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US Army
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How did you find us? I used to write here. Then I didn't because I am dumb.


Section 1: Personal Details

Name: Josephine Davidson
Age: 32
D.O.B.: May 22nd
P.O.B.: Albany, New York
Nationality: American (Swedish/Irish ancestry)
Gender: Female

Height: 5’6”
Build: Athletic
Skin Tone: Light
Hair: Reddish Brown
Eyes: Green
Distinguishing Features: Two tattoos, one on her right shoulder of a guitar amp’s circuit diagram, and a butterfly on her hip that she’s never going to stop regretting.

Playby: Noomi Rapace

Arthur Davidson - Father, 68
Louise Davidson - Mother, 67
Kathryn Soutter - Sister, 39
Mac Davidson - Brother, 25
Marital Status: Single

Section 2: Employment

Rank: First Lieutenant
Branch of Military: United States Army
Current Role: Offworld Team Member (can switch to R&D Team Member if needed)
Previous Employment: University Student
Level of Entry: Officer
Years served: 6 Years
Specialist skills: Infantry Combat, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Additional Information: Currently, Joey's largest skill deficiency is in front-line combat, having experienced direct firefights during a relatively short (by current standards, and certainly by the standards for SGC personnel) nine-month deployment to Afghanistan. She’s only had one off-world mission, and while she proved herself able to handle a firefight with some Jaffa decently well enough, it wasn’t exactly distinctive conduct. She got herself shot, after all.

Section 3: General Information


A. Personal History

Born in 1980 to a middle-class New York family of little general note, Josephine's early life wasn't exactly a unique experience. In the typical American suburb where she grew up, Joey usually ended up being the nerdiest girl in any group thanks to her above-average intelligence and preference for spending time with video games over spending time with other kids. As she got older, her antisocial tendencies declined, but her intellect never dulled, as was evident when she managed to graduate high school at 16.

Almost immediately Joey set out on a college degree in engineering, having decided during her preteen years that she wanted to work with technology when she grew up. Despite being the youngest person in almost every class, she thoroughly enjoyed her college experiences--so much so, in fact, that she went straight for a Master's degree after completing her Bachelor's. A few odd jobs and a couple of paid internships helped support her as she worked towards an advanced degree. By the time her Master's was finished, it seemed silly not to just go all the way now, and at age 26 Joey finished off her schooling by earning a bona fide doctorate.

Joey was within a hair's breadth of accepting one of the job offers that had come her way during her last year of studying when an opportunity she had previously failed to consider began to sound appealing. With her existing degrees, Joey would be able to enter into a military career as an officer, and her value as an engineer would probably keep her out of major combat. Combined with the potential to obtain security clearance that could be incredibly useful in the civilian job market, and the increased appeal to most employers that a veteran status entailed, she decided to join the United States Army for quite possibly some of the most deplorable reasons possible.

The experience of entering officer training actually proved to be far more important than even her decade of high-level education ever could have been. Seeing everyone around her working so hard to serve as an officer with far less intelligence and a genuine, selfless sense of duty to their country, Joey rapidly was inspired to take her newly chosen career path much more seriously. Rather than a cheap ploy to scoot by in the easy side of military life just for ease of employment afterwards, she threw herself wholeheartedly into trying to serve her country to the best of her (considerable) ability.

Despite a few attitude problems that have cropped up over time, Joey's dedication and vast intelligence have not gone unnoticed. Two years after the Stargate Program began, she was brought on board the project serving in a research role, with a specific focus on developing brand new weapons and offensive technology in the war with the Goa'uld. More recently, her request for more field duty beyond limited trips to the Alpha Site and other secured areas was finally granted, leading to her placement onto an actual team being sent through the gate on offworld missions.

She got in all of one mission, a rescue op, before getting herself pulled off said offworld duty. The mission was ultimately a success, but Joey managed to get herself shot on her very first outing, earning both a nasty scar and membership into the exclusive SGC-members-who’ve-taken-a-staff-blast-and-lived club. Her recovery from the wound came just in time to find out that she was being pulled to Area 51 for an ongoing research project there. Not screaming when she got the news had been… difficult, to say the least.

Thankfully, Joey’s biggest problem proved to be an asset. Her superiors on the project could only stand her snippy commentary for so long before finally recommending that she be reassigned to literally anywhere else besides Area 51. That meant getting bounced back to Cheyenne mountain, shipped back to the SGC and queued up to join the first SG team that had an opening for an engineer. Back where she wanted to be, all thanks to a mouth that almost totally lacks a filter.

Because that’s a great lesson for the kiddies at storytime.

B. General Personality

i. Character Strengths: Joey is lucky enough to have both the vast skill and expertise in anything mechanical or electrical that one would expect of a doctorate-holder, along with the creativity to apply that knowledge in an ingenious way. Her sarcastic, generally jovial attitude also has the positive effect of keeping morale up for the people around her, at least it does most of the time.

ii. Character Weaknesses:
The same upbeat demeanor that she tries to keep her comrades energized with can also backfire quite easily, thanks to her persisting difficulties in determining when humor is inappropriate. Joey can also hardly be described as humble; while she’ll rarely overstate her own abilities and skills, understating her talents seems to qualify as a sin in her mind. It’s also arguable how much she truly understands the concept of “Top Secret”.

iii. Personal attitude and demeanour: Stubborn to the ends of the Earth and quite a fair distance beyond, Joey is the kind of person who will march though fire, flames, brimstone, and poorly designed user interfaces straight towards anything she sets herself towards, for good or for ill. Most of the time, thankfully, her dead-set objectives are good things, thanks to an unceasing sense of optimism that’s only partially obfuscated by snippy comments.

C. Additional Information

Ancient gene: Negative


Well, here I am again. The admins have been incredibly generous and allowed me to return and reboot my character from before after I made a total ass of myself a good year or so ago.

Since my old face claim has been taken now by a far better and way more interesting character, I’ve switched to a new face because this is Stargate and things generally improve when the actors get changed. Also dropped to a younger age and lower rank because I still remember how overloaded we used to be with middle managers. :P

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Welcome on board. Please fill in your face claim, character comfort levels and who's who entries, and then you are free to post your plotter, post in others', and get playing.

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