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 Post subject: Dr Elizabeth Weir [WIP]
PostPosted: Wed Oct 29, 2014 11:04 pm 
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How did you find us? Anni, dragged me, willing and eager


Section 1: Personal Details

Name: Elizabeth Weir
Age: 37
D.O.B.: October 14th 1976
P.O.B.: Olympia, Washington
Nationality (if human)/Species (if alien): American
Gender: Female

Height: 5ft 7 [1.7m]
Build: Slender, toned
Skin Tone: Flesh Toned/Fair skinned
Hair: Brown, and cut just above the shoulders
Eyes: Hazel/ Green
Distinguishing Features: None

Playby: Torri Higginson

Family: Dr Simon Wallace [Ex-Fiancée] Father: David Weir [Deceased] Mother: Katharine Weir
Marital Status: Single

Section 2: Employment

B. Fill in this section ONLY if your character is of a HUMAN NON-MILITARY background:

Title: Dr
Specialist Area: International Relations. Negotiation and Diplomacy.
Degree Speciality: Political Science [PhD] from George Washington University International Relations & Diplomacy [PhD] - American Graduate School in Paris

Additional Information: 5 languages spoken - French, Spanish, Russian, German, Latin. Elizabeth also has a moderate understanding on Ancient.

Section 3: General Information

A. Personal History:

Only daughter of David and Katharine Weir, Elizabeth was always closer to her father, although this was through no fault of her mother. As she grew older she considered the reasoning to be that her father was more like her in spirit, patient and understanding. Someone who would listen to both sides of a story before forming a judgement, always concious of others when making a choice. Unlike her father however Elizabeth took from her mother a certain tenacity, a bull headed stubborness and a knack for getting exactly what she wanted, althouh never by force, but simply thtough well worded arguements.

Already showing a keen interest in politics from an early age, Elizabeth was a frequent speaker on for the Debate Club, Model UN and even ran for class president a half dozen years. Many thought that she would go on to aim for the White House herself, and for a little while she almost believed it herself.

Studying first at George Washington University, where she gained a PhD in Political Science. Elizabeth found herself turning heads and getting noticed early on, and worked her way through the summer breaks on various internships, shaking hands, and getting to know the right people. She also engaged in some activism, actively lobbying against goverment spending on the military, also ensuring that her protests were lawful, non destructive and well reasoned.
She was eager to break into the political scene and found herself lucky to get a graduate position with the U.S Dept of State.

Working behind the scenes she started on the small things, assisiting with small disputes, run of the mill domestic and civil matters, before she was able to branch out into something a little more suited to her talents. Her big break came when she was second on a project to broker a small treaty and at the last minute had to take charge of the table, negotiating not only a bargin between nations, but her recognition as a rising star to take note off.

Eager to get out and work wherever the foreign service could send her, Elizabeth volunteered for a post at the Parisian Embassy, where she spent 3 years working on another PhD from AGS. Barely gruduated she was moved again, and found herself bouncing around over the next 6 years from Embassy to Embassy, learning languages as she went along, eventually gaining a proficiency in some of the more frequent ones she encountered.

Whilst she loved the travel, and new experiences that the postings came with, Elizabeth started to miss being home, and requested a sabbatical so that she could return to the US. Not wanting to rest on her laurels, she took a teaching post at George Town teaching Political Science, hoping to shape a new generation of future diplomats, politicians and like minded individuals.

It was here that she reconnected with Simon Wallace, a friend from her GWU days and through like minded values their relationship blossomed from friendship, to something much more special. Approached again to resume her previous work in International Diplomacy and Relations, Elizabeth agreed to retire the teaching post she'd held for just a year, glad in a way to be out of the sedentary lifestyle she had chosen. Simon understood her need to travel, and even though the couple had only been reunited less than a year, he was happy to let her travel away, and was even more supportive when she was approached by the US Goverment to work closer to home on a project that offered chances of far greater accord then anything she'd previously had chance to experience.

Realising that the best way to help curtail spending on the military, and intrigued by the idea of something more important to her nation, and the world, then her current role, Elizabeth agreed to work for the military as a consultant on Diplomatic matters. The revelation of the Stargate Project was an eye opener and reignited the flame inside, that she realised had never really died. The fire that made her want to travel the world, in this case the stars, to make a difference.

The discovery of Atlantis presented such an oppertunity, and realising that her relationship with Simon would also come second to her passion for her work, Elizabeth broke off their engagement, settled her affairs, and prepared to take the biggest leap of her career, leading the Atlantis Expedition.

B. General Personality: Determined, strong minded and equally as strong willed, Elizabeth is no push over. She’s played with the big boys long enough to not back down without good reason. She’s rational, and would rather think things through before making a decision. Able to think on her feet, and confident enough to build a rapport with just about anybody, Elizabeth considers herself open and approachable.

i. Character Strengths: Composed, and calm – It is hard to ruffle her feathers in most situations
Objective at all times – She aims to be as fair as possible whenever her input if required. She won’t be bought or bribed into changing her mind.
Able to analyse a situation, she needs to look at something from all of the angles.

ii. Character Weaknesses: Her tenaciousness can be her down fall. When she encounters a situation that requires her upmost attention, the rest of the world can pass on by in a blur.She’s an enforcer of right and wrong. It seems like a good thing, but she is determined to ensure that those who do wrong are punished, and that sort of attitude can make acquiring enemies very easy

iii. Personal attitude and demeanour:

Whilst she takes her responsibilities on board with effectiveness, Elizabeth isn’t above being human. She aims to see the best of a situation, and always looks for the best in people. Her optimism isn’t rose tinted though; she can read a person like a book and won’t suffer fools gladly. She doesn’t like to be played and trying to do so will result in her doing her upmost to see you sorted out. Friendly and approachable, she doesn’t just want to be a boss, she wants to be a friend, she wants to be respected and in return will show nothing but respect for others. After all, why make an enemy when you can have a friend.

Ancient gene: No

RP Sample (in character): Tick, tick, tick
The clock on the wall carried on its repetitive motions, each movement of its hand further showcasing the silence that had fallen over the room. Elizabeth sat at the head of the long board room style table and cast her eyes across the span of mahogany at the two parties who were sat either side.
She risked a glance at the only source of noise in the room and exhaled softly as she noted that their meeting was approaching the fifth hour and they were still no closer to settling the dispute they were all here to rectify.
The area of land being fought over was barely seventeen square miles, but it contained oil, how much was unknown, but as it straddled the border between provinces, it had become the object of attention of both lands, an attention that was threatening to ignite into something much larger unless someone could get the two Princes in agreement.
“Gentleman, I believe we have agreed that the land itself is of interest to both of you. However, neither one of you is able to show me that it is categorically yours” She unfolded her hands as she spoke, indicating the map that was laid in the centre of the table. A smaller version was in front of each party, the larger one was just for demonstration.
“Which means that you will have to share it, and the oil that it contains, what we are trying to achieve here this afternoon is how you can both work together to achieve this outcome?”
Voices raised from the party on the left, so far the most objective of the two, and the hardest to have pinned down for this meeting in the first place. He was adamant that as it was one of his citizens that struck oil, it therefore all belonged to him, and he wasn’t shy about vocalising this point, repeatedly.
Closing her eyes slowly and then reopening them, Elizabeth held up a hand to try and silence him before he started up again and dragged the conversation back another three hours. She needed a break, and he needed a time out. Negotiating land disputes wasn’t that far removed from settling ownership of a toy, especially when one of the children resorted to name calling.
“Enough! Please, we have been over this point many times today, and unless you are willing to conduct yourself in a civil manner, then we will have no choice but to end these sessions. If that happens a decision may still be made, but you will not be asked to contribute any further. Do we have an understanding?”
Four pairs of eyes stared back, one of them accompanied by a petulant frown. Just like children she thought, as the heavy silence started to fall back on the room.

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I think I am done :)

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Please remember to fill in your face claim and who's who.

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