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PostPosted: Sun Nov 16, 2014 7:57 am 
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Section 1: Personal Details

Name: Caiden West
Age: 35
D.O.B.: 07/21/1979
P.O.B.: Beverly Hills, CA
Nationality (if human)/Species (if alien): American
Gender: Male

Height: 6 feet 2 inches
Build: Muscular, takes care of himself
Skin Tone: Tan
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Distinguishing Features: Caiden has a tattoo on his upper right arm of the medical sign with a snake around the sign.

Playby: Channing Tatum

Family: Father: David West, Mother: Emma West, Sister: Kelsey West
Marital Status: Divorced- Single

Section 2: Employment

A. Fill in this section ONLY if your character is of a HUMAN MILITARY background:

Rank: First Lieutenant
Branch of Military: USAF
Current Role: Surgeon at the SGC
Previous Employment: Mass General Hospital- Trauma Surgeon
Level of Entry: Direct Commissioned Officer
Years served: 2 years.
Specialist skills: Small firearms, trauma surgeon, flight surgeon

Additional Information: General surgeon with fellowship in Trauma surgery. Not much more to add, he hasn't much of an outside life. Caiden is also trained as a USAF Flight Surgeon.

Section 3: General Information

A. Personal History

Caiden grew up in Beverly Hills California and as such had a lavish life and got the best education available. Caiden was born to a medical family with grandparents being involved in the medical field and both of his parents being surgeons including his sister. Caiden is the oldest between him and his sister and always watched out for her even though they're twins and he was born a whole 10 minutes before she was. Caiden went to private schools throughout his early childhood days and his parents forced him and his sister to take school seriously and they constantly made sure they were doing their work. Caiden got mostly straight A's especially in math and science classes but in english he got B's and C's in only that class, after all what kid likes to read a book that they do not like and write essays?

Caiden was always gifted in the science and math area's with the highest marks possible and that continued in college. Caiden went to UCLA and went pre-medicine and obtained a bachelors degree in biochemistry. Caiden also married his longtime girlfriend during college but that didn't last long since Caiden and his wife, Amanda, had different career paths and ambitions, she wanted a family and kids, Caiden didn't... Caiden scored almost a perfect score in his MCAT's and went to medical school at Harvard Med School. Caiden knew what he wanted to do since he was a kid and seeing what his parents did on a daily basis, it was in his blood, literally.

Caiden graduated from med school in 2005 and went to internship and residency in general surgery at Mass General Hospital in Boston. Caiden wasn't sure what route he wanted to go in the surgery field but that choice became obvious to him since he was excellent under pressure and very cool headed especially when he shouldn't be. In 2010 general surgery residency ended and he immediately went to a trauma surgery fellowship and finished in 2011. Caiden worked as a civilian doctor for Mass General but then decided to join the military in 2012 and served at the David Grant USAF Medical Center before finding out about the SGC and was offered a job there and he took it in a heartbeat.

B. General Personality

i. Character Strengths: Since Caiden is a Surgeon and a gifted one at that concentration, great under pressure, patience, leadership as well as confident in his abilities as a Surgeon. Outside of his duties as a Surgeon Caiden is also very social when the opportunity presents itself, he is a little nerdy especially in medical conversations, nothing seems to gross him out or turn off his appetite.

ii. Character Weaknesses: Caiden doesn't have much of an outside work life, he tends to bury himself in work and tends to be a little competitive, friendly competition though. Caiden also tends not to date although he is a little flirty at work, he has no other time to do it after all. He also sees himself as a father figure even to those older than him especially when it comes to medicine and health, he is a health freak...

iii. Personal attitude and demeanor: Caiden is a driven young man and tends not to get much sleep and drinks too much caffeine mostly Pepsi... Caiden is a trained medical trauma professional and acts quick especially when he sees blood although even when he doesn't he knows internal bleeding is even more serious unless its a nicked artery, although both are technically serious even critical... Caiden was married and isn't all that focused on his love life, he is married to his work and puts other before himself even when he is starving, thirsty, even if he suffers a ruptured appendix (appendicitis), others will come first. As a surgeon he is an alpha male and doesn't mind working with others but prefers to work by himself, he does things his ways and is pretty good at it, so far. Caiden lost a few lives on the table and even one on the street on his day off, when he was a resident, he doesn't forget those patients and those patients are what drives him to do better and to do everything humanly possible to save them even if they're flat lined on the table for over an hour...

C. Additional Information

Caiden has a thing for becoming perfect at something he isn't good at or loses in and one of those things is learning foreign languages. Caiden is fluent in Chinese and Russian and somewhat good at Spanish although not very good at speaking it. Caiden tends not to let to much information on about himself especially when he talks to people that speak a foreign language, one that he understands and is good at, he's done it before and he likes to surprise people. People tend to look at him one way since he is from Beverly Hills and he is from a rich family and that he is a big white guy, but he is a genius maybe geeky but he tends not to act it, outside of work anyways...

Caiden found out about the SGC after being approached by a Doctor in the SGC that noticed how well he deals with trauma and how exemplary his work and statistics are. Caiden only lost 3 patients after finishing his residency and fellowship but those 3 patients had no chance to begin with. Caiden treats every patient like family and as such he never gives up on his patients no matter the condition or severity of the wounds.

Ancient gene: Yes unknown on strength

RP Sample (in character):

Caiden is sleeping which is rare especially for him, but he is on call and its a slow night and all of his paperwork and charts are all up to date and filled out and he knows the nurses will page him if they must.

Of course Caiden is sleeping for 10 minutes when his pager goes off and he sits right up and runs to the infirmary, he is a Surgeon although not all of his patients require surgery, sometimes he is just the only MD on call. "What'd ya got, Amy?" Caiden asked the nurse who hands him the chart for a patient who just had surgery by Caiden a day prior. Caiden washes his hands and gloves up and walks over to examine the patient.

"Mike, what's happening?" Caiden asked the stubborn Marine, Marines, always acting stubborn and tough and covering up their true health especially to the Doctors. "My stomach just started hurting, the morphine isn't working, the pain is just too much." Mike replied. Caiden takes a look and the incisions look clean and fine, no infection or redness that is visible anyways. The surgery was clean and a success and only a laparoscopic surgery. However cases of appendicitis are always unpredictable and sometimes even fatal.

For such a small little thing it can cause a lot of damage although what it actually does is still unknown but considering the fact that many people have it removed its obvious it doesn't negatively affect anyone. "Alright Marine, we'll get you to CT and see if we can find something wrong, although the pain after surgery does hurt more than we tend to let on, I know first hand, I had a perforated appendix as well with no pain meds and it did hurt, badly." Caiden says while then turning away and looking at Amy the nurse. "Amy, would you please get Mike to CT for his abdomen, please page me when the results are in, I'm gonna go get something to drink." Caiden says as he walks out of the infirmary and heads to the mess hall.

Caiden is a healthy eater although he does like his pizza and greasy food but that means a longer run to run off the extra calories. Its the middle of the night but underground at Cheyenne Mountain, you can't really tell the difference, its always busy. Caiden always keeps a power bar in his pocket, its a good little snack that'll fill you up for a few and get the stomach to stop growling. The mess hall is usually a little packed but its empty, not a soul in sight, Caiden gets a bottle of water and wakes up, which means he can't go back to sleep after the CT results come back clear, the surgery went off without a hitch and sure it was perforated but it was recent and easy to repair and that Marine would be able to get right back to work. The problem was that the Marine probably didn't want any pain killers, but Caiden thinks they're just fine, Marines just tend to act tough and strong on the external while suffering from the pain on the inside.

Not long after the visit, the Nurse paged Caiden who went to go take a look at the results. The scan was good, as was expected. Caiden walks over to the nearly empty infirmary and walks over to Mike, a young big white guy who is pretty buff, maybe too buff... "Mike you're all good on the inside, although the pain is well painful, the morphine can help, or a number of other pain killers at our disposal. Otherwise in 2 days you'll be back to normal, except being on light duty for the next week to be safe." Caiden says as the Marine nods and lays back trying to get comfortable on the little bed. "Thanks, Doc. I can do without pain meds, I can handle it, just wasn't expecting it too hurt as much." Mike replied. Caiden nods and smiles. "No one would think any less of you for taking pain medication, but I understand, Marine." Caiden says before walking over to Amy a short little brunette nurse.

"I'm out of here, Amy. Page me if anything else comes in, I won't be getting any sleep tonight..." Caiden said while exiting the infirmary and walking to his room to watch a Netflix movie or just watching dumb videos on YouTube.

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