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 Post subject: Board Rules
PostPosted: Mon Sep 15, 2014 10:14 am 
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Applying to The Gateroom

    1. This board is one account per character, rather than one account per player. As such, please make a new account for each character you wish to play. Your account name must match that of your character. There are no restrictions as to the number of characters you can play - just be sure you can juggle them all before applying!

    2. All players must be over 18 years of age, due to the potentially mature nature of the game. No exceptions will be made.

    3. Access to post in the RP areas of the board will be granted after your application is approved.

    4. If you do not complete an application within 21 days of posting it, it will be archived. If you then wish to continue with your application, you must contact a staff member.
    • If you're applying for a canon character, you MUST place a reserve on the character while you are in the application process.
    • All canon applications must be started within 7 days of reserving the character, otherwise the reservation will be deleted.
    • If there is no reserve on the character, and you apply for a canon, if your app is not completed within 4 days, the admin reserve the right to open up the canon for application again.
    • If you wish to play a canon that is not listed, contact a staff member please - some canons will be unavailable or restricted for plot purposes.
    • We will try to review your application within 24 hours - if there is a delay, or we need you to make some edits, we will PM you as soon as possible.

In Character

    5. We are an intermediate-advanced RPG, so please ensure that your spelling and grammar are in order. We all know typos happen, though!

    6. In-character drama is fine - just don't bring it into the out of character areas of the board! If you have an issue with another player, please contact a staff member. Similarly, please ensure that, when plotting with other players, both of you are in complete agreement over the direction of the plot, and don't try to "bully" or pressure another player to do things your way.

    7. All threads containing mature content, whether it is violence, sex, or other scenes of a mature nature, must be clearly tagged with an "M" in the title.

    8. Please keep an eye on continuity. The board is fluid time, so, while you may be posting in two or more threads with one character, make sure they take place at different times in-game.

    9. Please write your posts in the 3rd person, past tense.

    10. Pet peeve of the staff... no god-modding/power-playing/metagaming! If you want to move another person's character as part of a thread you are playing in, please clear it with them first.

    11. If you want to join an open thread that has already seen more than a couple of posts, it's only polite to ask the other people in that thread whether they mind you joining.
    • Once posting order has been established, in a thread of at least three players, please stick to posting order. If a thread has a larger group of players, and has several scenarios taking place, it's less important, but please be considerate of others.


      12. Avatars must be no larger than 200px X 300px, and signatures no larger than 500px X 250px.

      13. Please ensure that you keep the CBox guest friendly, so don't get out the cussing too often, and we don't need to know what you got up to in bed with your other half last night! Also, racism, homophobic comments and the like in the CBox will not be tolerated, and will result in the banhammer of Thor being wielded.

      14. If you do stupid things with your character, expect to get hurt. If you continue to do stupid things... well, death is a very real option, so be careful who you pick your fights with!

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