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Mission #1: Look With Your Eyes - P8X-873
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Author:  Anni [ Sat Oct 04, 2014 10:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Mission #1: Look With Your Eyes - P8X-873

The gate journey passed in the blink of an eye.

SG-6 stumbled through, dusk falling, the sky purple with impending night. The terrain was sandy, but covered with grass, the gate situated on top of a ridge, looking down into a deserted basin.


((OOC: just imagine the tents, the bodies and the enclosure aren't there...))

The silence was almost physical in its totality, and the threat of a wind nudged the air.

Author:  David Taft [ Sat Oct 04, 2014 10:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mission #1: Look With Your Eyes - P8X-873

Taft came through the gate and scanned the area with his eyes, his weapon pointed in the exact same direction as he did so. When he was about halfway down the ramp to the gate he dropped to one knee and kept his weapon on a swivel until the rest of the team was through. He counted three, depending on their weapons to be taking over the fields of fire, and then lowered his shotgun. He pulled a small flashlight with a blue filter on it and regarded the map in the holder on his forearm. Once he had it situated as compared to the gate, he pulled his electronic compass, set North by the map's indicator, and then stowed the flashlight and compass once more.

Without a word he set his assault weapon again and gestured ahead of himself as he came up and began a tactical move toward the scrub brush in the direction that SG-13 had reported being in when last they had made contact. It was the best starting point and if they could find the coordinates it might allow them to begin immediately tracking the other team.

Author:  Sofia d'Aufai [ Sun Oct 05, 2014 12:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Mission #1: Look With Your Eyes - P8X-873

Sofia step through the gate and notice the darkness of the area as she puts her goggles on and scanned the area for any treats that might be possible around. She came to a stop behind Taft and went on her knee as well keep check of the left side with her rifle. Noticing Taft doing some mapping, Sofia looked behind her seeing the other two girls arriving at the scene giving them a nod that the area was clear.

Looking back at Taft, he gave a gesture to move ahead. Sofia could only hope he was meaning to go towards the last known location of SG-13. Well the Sergeant Major had experience and Sofia was going to follow his instructions up, but at the same time keep the other two secure. She stood up and moved slowly forward towards the direction as she kept her left area in check.

Author:  Meredith_Blake [ Sun Oct 05, 2014 12:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mission #1: Look With Your Eyes - P8X-873

… and stepped out the other side. Weird, Mere still hadn’t wrapped her head around the sensation of being pulled, pushed, compressed and stretched all in a millisecond. Of course now was not the time to postulate on how the heck it even worked.

Clicking her goggles into place, she blinked as the coming darkness switched to a green glow, and re shouldered her weapon, sweeping her gaze over the plateau the gate sat within.
Empty – With the exception of the ATV – Just as they suspected, of course that didn’t mean that there wasn’t something lurking in the scrub.

It was silent too, devoid of even a cricket chirping, there wasn’t even a breeze rustling the trees. Somehow that made everything even more unsettling.

Following on from the SgtMjr and Lt, Mere felt like every hair on her body was stood to attention, the prickling sensation registering in her mind as the notion they were being watched.
She heard the Gate close, sucking back in on itself as it did so, with an almost inaudible pop, like the seal being broken on a vacuum. Turning a quick 180, Mere walked backwards a step or two, before turning back around again. She was sure there had been another sound, but nothing registered in her field of vision. She wasn’t the jumpy sort, but something had her spider sense tingling.

Author:  Josephine Davidson [ Sun Oct 05, 2014 5:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mission #1: Look With Your Eyes - P8X-873

The smell of an alien atmosphere, the feel of a foreign wind on her fact, and even the slightly different way things looked through her night vision goggles all assaulted Joey's senses at once as she emerged through the gate, slamming into the captain like an exhilarating hurricane. She had to take a few quick breaths while snapping her P90 up to cover her quarter of the area around their arrival zone, lungs adapting as quickly as possible to all the different little gasses and particles in the air around them.

Wonderment at the process of gating to another planet started to subside as she slipped into a more military mindset once more. Carefully she scanned the wide, flat area around where they'd arrived, searching for any movement larger than the simple rustling of fauna from the cool breeze occasionally coming through. Aside from a few gently swaying branches and bushes off in the distance, nothing caught her eyes; no Jaffa scouts investigating the activation, no random natives popping in to 'greet' the latest people to come through the gate, no ambush waiting to shoot down anyone who came after SG-13. Quiet as the house from that one Christmas poem.

"Negative contacts over here," she reported quietly. They were either incredibly lucky and had shown up when nobody was around the gate, or, as her gut was currently churning to try and point out, the surprise attack was just going to happen when they were too far away from the DHD to dial Earth and call for help.

Author:  David Taft [ Mon Oct 06, 2014 8:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Mission #1: Look With Your Eyes - P8X-873

The Sgt. Major led them through the scrub, doing a bit of zigzagging to keep them from having to blaze a trail (and thus make themselves so easy to track a toddler could do it). He paused on occasion to check his map and compass, making certain they were on the right path and giving the others a chance to rest since none of them came from units that were designed for the kind of hiking they were doing... and what a hike it was turning into. What would have been an hour and some change had turned into four hours due to the team having to hump it through the dark all while navigating to a specific point none of them had ever visited before without getting lost or spotted. Not to mention Taft's efforts to ensure they didn't leave a straight line, easily followed trail behind them.

But, finally, they arrived at the point that according to Taft's calculations was supposed to be the last place the other team had reported from. He paused, some thirty yards away and hunkered down in the scrub to observe the spot through his nightvision goggles. Then he waited some more, watching the surrounding scrub/forest/whatever for signs of movement that would come from restless ambushers. Then he led the team in what would appear to be a withdrawal, though once they were out of sight of the location they merely circled it through a fifteen degree rotation, and then re-approached. Finally, when he felt it was safe, he brought the team down to the spot.

"Don't churn up the ground, look for tracks that lead away from the sight. Keep your eyes peeled for signs of combat as well. Empty shell casings, staff burns, grenade detonation points, blood, you know the drill." He lifted his goggles and pulled out his blue filtered flashlight as he began walking in a large circle around what he would have treated as the epicenter of the stopping point. It was a clear patch of ground about 20 yards across, though oblong in shape, and it seemed like a good enough place for the other team to have made their report from. High ground exposed in the direction of the gate but largely concealed from the other three directions to minimize enemy exposure and lines of fire. Set on a flat rise on the southerly side of a hill.

"Anything?" He asked of no one in particular as he stooped down to brush off what appeared to be an aging boot print in the soil.

Author:  Sofia d'Aufai [ Mon Oct 06, 2014 2:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mission #1: Look With Your Eyes - P8X-873

Walking in the darkness was one thing, Sofia did not mind doing it in these situations. Yet there was something strange, no Jaffa or any enemy forces to be seen or found. This was making her sniper instinct kick in as she checked the area slowly, observing the area carefully. Something was not right, something was off.

"Don't churn up the ground, look for tracks that lead away from the sight. Keep your eyes peeled for signs of combat as well. Empty shell casings, staff burns, grenade detonation points, blood, you know the drill."

Taft was giving out his orders and Sofia nodded to him as they split up to search and observe the area for any clues. Keeping her weapon to her chest, she searched the ground and stopped at some bushes seeing broken branches as her hand glide over it. Her head lowered towards the ground seeing boot prints of unknown brand "Mmm" she said as her eyes glide forward seeing more boot prints but in different positions "They were here" she mutters as she looked over her shoulder towards the location of Taft was searching as she looked around towards the others.


Her goggles stopped at the side of where Taft was standing, seeing a branch broken and half burned "I got boot prints here of unknown brand, beside you there is a staff burn" She looked around waiting for the others to report as Sofia kept the area in check. Now she understood why she was assigned towards this mission, her skills of tracking was required.

Author:  Josephine Davidson [ Mon Oct 06, 2014 4:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mission #1: Look With Your Eyes - P8X-873

After a few hours slogging through the woods in darkness and silence, Joey was only occasionally blinking away little droplets of sweat. Prior to getting assigned to an offworld team, she had gotten slightly less in shape thanks to a couple of years in the lab, and even with the renewed exercise she had started doing when the request to join an SG team was approved, this excursion was proving a bit more tiring than she would have liked. A mental note was filed to cut out Saturday donuts and spend that time back in the gym or the park or something instead.

When they finally arrived at the area where SG-13 was believed to have last been, a second wind of tense adrenaline swept up the captain. That they had made it this far without even seeing a night patrol had her extremely worried. This was supposed to be a warzone with Jaffa clashing regularly, and yet not a single night op nor scouting mission nor evening watch had been around, despite the giant roar of the Stargate that anyone around certainly would have heard. Normally, Joey was fairly optimistic about these sort of things, but unless their comrades had somehow managed to knock out both armies in the span of about eight hours….

Still, she kept her spirits up as Taft ordered them to spread out and quietly start searching for signs of the team. With her night vision goggles still on, Joey kept her head down to avoid being blinded by Taft’s flashlight and started visually scanning the group for any sign of what had happened to their erstwhile SG team. Not a whole lot popped out initially save for the expected boot tracks left by the missing team, but as she examined the area around a fallen log, several small glints caught her eye.

”Got some shell casings over here,” she reported while closely looking for more of the tiny metal bits. Lots of shell casings, as it turned out. ”They were doing plenty of shooting…”

There was a little trail of them, even leading back up the hill. ”Based on the spread of them…. looks like somebody was firing while they tried to tail it to the gate.” She bit her lip at the thought. 13 had been engaged in a fight with somebody, alright, and she didn’t know whether or not to be worried at the current lack of bodies and blood around this area.

Author:  Meredith_Blake [ Mon Oct 06, 2014 6:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mission #1: Look With Your Eyes - P8X-873

As night time hikes went, the meandering path through the scrub of the alien world was actually making the top ten. Thankful for her daily runs giving her the endurance to not want to pass out somewhere, Mere was still looking forward to getting back home where she could sink a cold one and eat some pizza.

Happy to have the breaks though, she took the chance to stretch slightly as the neared 2 hours, eager to keep limber. The pricking sensation was still there, lurking in her peripheral, still wholly unfounded, and swiftly being replaced by the trickle of sweat that was beading under her fatigues.

It was still too quiet. Granted given the option she would rather make no enemy contact than recreate the OK Corral, but it didn’t stop it being damn unsettling. They’re had been almost universal agreement in the brief that there was a distinct likely hood that one or both of the Jaffa armies would be watching the Gate, and that there was an equal chance of encountering a patrol from either camp. Yet here were, now approaching 4 hours on this rock and Zip. Nada.

Realising that they were now where they had to be, Mere could feel the burn of the walk start to settle in her lower limbs. Hoisting her weapon back into place she moved out to ‘look for clues’ for lack of a better phrase. If this was any other situation, and their weren’t lives on the line, that thought might even have struck her as funny, hell it still tickled her somewhat now, but she wasn’t gonna break out the laughs.

She lifted her head as the Lt and Captain both located something, her search wasn’t proving overly fruitful. Walking back over her quadrant, her foot wobbled on a small ridge of dirt. Stepping back she pushed up her goggles and let her eyes readjust to what little light there was out here. The impression was barely distinguishable from the surrounding soil but it was distinct enough to be identifiable as a person sized. Dropping down she pushed her fingers into the soil, bringing up a pinch of it and rubbing it together beneath her nose. It wasn’t damp, and it didn’t have the tell-tale whiff of copper that blood stained dirt so often did when someone injured had lain long enough to bleed out.

“I’ve got evidence of someone hitting dirt, not seeing any blood though. Could be someone taking cover – No drag marks either – Its possible whoever it was got up and walked away?”
There were scruff marks that could have been footprints; whatever they were they had been obscured by other movement, probably during the fire fight that was becoming a real reality.

“Guess we can scrap the theory that they’re lost in the woods Captain”

Author:  David Taft [ Mon Oct 06, 2014 8:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mission #1: Look With Your Eyes - P8X-873

Taft touched the burnt branch end, then followed the line with his bluefilter until he found where the staff blast had ended it's run. A patch of sand. That was good, Taft could imagine that this planet's scrub lands could become a death trap if someone were to foolishly ignite a bush in the wrong place. His neck emitted some light popping as he rolled it while listening to the other three report, hearing about his burnt branch and several other things. He stood and moved over toward Davidson, giving her a nod of approval for finding the shell casings. "They took cover, returned fire maybe. Or tried to hunker down and let the enemy pass by... either way, they ended up in a fire fight. Lets see where it took them."

He turned off the blue filter after looking at the brass for a few moments, put his flashlight away, and then flipped his nightvision goggles back into place before proceeding along the path of retreat as marked by the spent casings and the churned earth from the shuffling of multiple sets of feet headed in the same direction. They picked their way off the flat and started down the remainder of the hill, it was a solid idea the other team had apparently had in trying to retreat to the gate but it had surrendered high ground to the Jaffa. The entire thing had likely turned into a shooting gallery as multiple ranks of Jaffa were able to bring their weapons to bare at the same time. Below was a wooded area, though not necessarily the kind that would scream 'haven' to the Sgt. Major. Scrub trees and stunted hardwoods mostly.

As he took point again it didn't take long to find what he was looking for. A boonie hat on a branch, he took it down and checked the interior to see if the owner had marked it for their own or not (some soldiers did and some soldiers like himself didn't). Then he spotted an oddly colored rock, he flipped his goggles back as he knelt next to it. Blood, glistening darkly in the ambient light of the night. "That explains it then. Spread out and look for bodies, just in case, but I doubt we'll find any." There would have been plenty of dead Jaffa, their preferred tactic was to keep rolling forward in waves until they overwhelmed a position through massed fire and the weight of their presence. They'd have eaten plenty of lead. He didn't know if the other team was alive or dead but either way they had been taken by the victorious Jaffa back to base.

"We're going to have to get close to one of those bases, and that's going to be a problem. That explains why we haven't seen any patrols though. Both sides went into lock down after this firefight. The winners to examine their spoils and the uninvolved side to assess what had taken place and why they hadn't been party to it. Now the uninvolved side will be deployed wide, or will be at first light, in an attempt to spy out what's going on. We'll have to be careful not to bump into them while trying not to bump into the defenders of the camp we're going to be closing with." Taft chewed his tongue as the weight of his own tactical vision came down on him. "This is gonna get ugly real fast if we're not very careful... we'll be circling north away from the gate and the side facing the other camp. That'll put us on a flank where defenses might not be so tight."

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