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The conversation between the two seemed to trail off as they continued their trek through what seemed to be an ever growing forest. Caleb was use to wondering through forests, was use to wondering for a few miles to find any sign of life to trade with, he knew that if he was back in the Pegasus galaxy it would be because of the Wraith. The further away from the gate you were, the more chance you had of hiding from the Wraith, not a pleasant thought but one he had seen himself in action. More people had been saved.

As Chris continued his talk on the Iris thing Caleb listened, he really did but honestly it was all a little over his head, he had not gone down that route with his training. Had no interest in how the damn thing worked, just that it saved lives, and even though he could understand where Chris was trying to come from, well it just made little sense to Caleb.

"Trust me if there was an Iris here you would have been told," he said, "Everyone has their own code, but we can't go around installing an iris on every planet we come across. Think the natives of that planet would have something to say don't you?"

He hoped he hadn't come across as to harsh, that he wasn't being to overly critical of what the man was saying, Caleb himself had stepped through the stargate more times than he could remember now and honestly he knew they wouldn't be able to have iris on every planet. Even if the current planet they were on was their own at the moment, the Stargate was so far from where they were based it seemed inconceivable to have an Iris plus at the end of the day most of the enemies had ships just blocking up a Stargate wasn't going to be enough any more.

The conversation seemed to peeter off again as they trudged what felt like even further into the forest, honestly he was beginning to wonder just how far they would have to walk before they got there. The thought of finally reaching the site was appealing to just drop the bag and relax for a few minutes before everything kicked off again, he always made sure to grab as much 'relax' time as he could nowadays because it didn't come around often enough.

He did however take note of the conversation turning lighter between them, the joking coming back and Caleb was grateful if there was one thing he could do it was to banter with someone, it meant he didn't have to show too much of himself.

"Don't let what you know is out there put you off," he said wisely, "Because honestly you'd never step through the Gate again if you did that, you have to just...what's the saying, roll with the punches at times."

He was talking from experience, he himself had, had to do that same thing not that long ago and it had taken a lot to come back from. Hell part of him was still recovering now, it just didn't show its self unless he was with Claire, to everyone else he was the perfect soldier in a sense.

Caleb couldn't help the softer smile cross his face as Chris asked about what Atlantis was like, Atlantis was Caleb's home, was always going to be his home and even though he felt the pang of missing Atlantis he didn't let it consume him. He could acknowledge that he missed Atlantis without it being all he thought about now.

"Atlantis is..." he started with a smile on his face, "did you ever watch them Sci Fi films when you were a kid, where everything is all shiny and clean and everything runs on technology?" he asked.

He himself had watched one with his dad many years ago when he had been ill from school, he had hated every minute of it, found the whole film boring, yet now looking back on it, he could kind of see the appeal. See where the inspiration came from and damn if Atlantis hadn't been in peoples minds for years.

"Well it's like that," Caleb continued, "It's everything you want it to be and more and yet its every nightmare you can think of as well. I think I prefer this galaxy for the enemy having snakes in their heads rather than an enemy that can suck your life force out of you."

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