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PostPosted: Wed Nov 11, 2015 7:51 pm 
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How did you find us? distant fantasies


Section 1: Personal Details

Name: Geraldine Ann Chandler
Age: 31
D.O.B.: May 30, 1983
P.O.B.: Boston, MA
Nationality (if human)/Species (if alien): American
Gender: Female

Height: 5'4"
Build: petite
Skin Tone: light
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: blue
Distinguishing Features: a tattoo on her hip; a healed burn mark on her left palm.

Playby: Emily Kinney


Parents: Lars and Angelina Chandler
Siblings: Dominic Chandler (Police Officer in Boston)

Marital Status: Single

Section 2: Employment

B. Fill in this section ONLY if your character is of a HUMAN NON-MILITARY background:

Title: Doctor (PhD)
Specialist Area: Behavioral Biologist
Degree Specialty:

- Science degree in Chemical and Physical Biology
- Masters in Science in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology
- Ph.D. in Behavioral Biology

Additional Information:

- Went through SGC Orientation Program.
- Has rudimentary knowledge in Goa'uld and ancient languages: she understands a few words that are part of her studies but nothing more than that.
- During her time at the Area 51 Research facility she's been studying the races the SGC encountered over the past few years and researching their strengths and weaknesses as well their biological markup, environmental and behavioral patterns.
- Received small arms training at the SGC, but she's especially bad at it.

Section 3: General Information

A. Personal History

The oldest of three children born to Lars and Angelina Chandler in Boston, MA, Geraldine had a happy and fairly normal upbringing. She was a shy girl as a child, always lost in her own thoughts or reading books, but she was curious and precocious in many aspects. She had a thirst to learn new things and the need for answers to all the questions her mind was capable of asking. When an adult couldn't give her adequate answers, Geraldine made her goal to find whatever it was she needed on her own. She became an independent girl but she still had a strong bond with her parents and a almost maternal concern over her siblings.

Geraldine fell in love with sciences very early in life and was considered the geek of the family. She was involved in the science club and outside of school her favorite place was the Boston Public Library. She seemed to carry her childhood shyness with her when she hit puberty and she only came out of her shell when science was the subject. Geraldine spoke with clarity, control and confidence about the theme. After high school, Geraldine attended Harvard and pursued a science degree in Chemical and Physical Biology. She actually blossomed in college, finding the academic life inspiring and the people there invested in the mystery of life as much as she was. Geraldine was the most boring girl on campus without a doubt. She went to one frat party during her entire undergrad. She got drunk after the second drink and threw up on the frat house president. It was a rather embarrassing moment but it showed her she should stick with sciences.

The next step in her education was to seek a masters degree and then apply for a Ph.D.. With the help of her professors, Geraldine chose to study Organismic and Evolutionary Biology for her Master in Science and after that she would pursue a Ph.D. in Behavioral Biology. For the most part of Geraldine's academic life she remained in the Cambridge/Boston area, but she traveled and collaborated with scientists in campus as an assistant researcher and with researchers across the globe. She spent a few months in Canada participating of a Wildlife research program and traveled to Africa and South America to work alongside ethologists. She devoted almost two years of her life to study the marine life in the pacific when she joined a research group in Hawaii. She tried to establish herself in the academic world as a behavioral biologist but she published two papers that theorized the existence of life in other planets and how it could impact life on earth and, that raised a few flags among her peers. While fellow biologists who knew her still trusted her insights and work ethics Geraldine wasn't exactly popular.

Life was everything she had dreamed about growing up though and Geraldine was truly happy with the way her life was going and suddenly she was out on a research boat studying marine life migration behavior when a ship crashed into the ocean. That was her introduction to the Stargate Program so to speak. The ship belonged to Thor and it had remains of the battle with the replicators something she didn't know then, but Geraldine grew curious about the event especially when the military sought her out to convince her it was just a satellite when she started to inquire about the incident. She wasn't stupid and she had footage of the thing falling down. That was no satellite.

Geraldine had no real interest in spreading any information about the crash. She was genuinely curious; the crash had disrupted her migration study and she wanted to know about it. She started asking a few questions and that tied to her previous paper about the possibility of out of this world life led to an Air Force Officer showing up at her door one day to discuss a government sponsored project. Nine months ago, Geraldine signed the non-disclosure agreement and was brought over to the SGC research facility at Area 51. She went through a short indoctrination program and she was briefed about the Stargate Program and its discoveries so far. To say Geraldine was overwhelmed and excited was an understatement.

Geraldine immersed herself in the study of alien life. The Goa'uld as well as other races encountered so far became the object of her fascination and there was so much to learn. She has barely scratched the surface of all she can and hopefully will learn. She made occasional trips to Colorado in the past couple of months to assist in a project and collaborate with other scientists and she went off world two times. SGC Field work was something that still scared her a little but new galaxies? New races and cultures? That was just something she couldn't ignore and she had to take a chance. It was almost surreal.

Recently she tested positive for the Ancient gene and awaits orders to join the upcoming Atlantis Expedition in the Pegasus Galaxy.

B. General Personality

i. Character Strengths: Driven, intelligent and bold as far as science in concerned. She's not bold in her personal life at all. Friendly and trusting, sometimes overly so. Kind.

ii. Character Weaknesses: She doesn't always work well with others, but it's not that she doesn't like people or that she is not a team player. She likes meeting new people and talking, but she gets too focused in her tasks and what she's working on sometimes that she stops paying attention to others around her. That can be perceive as rude, but she honestly doesn't do it on purpose. She just closes herself in her own work. She's working on getting better though.

She went through small arms training at the SGC but aside from the Zat'nik'atel (Zat) she is not any good at them. Geraldine doesn't feel confident enough in her pretty much non-existent weapons skills when she has to go off world with SGC field units. Geraldine thinks she's a liability sometimes. She does try her best though.

iii. Personal attitude and demeanour:

Geraldine's never lost her sense of wonder. She's been fascinated by science, and all the questions and answers surrounding it since she was a little girl and she stills nurtures that side of her. The innocent curiosity in the face of something new and mysterious. The search for answers to fundamental questions like: who we are? where we come from? And where are we going? That need to discover new things is what makes her tick. Geraldine's a very intelligent woman, she's professional and driven but she still displays that sense of awe and joy when there's a new scientific breakthrough or simply when something she didn't know or wasn't expecting reveals itself before her eyes. It's like magic but a scientific type of magic, as odd as that might sound.

A perfectionist and self-sufficient type of person, Geraldine can be perceived as uptight or odd which could be a fair description of her, at first glance. She doesn't seem to loosen up easily. Science is what have always turned her on and therefore she didn't always identify with a lot of people her age growing up. She had to learn how to relax as she grew older and found people with similar tastes and passions.

But she's friendly and sociable enough. Geraldine has a warm smile and contagious laugh. It just seems that's not always possible to see this side of her. She feels more comfortable in a laboratory or in the field covered in specimens parts than in a bar or club. That doesn't mean she doesn't have any friends but most of them are in the same field or, at least, understand her demeanor and don't try to take her from her comfort zone.

She admires people who are considered free spirits, though, and those who put their lives in risk every single day for the benefit of others. Geraldine will take risks in her job, she is a behavioral biologist after all and a curious person by nature, and that usually means she's ll go out to the field to research a species in their environment. But that can't be compared with the risks the military take on a daily basis, for example. She respects them as well as everyone involved in creating, building, maintaining and running the Stargate Program.

Everyone has their place in the order of things, and Geraldine knows where hers is.

C. Additional Information

Ancient gene: Yes

RP Sample (in character):

“Are we biology or God or something higher? I know my heart beats and I listen to it. The beat is biology, but what is the song?"

There were three TV screens on the work station and several printed footage photos all over walls and even some on the floor. Gerry was a neat person, but when she was working she used all the space available and made a good use of her workstation, that included walls and floors. Her lab was more an improvised cubicle in the storage room of sorts at science floor of the Cheyenne Mountain. She had an official lab but there had been a small accident involving an alien plant and mild fire - not her fault - and the lab was currently being reformed.

The new space was temporary and small but Gerry didn't mind at all. She had her equipment, her samples, her computers and the TV sets. She could work there without interruption and that was all that mattered. Today, she had been going through some footage of the Goa'uld attacks from three different off-world missions involving three different teams and Goal'ld/Jaffas. Gerry had been trying to determinate whether these attacks followed a pattern given the influence of the symbiont on both specimens.

The Goa'uld and the Jaffa's symbionts were intelligent beings - although the symbiont maturation level was different - and she wanted to identify biological pattern in their attacks and behavior. Were the symbionts genetically programmed to act a certain way and how much the host could affect the symbiont behavior? These were fascinating questions and despite their apparent psychotic behavior - as far as the Goa'uld were concerned anyway - Gerry felt like she could learn a lot from them. Unfortunately, she couldn't study them on the field so she had to rely on footage more often than not.

The blonde scientist was sitting on the concrete floor with her back against the wall and legs stretched out, surrounded by photos and files, and with the footage in the TV on stop. She had been going through the footage and genetic markup data report for hours. "What I'm missing?" she muttered staring at the screen where the image of a Goa'uld and its shinning eyes were on pause on display. "You should tell me now...because I'll figure out eventually anyway," Gerry added quietly and her eyes shifted to the clock on the wall.

Oh! Shit!

She missed lunch. Gerry didn't remember eating breakfast either. That was a problem. She pushed herself up and walked carefully towards the desk to put the remove control down. It was time to take a short break. She was probably spending the night there and she had to eat something. The chances of her skipping dinner were good with her research keeping her busy. Gerry stepped out of the lab, leaving everything the way it was and headed to the mess hall. She forgot to take her lab coat off but what else was new? Her hair was, at least, controlled into a ponytail.

A few moments later, she entered the mess hall and went straight to the counter to get a sandwich and orange juice before sitting down on the first first empty table she saw. There was a small frown across her face since she forgot to bring something to read. Meal time could be used for work too, but if she went back to her lab to get a book or report Gerry knew she wouldn't come back so she careful unwrapped the sandwich like it was something fragile and needed special attention and took a small bite while she hummed something under her breath and stared distractedly at the back of the room.

Dr. Geraldine Chandler
Behavioral Biologist
“Are we biology or God or something higher?
I know my heart beats and I listen to it. The beat is biology, but what is the song?"

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Welcome on board. Please fill in your face claim, character comfort levels and who's who entries, and then you are free to post your plotter, post in others', and get playing.

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