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US Air Force

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Player name: Brandon
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How did you find us? Searching the web, literally toiling....


Section 1: Personal Details

Name: Royston, Finley Charles Jr
Age: 25
D.O.B.: 3/4
P.O.B.: Corpus Christi, Texas
Nationality (if human)/Species (if alien): American
Gender: Male

Height: 5'8"
Build: Medium-muscular, well toned
Skin Tone: Dark
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Distinguishing Features: Three scars from a flak grenade.

Playby: John Boyega


Father - Finley Sr
Mother - Caroline
Sister - Alicia (Twin)

Marital: Single

Section 2: Employment

A. Fill in this section ONLY if your character is of a HUMAN MILITARY background:

Rank: O-2
Branch of Military: Air Force
Current Role: Field Unit, Behavioral Science and Psycology
Previous Employment: Field Intelligence, Afghanistan
Level of Entry: Commssioned
Years served:  3
Specialist skills: Linguistics

Additional Information: 
The intention of my pre-Stargate Program work is for my character to work as an intelligence analyst for the military, typically focusing on an individual or small group. I'm basing the job somewhat off of my own research into the field, but also off of stories of my uncle's service in the USAF. Of course, I can't ask him about it anymore, since his passing, but I think I have the GIST. The field of interest sounds a little "desk-jobby" as it were, but I'd like to incorporate field work on a team, if that can be arranged.

Section 3: General Information

A. Personal History

In 1991 in Corpus Christi, Texas, Charlie was born into a fairly privileged life. His father, Finley Sr, was a British entrepreneur who made a living as the owner of a Texas based restaurant chain and his mother, Caroline, was an American elementary schoolteacher. In the mid 90s and early 2000s, Charlie spent a lot of time reading and learning, but one aspect of his upbringing was his interest in the lives of others. It wasn't as if he was just some nosy kid, but he was actually interested in seeing how different things affected people. He was certainly what was known as a "people-watcher." Given that interest in others, Charlie found it very easy to make friends.

During adolescence, Charlie had a lot of interests. Academically, he took an interest in history and literature, seeing both as examples of how others view events. His extra-curricular interests were in football, a sport he played in high school; music performance, as a violinist; and his many, many Mensa club meetings. He loved brain teasers. Any time he could try to figure something out, he took the chance. On his high school football team, he was the second string running back his freshman and sophomore years and then the first string back his junior and senior years. He performed well in school, earning the Academic honor of Salutatorian.

During his senior year, Charlie decided that he wanted to join the military. His family didn't have any connections to the military, he just felt that was the direction he wanted to take his life in. When he graduated and went to BCT, nothing that he'd done before in preparation really came close to the experience he had in his first summer. At first, it was difficult, but over time, he started to get accustomed to the constant, "always moving," philosophy. It was never a dull day. After BCT he entered the Air Force Academy, choosing to study Behavioral Science. Along with his general and core curriculum, he also studied Arabic, as he figured that was the direction he was heading. Academically, he performed well, though he only made top ten percent of his graduating class. It was a much harder competition. Over the next three years, he was stationed in Afghanstan as an Intelligence Analyst.

During his third year in Afghanistan, Charlie made a discovery that would take his career in an unimaginable direction. As part of his duties as an analyst, he spent a bit of time exploring the areas he had under his jurisdiction. Of course, this was forced to be in a very controlled setting, as not all of the places his unit went were what one would call "safe." In one particular village, however, he'd spent a fair amount of time searching through a series of caves that were thought to have housed enemy troops. When exploring one such cave, he came across a collection of cave paintings that resembled Egyptian hieroglyphs. He took a video of the art to take back, since there was no reason hieroglyphs should be there. It wasn't a military thing of course, and his CO shrugged it off, but Charlie wanted to play with it in his spare time. He wasn't an ancient symbols expert, but he loved the research aspect of it, so he studied up on the subject and translated words here and there. As he started to get the GIST of the story behind the paintings, he noticed that some of the stories didn't jive with recorded mythology. As a self-proclaimed student of history, he sent the research to one of his Academy professors, who was an expert. When he was asked about how he came up with the translation, Charlie simply said he worked on it in his spare time.

A few months later, he was on a plane to Colorado.

B. General Personality

i. Character Strengths:

Charlie is very much a team player. While he does have his strengths, for instance a good ability to read people, he views others as assets. Everyone has their strengths. He's an above average marksman and an amateur linguist. Though his chosen line of work doesn't necessarily call for either, his studious nature forces him to keep on top of both.

ii. Character Weaknesses:

As much as he is great at reading others, he tends to not pay attention to himself. Though a likable person, he is sometimes called "rigid" and "emotionless." He's also by no means a physical scientist. His study is most definitely of the mind.

iii. Personal attitude and demeanour:

Charlie is a positive person. He can always be seen with a smile on his face and with a good attitude. He tends to like socializing and is therefore quite likable. He's an optimist, seeing potential instead of only what's there.

C. Additional Information

Ancient gene: I'd like him to have it, but not yet know it. I'd love to be able to fly a jumper, but I don't necessarily need to be able to fly Atlantis.... the Gene isn't a deal breaker if too many people have it. It'd be cool though.

RP Sample (in character):

Charlie opened his eyes. Today was the day and he knew it. He looked at the alarm clock in his temporary quarters. The clock read 0555. Five minutes early. It didn't matter. He'd gone to bed early, but barely slept. Again, it didn't matter. Today was the day. He was about to begin the biggest adventure of his life, and he was ready for it.

He got out of the bed much too fast, nearly losing his balance. Apparently, his giddiness was getting the better of him. He prepared himself for what was to come. That meant a clean shave, a shower, and a fresh uniform. He was meant to travel today, but he'd no idea what was in store for him.

The approaching time, 0800, was his departure time. He'd be taking a lot of stuff with him: notes, research materials, and information two new languages he was to learn. It'd be a fun learning experience, certainly, but that wasn't everything. He had a job to do. After making sure his list of gear was accounted for, he made his way to what was known as the embarkation room.

The walk down the final corridor was arguably the longest, "quick" walk of his life. Everything he'd learned, everything he'd done, his entire life up to this point, culminated here. It all came down to what was behind the big steel door. As he approached, the guard on duty turned and swiped a keycard. The door started to open.

This was it.

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US Air Force

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Edited: Years of Service and piloting aspect taken down.

Added: Last paragraph of personal history.

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