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PostPosted: Fri Dec 18, 2015 10:44 pm 
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Ronon considered the reality of it all. The team was dead, he had some breathing space. It was good fortune, so good he didn't feel comfortable with it but he needed it. The injuries weren't as bad as he'd first thought but he needed to recover before he took on more Wraith, before he could make a run for it even. That would confuse them, they'd expect him to immediately hit the gate, and they would know that they'd lost his signal, but when watching from space all they could see was a general area of where he'd been when it disappeared. Tens of square miles, at least. They'd have to search and search before they got close enough to find him through the dampening effect of the cave.

He just had the complication of a house guest. One that knew where his cave was and could well get captured if he tried to get to the gate before Ronon gave the Wraith a reason to stop watching it. Which meant keeping the problem close until it was safe to get clear of it. "Sit down. Over there by the wall." Ronon holstered his particle magnum and picked up the guy's gun before disappearing to the back of the cave to retrieve the other weapons. If the guy bolted it would be fine, because it would prove enough things that would have made it safer to be without the guy in the first place. Plus, Ronon would have all the guns and running out in the open with the Wraith on the scene was practically suicide.

Ronon came back and set the weapons against the wall farthest from the man. He returned to his fire and knelt down slowly, favoring his ribs with gritted teeth. "Do you have food?" He stoked the flames and added fuel, then started pulling what passed for medical supplies with a man who had to run for his very existence. Primitive would be a polite word for it all, with the occasional rugged bit of technology thrown in for good measure.

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