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 Post subject: Carson Beckett
PostPosted: Tue Oct 28, 2014 10:51 pm 
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How did you find us?


Section 1: Personal Details

Name: Carson Iain Beckett
Age: 37
D.O.B.: 16th May 1977
P.O.B.: Glasgow, Scotland
Nationality: Scottish, and bloody proud of it!
Gender: Male

Height: 5' 9"
Build: Medium, not particularly toned, could run to fat
Skin Tone: Fair, freckly, turns red in the sun
Hair: Reddish-brown, usually spiked a little
Eyes: Blue
Distinguishing Features: A Saltire and lion tattoo on his left bicep

Playby: Paul McGillion

Family: Mother, Jean Beckett, age 68, housewife. Six brothers and sisters.
Marital Status: Single, perpetually single

Section 2: Employment

Title: Dr
Specialist Area: Medical doctor, appointed CMO of the upcoming mission to Atlantis
Degree Speciality: MBchB, PhD Genetics at Glasgow University

Additional Information: Seemingly more at home as a doctor, Carson is, nonetheless, a gifted academic within the field of genetics.

Previous employment: Registrar, emergency department, Glasgow Royal Infirmary; Genetics consultant, Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Chief Geneticist, Ancient Gene project, SGC

Section 3: General Information

A. Personal History

Carson Beckett grew up in a rough, tough area of Glasgow, Scotland, and, at least when he was small, it was expected that he would take a trade and stay in Glasgow, like his father, and the other members of his family. However, Carson was gifted academically, and excelled in the sciences. Medicine piqued his interest, and, as soon as he had passed his Highers, he was accepted into Glasgow University to train as a doctor. The six-year MBchB course was gruelling, but, again, Carson excelled, finishing top of his class, and taking up position as a Junior House Officer at Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

He continued to refine his skills in general medicine, most notably emergency medicine, but eventually specialising in genetics. He had a fascination with the very building blocks of the human body, and what made a person who and what they were. Despite his talent with patients, he showed a real flair for genetics, and was part of a team that made several gargantuan strides in stem cell research.

However, it was his discovery of the Ancient gene that brought him to the attention of the SGC. He was the lead speaker at a conference in New York, outlining the gene's structure, and extrapolating on its purpose, as it appeared to have no specific function. A representative of the SGC recognised it as a genetic marker contained within the blood of Jack O'Neill, and nobody else that they had come across.

It wasn't long before Carson received a visit from a couple of very high ranking members of the USAF, who made him an offer he couldn't refuse. He has been at the SGC for about two years, and has recently been appointed as the Chief Medical Officer on the Atlantis project, desipte his reservations about going through the gate at all.

B. General Personality:

Carson is generally easy going and laid back. Good natured and kind to a fault, he will do anything for his friends, even to the point of laying his life on the line for them. Passionate about medicine, he has an excellent bedside manner, although, at least at the SGC, he has rarely interacted with actual patients, instead devoting himself to researching the Ancient gene.

i. Character Strengths: Carson is tenacious in pursuit of an answer, and forms deep bonds with those he is closest to. When he classes you as a friend, you have to go a long way to break that friendship up. Intelligent and rational, he's someone to have on your side in a crisis.

ii. Character Weaknesses: Carson is afraid of gate travel, finding it unnatural. He also has a dislike of using Ancient technology in general, and is somewhat afraid of it. He is also shy, especially around women who he finds attractive, and can be awkward in social situations. Occasionally, though, he's not above blowing his own trumpet a little too much. He can also become a little too involved in his research, and may not fully consider the consequences of his actions.

iii. Personal attitude and demeanour:

Friendly and approachable, Carson comes across as very caring and dedicated. A consummate professional, a patient's wellbeing comes first at all times. His personal life, though, is non-existent, and shows no signs of going anywhere, due to his shyness when it comes to women. He makes no secret of the fact that he finds gate travel to be unnatural, and, sometimes, his cooperation with regards to Ancient technology is grudging, at best, as he has no natural affinity for it.

C. Additional Information

He plans on taking a very large bottle of his favourite Scotch to Atlantis with him, if he can smuggle it into the medical supplies.

Ancient gene: Strong instance of the gene, but does not have a natural affinity with Ancient technology. It takes a lot of concentration for him to be able to use most tech

RP Sample (in character):

(Part of a 4 part POV fic, called "Guilt Is A Universal Language", dealing with the Michael Kenmore incident.)

Oh good god, what have I done?

Since when did someone give me the right tae play God? Since when did I become th'arbiter of what should and shouldn't be allowed tae live?

I'm shaking. Just a little nip there, a wee dram tae get me through this.

Michael Kenmore. Michael the Wraith. Mikey, as Sheppard called him. Ach, my pride, my damn fool stupid pride is what got us intae this mess! My idiotic consideration of advancement over ethics nearly got Teyla killed!

Carson lad, y'always were trying tae run before ye could walk. The goal was always th'important bit, and y'often lost sight of what was happening on the way. Isn't that why ye went intae genetics in the first place, lad? Yes, okay, y'were tryin' tae help. Ye had all these grand schemes in your head, wanting tae make a difference, wanting tae change things for the better.

But somewhere along the way, ye lost sight of what it might do tae people in order for ye tae get tae your goal. Ye didnae consider the consequences, lad.

And ye just went and did it again.

All I was thinkin' about was how it was going tae benefit us - here on Atlantis - and not how it would affect anything or anyone else. Least of all that poor Michael. I actually liked him, once I'd suppressed the damn Wraith. But it wasn't enough. Things didnae work out how I'd hoped. He needed more of the retrovirus than I had anticipated, and it wore off much faster than I thought. And once the Wraith in him was out again, we couldnae give him the dosage he needed in order tae keep the Wraith suppressed.

Just a little drop more.

I knew what I was doing was wrong. Something, a wee little bit of conscience, kept naggin' on at me the whole time. But I couldnae help myself. I had tae try, you understand? I had tae try!

But all the trying in the world's not gaunnae put this one right. I'm gaunnae havtae live with this for the rest of my life. And I dinnae know if I can do that.

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