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PostPosted: Wed Jan 20, 2016 8:12 pm 
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Claire blinked once, before raising a single eyebrow, as Taft went off on one of his rants. "Methinks thou dost protest too much," she said lightly, shrugging. Trench warfare hadn't been a major part of conflict for seventy years or more, with warfare becoming more and more removed from individual participation. Technological warfare was where it was at now, and this limited the "up close and personal" aspect of war that had been prevalent in Wilfred Owen's time. Claire didn't bother to correct Taft, though. When he was up on his high horse about something, trying to put him straight was like talking to a brick wall. There was no way that Taft - although, if his dad had served in Vietnam, he might be different - had experienced anything close to trench warfare.

She snorted as Taft indicated his intention to torment Hart, one of the bare handful of Lieutenant Colonels on the base. "So, given he's not a 'chicken shaker', what's he done to draw your ire?" She knew that Taft simply couldn't stand doctors, and that was why he had started teasing her, doubtless not realising at first that she could give as good as she got. It had led to a friendly, antagonistic relationship between them, which Claire would miss.

Claire's face sobered as Taft told her to write a letter to her parents. "See, I've already told them everything I can - you know, the whole 'top secret project, at least a year without contact', blah blah blah. I think..." She paused, swallowing down the sorrow that threatened to well up. "I think if I wrote them a letter, it would worry them more." It would almost be as though she was heralding her own death to her parents, and she couldn't do that to them. "If... I left you their details, though... if you wanted to get in touch, then... well, I couldn't stop you, could I?" It was the next best option she could think of.

She nodded once in acknowledgment of Taft wanting a fight, and twitched an eyebrow upwards again. "And... that you might get killed in one of those fights. Now you've got someone else to think about, to consider... that wouldn't make you be a little more careful, a little more reticent to throw yourself into the field of battle?" She laughed as he referred to Caleb. "Oh, I repeat: there's nothing that could replace Caleb!"

Claire almost winced. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to insensitive," she said, before a slight twitch of amusement came back to her lips. "So... you're just omnipotent, then?"

 Post subject: Re: Time To Go TAG: Taft
PostPosted: Fri Jan 22, 2016 9:21 pm 
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"Me thinks you've never been a soldier. Marines, Army, some of the Navy and Air Force, we still walk around in it up to our necks. Some of us are able to deal with it, some aren't. The latter group is getting more and more numerous every year." Facts were facts. The numbers were on his side as far as that went. Things had always been tough, people used to be tougher.

Taft brushed off his shoulder insignia. "Aside from standing over me during my date, shooting the breeze like his presence was preferable to our being alone with one another? He called me David. Twice. Technically I can't put him before a firing squad for it so annoy him until he gates to another galaxy it is. I've got a good track record with that so far." He chuckled to himself.

"Leave me their details then, I'll write and tell them they can contact me if they need anything. Navigating military benefits and bureaucracy is nightmarish when you know what you're doing, getting through it as a civilian foreign national would be the definition of tailored hell." He figured he wouldn't hear from them for a year or so, then the pressure would start mounting and inevitably the contact would begin. He'd be able to put them off for a while, if he didn't have any info. And then he would have to decide whether to lie to them for comfort or tell them some variation of the truth that would torment them but not be totally dishonest. "I'll make it easier on them when the time comes."

Taft shrugged. "I keep myself alive, been doing that for years. She keeps herself alive, she's been doing that for years. Why would we get timid now?" He was being 100% sincere in his curiosity, not seeing what she was asking.

Taft sighed sadly. "Working on it. Between the fees, the background noise, learning to filter out things so you can sleep... omnipotence is really more trouble than you'd think."

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