I will find out who told you and summarily explain why you're an idiot at every opportunity)
Age: 36
D.O.B.: April 18th, 1978 (a great day in history. Someday they'll teach about it in schools, probably. Most likely after the declassification of the Stargate Program)
P.O.B.: Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada
Nationality: Canadian (and proud of it)
Gender: male (unless I've been altered strange alien tech someone without the correct knowledge. Then, who knows?)

Height: 5'10"(1.79m)
Build: fairly well toned, average weight
Skin Tone: fair-ish (burn easily so I made my own sunscreen)
Hair: moderately short brown hair, usually somewhat messily styled, receding a bit but it's seemed to stop for the time being (gets curly when it's long)
Eyes: big blue eyes, medium light. No glasses as of yet. (But thinking about getting a reading pair for some of these Ancient crystal controls and repair jobs)
Distinguishing Features: lightly calloused hands from repair work and more recently gun training (gotta be able to protect the smartest man in the galaxy, right?), and probably other things that aren't worth mentioning at the moment

Playby: Hewlett, David Image

Family: sister Jeanie Miller (able most as smart as me, despite the fact that she likes to call me Mer), parents aren't really in the picture any more.
Marital Status: single (and fine with that... most of the time)

Section 2: Employment

B. Fill in this section ONLY if your character is of a HUMAN NON-MILITARY background:

Title: Doctor (with two doctorates it would make sense, right?)
Specialist Area: astrophysics, engineering, quantum physics, Ancient technology, programing, and naquadah generator tech (and a handful if other things that would take too long to mention)
Degree Specialty: physics and mechanical engineering

Additional Information: Has worked in the Stargate Program on several occasions, has a working knowledge of Russian, dislikes the extreme cold and jovial disposition of the Russian people(extreme sarcasm meant in every way), has worked on various projects over the years not limited to naquadah generators, bombs, and flight systems, and Gate technology,. Works alright in teams but prefers to work alone. (I do some of my best work alone)

Section 3: General Information

A. Personal History

Leadership was gievn a great boon on April 18th, 1978 when Meredith Rodney McKay was born in Canada. Had a relatively normally childhood for a certifiable genius despite his father reading him 'Moby Dick' at the age if six and traumatizing him for years to come. Advanced through classes quickly and was investigated by the CIA of the United States of America for making a replica nuclear bomb for his sixth grade science fair project. After that had to relegate most of the slightly more volatile projects had to be entirely theoretical to avoid another instance.

Nothing of particular note through high school. Kept out of the CIA spotlight. Best to keep your discoveries from being taken away by keeping them from being known about until you've filed the patent for it, right?

Did have brief aspirations of becoming a concert pianist, but the teacher said he had no soul or artistic talent. So that dream was quickly swept under the rug. And beaten to death.

Later got a job in Area 51 working on various projects brought in by the Sargate missions. Enjoyed working on the tech and figuring it out, even if it meant working with a team of people that weren't as smart or as good with the tech. Became one of the foremost experts in Stargate technology.

Is slated for the position of the Chief Science Officer for the Atlantis Project.

B. General Personality

i. Character Strengths: LEADERSHIP ... um, quick thinking, tough (in a way, when necessary ), intelligent, fairly wise, great familiarity with Ancient Technology, naquadah generator expertise, familiar with Stargate technology, nerd (it's a strength and no one will convince me otherwise), generous with friends, has a good heart

ii. Character Weaknesses: LEADERSHIP ... quick tempered with those that aren't as smart (Or Kavanagh, but everyone hates him), impatient, stubborn, not in great shape(good enough for regular Gate activity), hypochondriac, loud

iii. Personal attitude and demeanor: reacts to certain death a certain way (not always good... mostly see the bad that's coming. In great detail ), works very well alone (but it's great to have minions that do the foot work), able to get out of tough and/or life threatening situations with a sharp mind and good memory (...but despite what you all may think I'm not Superman), not able to deal with stupid people or those that simply stare at a problem without doing anything about it(it seems like most of the time you want something done right you have to do it yourself)

C. Additional Information

Faster than your average college professor...
Able to mathematically leap tall buildings in a single calculation...
More brain power than three* high school faculties combined...

*=for advanced high schools

Ancient gene: None (but body will accept the ATA gene)

RP Sample (in character):

Rodney stated out at the sea of empty faces, eyes losing focus as the professor drones on and on. He hated having to come to these idiotic functions. They were boring, self-serving, bureaucratic, and long. Nothing good ever seemed to come for them. Certainly not in his field of study.

"And we have Doctor Rodney McKay here to give a brief talk on wormholes and their potential benefits to society," the presenter announced.

Rodney's head snapped up as he look over at ... Victoria. .. violet? Whatever her name was and stared. He hadn't been told he was supposed to give at speech. He hated them. He was just supposed to show up and let them brag about how they got someone at smart as he was to their dumb conference. Talking about wormholes like they were some mystical force instead of the hard science he knew they were.

"Doctor McKay?" The woman asked, her eyebrows had drawn together in confusion at the fact ha hadn't jumped to his feet and rushed over for a long winded speech already. Others had been doing so all night.

"Yes," Rodney huffed as he got to his feet and straightened his coat. He really hated these thing. He walked up to the podium and nodded his acknowledgement at being allowed to try and improve the intelligence of the room. He was pretty certain it wouldn't stick with most of them. But if a few came away just a little closer to intelligent. . . He'd take his victories where he could. "Wormholes are more than a theoretical idea dreamed up in the labs to make up for bad math. They have been scientifically proven time and again through mathematics and astrophysics. Anyone can say that wormholes ate just the work of science center fiction but I can stand here and tell you with great confidence and the confidence of other intellectual minds... they're real. And," he paused tone mind himself he could t reveal knowledge of the Stargate Program, "We have seen a great deal of evidence that would completely substantiate such claims."

"Like what?" a voice interrupted from the audience.

"Like things you'd have to have top military clearance to know. I hate to use the cliche but... if I told you, I'd have to kill you," Rodney replied with a patient looking smile on his face. He gave an eye roll as he turned back. "But, other than wormholes we've had great advances in faster than light travel mathematics as well. And some if you could help to advance that kind of work, if you get involved. Now, did anyone have any questions for me?"

There was a round of silence before scattered applause. Rodney shook his head as he moved back to his seat. "Bunch of idiots..." he muttered too low to be heard.

Player name: Chimera Dragon
Age: 29
How did you find us? Mordred, a friend from Stargate Alliances

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PM sent.

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Please remember to fill in face claim and who's who, and let me know whether you'll use a new account for Rodney, or want the name changing on this one. Welcome on board!

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Moved from archive - welcome back!

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