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Author:  Anni [ Sun Sep 21, 2014 7:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Boardwide Plot

The Stargate Program.

Shrouded in mystery, the Stargate Program operates in the utmost secrecy from its base at the Cheyenne Mountain Complex. The year is 2014, and, for a little over three years, teams have been travelling to distant planets in the Milky Way, discovering new cultures, forging alliances, and making enemies. The Holy Grail of the Ancient city of Atlantis was discovered a year beforehand, and, with the acquisition of a zero-point module, which had been buried deep under the frozen wastelands of Antarctica, a trip to the Pegasus Galaxy is on the near horizon, and the world's best and brightest are being recruited to man the mission. Whether or not this is a military mission, or a diplomatic one, has yet to be decided, and discussions are ongoing.

It is not only the SGC who are aware of the existence of the lost city of the Ancients. The Goa'uld have received the intelligence from a traitor within the ranks of the SGC, and now it is a race to see who gets there first. For once, the System Lords are of one accord: travel to the Pegasus Galaxy, and conquer it for their own ends.

However, the race for Pegasus could leave the Milky Way undefended: the Replicators are a new threat, and a dangerous one at that, so both the SGC and the Goa'uld must decide whether to risk everything on a new galaxy and a new start, or whether to face the looming challenges in the Milky Way before looking to pastures new.

Only you can decide.

Author:  Anni [ Thu Aug 31, 2017 2:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Boardwide Plot

Date: 1st March 2016

Times have changed in the last 16 months.

Earth's Alpha Site has been compromised, and, as such, its Beta Site has been repurposed as Earth's main bolthole in case of attack. This means that the development of a new Beta Site has become necessary, one that will not only sustain life in the event of an emergency, but somewhere that a colony can be established if required, and technology and infrastructure developed.

A planet has been determined suitable - P5X-088 - on the outer fringes of the Milky Way, far enough away that, without a ZPM to power the Earth stargate, two jumps are required: one to P4C-202, and then on to P5X-088. Aside rom a small number of local planets, P5X-088 is so isolated, the only planet it can reach that will allow a link to earth is P4C-202. P5X-088 is similar in size to earth, as demonstrated by a number of aerial surveys conducted by a puddle jumper sent back from Atlantis on the Daedalus. There are a number of climates, including temperate, rainforests, and deserts, and, to all intents and purposes, the planet appears to support an ecosystem that mirrors earth. It does, however, have two suns, and three moons, the sky turning a deep shade of purple overnight instead of inky black, due to the relative orbits of the planet and its moons.

Surrounded by temperate forest, the compound is bordered by a rapidly running river to the east, wide and fast enough to be a potential danger, steep hills to the north, covered in trees, and, to the south and west, an area of relatively flat grassland. Native flora and fauna are not dissimilar to earth, and the scientists are considering the possibility of introducing earth livestock for breeding and slaughter.

The outpost was founded in mid September 2015, a short walk away from the gate itself, and is currently a mixture of temporary structures, tents, and the makings of some more permanent buildings, but it is still very much a community under construction. Personnel come and go, most stationed there for just a few days or weeks, but some choose a longer tour. At any one time, the outpost is home to 30-50 individuals, a mixture of military and civilians, and, while the base is ostensibly under military governance, there is a certain amount of relaxation of strict military protocol, although exactly what form that takes depends on the ranking officer at the time.

A relief team is due at the outpost, comprising of military staff, a fresh medical team, and a number of other civilians, with the team scheduled to stay on P5X-088 for six weeks.

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