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Just another day
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Author:  Jason Burke [ Sun Oct 01, 2017 1:45 am ]
Post subject:  Just another day

U.S. Army Ranger Captain Jason Burke was walking through the Beta site on P5X-088 after debriefing for the mission that he had returned from with the team he was on. Next to him was his K9 partner, a German bloodline German Shepherd named Shadow. Jason was partnered with Shadow back on Earth when he was going through military K9 handler training while in the Rangers. Jason was glad to have Shadow as his partner then and even more so now that he was with the SGC. At the same time, Jason was worried about the effects that gate travel would have on Shadow the first time they went though. He was relived to learn that it didn't effect the big dog that much.

While walking along, Jason reached down and pet him behind the ears as a few other people walked by them. It wasn't lost on him that not everyone reacted well to Shadow, but Jason didn't let that get to him. At the same time, he saw his wife Megan speaking with a few other people. He was even more thankful that she was with him, knowing that it made things easier to have his wife with him, he just wished that their sons were with them. Jason sighed a little as he thought of them before seeing Megan look over and smile a little at him. Jason nodded and smiled a little back to her as he and Shadow walked in, knowing that he would see her at their quarters in a little while.

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