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PostPosted: Tue Nov 17, 2015 10:24 pm 
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"Is that test where you show me some cards and tell me what I see," he said in mock outrage at her suggestion of running a memory test, "Cause I can tell you, all I see is," he made a hand gesture, which showed exactly what he saw when he looked at them cards. It wasn't a pretty butterfly either.

"What! I have no freckles there," he said, shocked, actually geuinly shocked. He knew he had a smattering of freckles across his person, but he hadn't thought they were there. Or at least when he had been getting intimate with people, no one had told him they were there.

He laughed at her shocked expression when he made the comment about world domination, "Yes that is what I said, it's what all you Doctors are planning isn't it, to conquer us all. Also no, no diamorphine, you are a cruel doctor and don't give you're patients the good stuff remember," he said, joking right back at her.

He knew there would be no world domination going on with the doctors, knew they had a thing for fixing people not breaking people. He just hoped that one day that theory did not come true at all, he did not want to be around at that.

The joking subsided when Claire describe just exactly what kind of 'cuppa' she was making or had kind of offered to make, he couldnt' remember now, he knew the word cuppa had been uttered and well he kind of blanked out on the rest of it.

"That sounds like pure heavy right about now, I mean I get that they like coffee here, have you seen what happens if a coffee pot runs out. Now that is like world ending at times. I have not had a decent cuppa for a long, long time, am glad you Kiwis and us Brits can make something decent, maybe we can show these 'yanks' exactly what tea is." he said, smiling, showing that he didn't mean anything by calling the american people yanks, it was an endearing term in that moment in time. Then his eyes lit up as he continued speaking, "Maybe we could take over the world together, by holding all the tea hostage and showing people how to make it properly. What do you think?"

Caleb was tired, the drugs were still sweeping his system and as that happened his ideas became more and more sort of wild and outlandish. Seriously he was very lucky that when he got drunk he just picked up women because otherwise he was sure he would have ended up on one of them reality tv shows where you showcase a brilliant plan only to find that in the light of day it was terrible and why did he think of such a thing. Definitley better that he kept his talents for the ladies.

"Dad's as stubborn as me," he answered quietly, "Did teach me to take my stubborness out on cars, you've no idea the amount of cars I fixed before I was twenty one." It was true, especially in his late teen years when things weren't as easy as they were now, his stubborness would get him in trouble occassional. His dad had taught him to take that and fix cars, find a problem that wasn't there, that kind of thing and it had worked for a while at least. Until he ended up joining the Navy and his stubborness ended up with him becoming a weapons specalist.

He waved a hand dismissvly at her apology, "I don't talk about myself, because no one has been around to listen," he said, "Blokes on Submarines don't want to hear about families back home, it can make you homesick and when you're stuck on a metal tube about 12ft under water you don't want to be reminded." It was true, down there you had to have quite literally a chipper personality to keep moral up, it was hard work, not just physcially but meantly as well at times. So no he didn't mind talking about himself, it was just hard to work around what he had not done for such a long time.

"Maybe you could put in a good word with them, to the tech staff then?" he asked batting his eyelashes extrvagantly at her. "They never let us keep the trays, always tell us to either go collect our selves or they stand there till we've taken the food off it. Don't know who pissed them off in the past."

He nodded his head in reply to her as she started to head away from the bed, "It was nice to meet you to Claire, can see we are going to be good friends."

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"You, Mr Williams, would try the patience of a bloody saint," snorted Claire, shaking her head. She burst into laughter at his hand gesture. "I'll tell you something, you're lucky it was me on duty tonight, I doubt any other bugger would have put up with you!" It hadn't just been the flirting, either. Still, she liked the bloke despite herself, and could see the prospect of a few nights down the pub with him.

Claire gave Caleb a know-it-all look. "Oh, you do," she affirmed, nodding firmly. "You've probably just never looked at that bit of you in the mirror, have you?" And why would he? It was an odd place to admire in the mirror, unless you were a complete narcissist. And she'd bet that finding his moles and freckles wasn't high on the list of priorities of any woman he'd slept with.

Skipping neatly over the comment about world domination, Claire chuckled. "You'd be worse off if you'd had the diamorph, you know," she remarked. It was basically pure heroin, and would be enough to knock anyone for six. "I could tell you wanted to get your arse out of here as soon as possible, and that meant taking it like a man and having the lowest level of meds required." After all, you could always top up pain relief. It was altogether a different thing to try to mitigate an overdose.

Caleb's eyes glazed over at the mention of a proper cup of tea, and Claire grinned. "I'm a coffee drinker, most of the time, but my dad always loved his tea," she explained. "Learned to make it properly when I was a kid, and it's something you never forget." Even now, when she was homesick, she'd make a cup of tea the way her dad liked it and think of home. Maybe that was what she'd do after she'd slept: start off the day and her new shift with a proper Kiwi cup of tea. "I don't think the Americans really know about tea," she grinned. "Everything has lemon, or some extra herbal sort of crap in it."

Claire rolled her eyes. "I won't be taking over the world with anyone," she chuckled. "I'm happy with the way things are right now." Well, not completely true, but she was as happy as she could be under the circumstances. Only time and healing was going to make it any better.

A small smile slid into Claire's lips as Caleb opened up a little more about his past. Maybe she hadn't overstepped the mark after all. "Sounds like it's given you a good grounding," she remarked, noting how tired Caleb looked. An injury like that would knock the stuffing out of anyone, and the worst thing she could do for her patient now would be to keep him up talking too long.

"Well, if you ever want someone to listen... apparently, I'm pretty good at it," Claire shrugged, giving Caleb a genuine smile. "Must come with the job." That was only a part of it. Claire had a natural empathy with others, and, even though she could give it both barrels if someone deserved it, she had a knack of being able to put herself in their place if needs be.

She laughed, making sure she had everything of hers from the tray, and flicking her eyes over Caleb and the surrounding area to ensure that it was safe to leave him now that he was all stitched up. "Oh, I'm sure you'll charm your way around the kitchen staff in no time at all," she said, a tiny smile twitching at the corners of her lips. "You soldiers have a reputation for stashing shit that's not yours, you see. You'd better talk to your American counterparts, they're the ones who got you lot that reputation!"

Claire paused, turning her head back to face Caleb, stifling the smallest of yawns with the back of a hand. "Nice to meet you too, Caleb. And don't forget to come see me about O'Malley's, okay?"

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