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Needle in a Haystack (part 2)
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Author:  Fia Serigliano [ Fri Feb 19, 2016 4:10 am ]
Post subject:  Needle in a Haystack (part 2)

(I copied your arrivals here, just because it made sense. :D )

Taft came through the other side and scanned the surroundings with the barrel of his weapon, all while moving forward. He had a DHD to secure, though he swung wide to the left to check the platform before hitting the sand by jumping off the platform instead of re-centering to the stairs. He'd seen nothing on the horizon so he dropped to one knee by the DHD and covered the corner of the platform on the side he hadn't had the time to check. Just in time for the Staff Sgt to appear, he checked the sweep and then Taft gave a hand sign toward the right side of the platform. The Staff Sgt swept right to check the corner. No yelling or shooting started so Taft performed a knee to knee turn to cover the horizon again as the Staff Sgt leveled his weapon.

Fia strode through the event horizon like she had done so hundreds of times. In fact she was still very new to interplanetary travel by wormhole, but she wasn't going to let her team know that. Though one already did. She caught the tail end of Taft's gesture. So while Breher headed right, Fia went left. The clearing was quite large and open, the ground slopping away to the north to reveal an impressive view of the target foothills. Thankfully they seemed at be alone, since the tree line far enough away that sprinting for it would have been a death sentence.

Last through the gate as always, Joey shuddered slightly as she emerged behind Taft and Dreher. Only her seventh trip or so through an active wormhole and she still wasn’t quite used to that cold rush of a few seconds, though she had become much more profcient in recovering and setting to work. Her P90 was leveled and ready as she stepped through, swiveling with her torso to check her own corner as the team swept over the area surrounding the stargate and DHD. Nothing shooting at them, much as she expected, nor were there any immediate signs that someone had been cavorting around the area recently.

Finally satisfied that all was clear, Fia gestured the unit to form up. OK team, we've got about an hour or so hike ahead of us. Lets get going. Davidson, let me know as soon as you pick up anything. She headed off towards the treeline, expecting the others to be well trained enough to not need marching order outlined for them. If they weren't Taft would correct them. As she walked, Fia scanned the ground in front of her. The ground was covered with tufts of grass on hard dirt. It wasn't an easy surface to read, but she wasn't liking what she could read. There had been activity here, though it didn't look recent. Are you seeing this Sergeant Major?

Author:  David Taft [ Sat Feb 20, 2016 4:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Needle in a Haystack (part 2)

Taft was walking out to the side of the other three, with the other Sergeant bringing up the rear which put the tech in between the two Air Force members. That made Taft the outrider, or close range over watch, however one wanted to put it. But it wasn't hard to see what the Major was asking about. "Somebody humped through the gate a couple of days ago, at least a dozen but probably more. There's a lot of overlap here." He dropped down and traced one out. The result was deep, long, and wide compared to human average. "Big fella," Taft said to himself. He looked at the other prints to compare and stood again, putting a little pep in his step to catch back up to his former position. "Heavy, carrying something or wearing archaic armor. Maybe both, depending on what conditions were like here three or four days ago."

Author:  Josephine Davidson [ Wed Feb 24, 2016 6:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Needle in a Haystack (part 2)

...well, so much for nobody else being on this planet. Good thing she hadn't bet anything on it. Joey didn't really recognize the signs of previous activity very well - tracking wasn't her specialty by any means - but Taft was able to make a quick tactical assessment based on local clues. His report didn't fill her with much confidence that this was going to remain simple. All that confidence that this was just a joyride was starting to go flying out the window.

Though her eyes were still on the tracker as they pushed ahead, her head cocked back in Taft's direction as he gave his best guess at what had been trudging around here in the past few days. "Think it might be Jaffa? Big, large groups, and archaic body armor all sounds about right for them." Alright, so archaic might not be too accurate, but given the choice between that old-looking design and a kevlar vest, she would choose the latter every time.

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