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 Post subject: Teyla Emmagen
PostPosted: Tue Dec 29, 2015 9:21 pm 
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How did you find us? I've been here a while.


Section 1: Personal Details

Name: Teyla Emmagan
Age: 25
P.O.B.: Athos
Nationality (if human)/Species (if alien): Athosian
Gender: Female

Height: 5ft 4in
Build: Petite, toned.
Skin Tone: Brown
Hair: Light brown, long (although would be cut short once/if she joined Atlantis)
Eyes: Dark brown
Distinguishing Features:

Playby: Rachel Luttrel


Mother – Tagan – deceased
Father – Torren - deceased

Marital Status: Single

Section 2: Employment

C. Fill in this section ONLY if your character is a non-Tau'ri character:

Title: Athosian Leader
Job/function: Leading her people
Specialist skills: Earth equivalent to being a diplomat, Bantos fighting.

Section 3: General Information

A. Personal History

Teyla has lived on Athos all her life, she could not remember a time when she was not there. She also could not remember a time when the Wraith did not cull her people. In one such culling she lost both her parents at a young age, not understanding the cold feeling she had, had in the bottom of her stomach for most of that day. She mourned the loss of her parents for months, which was when a friend spoke of channelling her grief, she was given Bantos sticks, was taught the meaning of Bantos fighting from a young age.

It was a release for all the grief that had built up inside of the young woman, it took her a good few years to have the skill to fight competently with such instruments. Although in them years she had not felt the cold dread in her stomach once, nor had the Wraith come to cull again.

As Teyla neared her late teen years and into her early twenties, she began to take on more and more leadership rolls, taken on more of the burden that Charin had shouldered for her. She began sitting in trades deciding what was best for her own people, as she grew into the leadership role she had accomplished more trade agreements than even her own mother had at her age.

When another culling hit her village, Teyla was sure that her people would survive, the people survived but the settlement did not. She had to work tirelessly with her own people and her trade partners to build her people back up to what they once where.

Despite Teyla not having children of her own, she knew the time was not right for herself protecting her people had always come first. She looked at the young children as though they were part of her family, she would teach them to be brave in the face of the cull's that happened to the planet. Taught them to be selfless, she taught them everything that her own father and mother taught her when their own parents were busy.

She would make sure that she spoke to the children on her own at least once every few days, for she had no children of her own yet and if she was taken in a Wraith attack she wanted to know that her people had her own heart to continue to guide the rest of them.

That was when she started to know more of her people, of what they wanted from her as a leader and what they wanted as a whole. She began to guide people more, working with them tirelessly to make sure they had what they needed.

As the years went by, Teyla realised she developed a sense for when the Wraith would show up, this helped in the fact that she was so young when she had to lead. She found she could warn people when there arrival was immenit and although it often left her feeling cold, it saved her people numerous times.

She took advice of Charin one person who was more like family to her once she had lost her own parents. It took her people time to realise that she was the leader they needed, it took her a long time to win the peoples respect and trust. Trust that still to this day she values very highly.

Although her people would like there Leader to be settled down, and Teyla had, had her share of proposals, she had refused each one. She wished to settle down with someone of her own choosing someone that would see her, for her and not just for the leader of the Athosians.

B. General Personality

i. Character Strengths: Strong willed, is actually physically strong with the amount of Bantos fighting (sparring) she does, is compassionate. Strong maternal instinct - despite not having children of her own.

ii. Character Weaknesses: Can sometimes push too much for the diplomatic route instead of just fighting it out. Is stubborn at times and does not let go of things easily.

iii. Personal attitude and demeanour: Teyla is a very strong willed woman, she has a strong sense of wrong and right. Knows when to be calm and diplomatic with people and when to push for something more. Is always collected when it comes to fighting. She can be very maternal to children, knows how to speak to children when they are scared or frightened.

C. Additional Information

Teyla has the ability to sense when the Wraith are coming, which has lead to her people surviving for as long as they have done.

Ancient gene: No.

Does have Wraith DNA which means can sense the wraith, again wouldn't find this out until she met with Atlantis expedition.

RP Sample (in character):

Teyla watched as the sun rose over the ancestors ruins, it had been a long night and her people needed the rest. It had been a long time since so many had been taken in a culling, the previous night showed just how much her and her people had thought the Wraith had gone into hibernation once more.

It had been foolish to think such a thing and her people were paying the price, half the village was in ruins – it would require time and resauces to build everything back up to what it once was – the other half were huddled in one of the main tents.

Her people needed her to lead, to be the strong woman who had gotten them through the night, but in the peaceful morning when there was still that slight chill in the air – a promise that colder days and longer nights were coming – she could not be that leader just yet.

She closed her eyes as the dull morning sun reached her face, she could remember the days when her father would stand where she was doing the exact same thing after a culling. Teyla had always wondered what he had thought about when he stood there and now, now she knew that it was not a matter of reflecting on the night before, but looking to the future.

“Teyla! Teyla!”

Opening her eyes she turned to face the person who had called for her, she smiled as Jinto came running over to her. Teyla never had children of her own and she often considered the children of the people she lead her own, she looked out for them in the same way.

She had seen how Jinto had grown into being the brave young man she knew all her people could be. As Jinto came to a stop in front of her, she smiled and greeted him in the usual way, forehead to forehead as was the way of her people.

“Jinto what has you running about at such an early part of the day?” she asked, still smiling softly at the young boy. Teyla made it a point to know all her peoples name, know what their best qualities were and what were the worse, she knew of the skills each of her people possessed and often spent her time guiding them towards their potential. That was a leader always did, is what her father had always told her, to never tell her people what to do, but guide them to the correct path.

“Traders have arrived through the ring of the ancestors,” Jinto answered eagerly.

Traders? Of course she had made an agreement for traders to come through that day, just in time with the culling taking so many of them and destroying so much, Teyla knew she needed all the trading partners she could get. The smile never leaving her face, she let Jinto guide her back towards the main settlement and to there guests, she knew it was going to be a long day. There was much to be done and little time to do things in.

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Welcome on board. Please fill in your face claim, character comfort levels and who's who entries, and then you are free to post your plotter, post in others', and get playing.

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