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Caleb looked almost gleeful as Claire suggested a bet to see who could get McKay to wear the helmets, oh he was so up for that kind of bet. It would make life interesting, especially considering he knew half of McKay's team would also want in on the bet, even Teyla who would probably not really understand why the people on Earth wore such things.

"I am going to take that bet, sweetheart," he said, smiling brightly at her, "see who can persuade him to get the helmet on, am sure I'll have enough room in a bag to take it back with us right? Of course it begs the question what does the looser get."

He knew there was no way in this galaxy or the next one that he would actually follow through on such a bet, there were just something's that tended to stay just as jokes between the two of them. Of course there were also them jokes that didn't quite stay between the two of them, there had been a time or two where it might have gotten out to the general populace of Atlantis that they had a bet going. That had been an interesting few days in the city to say the least, even some of the Athosians had gotten in on it in the end, if only he could remember what the bet had been about in the end.

He couldn't help laughing as she came across and was next to him on the path, that was right up until she quite literally squeezed his arse, and that most definitely was not the most manliest of squeaks he let out as she did so. IT wasn't that he hadn't been expecting a come back from his remarks, it was more he hadn't quite expected that kind of come back from it.

Caleb did however end up laughing along with her, even as she settled back into her saddle, "Well so long as the preliminary examine looks good," he teased her right back "Then am sure I'll be good for another few miles." Even if he didn't believe that all too innocent tone she took, he could have reciprocated the move, but well his move wouldn't have been as clean and he really wanted to stay on the horse for a little while yet.

Of course he wasn't above her checking him over when they finally stopped for a short while, although he wasn't too sure if he would actually be feeling anything in his arse by the time they came to a stop. They might have only been riding for a few minutes now - he was quite happy to have gotten the hang of it as quickly as he had done and was beginning to feel more confident - but he could already tell he was gonna pay for horse riding.

He had actually come across a few 'horror' stories when he'd been looking up horse riding for the first time, but he had pushed them to the back of his mind, he went through a giant metal ring that took him to other planets, he was going to be able to handle a little horse riding.

It seemed that they rode a little ways in silent, the banter having them got at least a little ways up the trail, and he enjoyed the peace for a moment. It was always the quiet times that he spent with Claire that he most definitely cherished the most, it was these times out of everything, even when they were just best friends that he wouldn't change for the world.

Of course when she put a hand on his knee as he made the comment about them being perfect for each other, he smiled softly at her, resting his own hand on top of hers briefly before very quickly going back to the reigns. He would much sooner like to have both hands steering the thing, even if the horse did have a mind of its own at times. Caleb wanted to lean across and kiss her in that moment as she said that what they had was perfect for them, he never thought he'd find perfection and yet there he was.

He laughed along with her, "Well yeah, we got to keep our strength up, food is always going to be top of the list," he said winking at her, "Once we'd found food, you could have your way with me, it'd be a colony purely run by Docs that like pointy objects." He joked back at her.

There was no way they were going to get lost though, the path was pretty straight forward they just had to keep going for about another half hour or so and they would come across the picnic area that had been set out for them. He'd planned it that way, so that they could share lunch quite literally at the top of a hill, overlooking a whole town, and once they'd made there way back down the trek there would be a meal in one of the restaurants that sat right next to the sea.

If he so happened to have booked the table that sat near enough on top of the sea, then well that was his treat for this vacation. He wanted to be able to see the water again, smell the sea air, he'd missed it since coming back to Earth, a lot more than he had wanted to admit, a lot more than he had actually admitted, it was why he'd spent so many nights the past few days awake unable to sleep.

He was sure if he closed his eyes in that moment, took a deep breath, he'd be able to almost smell the sea breeze coming in, it was silly he knew, but well he never really got over the obsession with the sea, and his connection to Claire and to Atlantis had only actually deepened it. Part of him wondered if he would ever be able to settle back on Earth again, after being on Atlantis.

Claire's question brought him back to the here and now, not realising he had sort of drifted with the peacefulness of the place for a moment, he smiled at her, "Not far now, you'll know it when you see it, trust me."

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