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Player name:Josh
Age: 27
I found you from the netherworld: The deep web: Stargate RPG


Section 1: Personal Details

Bodies Age:49
Symbiotes Age:609
P.O.B.:Menos Sophia
Nationality (if human)/Species (if alien):Tok'ra

Build:older groomed gentleman
Skin Tone:tan
Hair:whitish grey
Eyes: grey/blue
Distinguishing Features:wrinkled face

Playby: Anthony Hopkins

Family: Tok'ra, no blood relatives
Marital Status: single

Section 2: Employment

C. Fill in this section ONLY if your character is a non-Tau'ri character:

Title: Science Specialist
Job/function: Develop new crystal technology, advance technology through constant abuse of the known universe.
Specialist skills:

-Was one of the founding scientist towards the Tok'ra crystal growth technology and adaptations for general Goa'uld power cores and control crystals.
-Getting lost
-Fascination with Stargate technology and dial devices
-Weapons training and overall creation towards Goa'uld weaponary
-Studies history and observations of other races be they extinct or still exhisting

Section 3: General Information

A. Personal History

His host was an assistant to his previous life, it was after all a benefit to have an assistant to learn as they grew up next to a Tok'ra scientist, and that was due to the brilliance a smart human could bring to the table. It was with the time of his previous host near the end that the assistant volunteered to be the new host.

From passed down knowledge to the time spent in secret, Sir’is has taken the time to study and grow in science and technology; for technology would help secure the Tok’ra future. Following anything from the Gou’ald known databases gathered by the Tok’ra searching planets that might have anything that might help advance his understanding of his intellectual curiosity. For being over 600 years he helped developed the crystal growing technology the Tok’ra use and helped refined the process to make it more of a viable means. However for the longest time he was stuck with growing the crystals for proper testing and development.

For the first 400 years, Sir’is spent travelling from planet to planet searching for viable tech and supplies to support the growth for the Tok’ra. It shortly after he spent most of his time in a lab experimenting and refining the process the Tok’ra used to expand as they have. It was roughly after 80 years in practice he made a discovery that literally shook the foundation of the Tok’ra with crystal tech which caused an explosion destroying a third of the Tok’ra underground tunnels. This new crystal explosive allowed for easier assassinations and accidents to happen for the enemies of the Tok’ra.

Surprising that around this time Sir’is also received his own Tel’tak laboratory. Coincidence for the previous issues made it more desirable to have him research alone and meet up with the Tok’ra for supplies and updates on his technological progress. He had studied and worked on many projects becoming a bit of a foremost specialist on crystal technology.

The main reason for crystal technology and the importance is due to many reasons ranging from power, shields, weapons, controls, buildings, and overall all highly desirable new technology maintaining an edge over any enemy or benefits to themselves and their allies. It was recently that the Tok’ra were able to gain access from the Tau’ri. Asgard beaming schematics, it was with hopeful understanding they could have an emergency backup transportation system. The Tok’ra were very reliant upon ring platforms due to history and reliability.

After a more recent check in with the Tok’ra, Sir’is was able to receive an experimental beaming technology. It was to be used for his lab work and experimentation, it also came with a theoretical program to assemble materials that was devised on his lab database. The only drawback it required naquadah to be beamed into the buffer then on the conversion process that amount converted will be built into the desired object or material. It was to give Sir’is longer check-in dates to keep secrecy in greater depths.
It was for the next ten years of study by trial and error that Sir’is was assigned a new task to create better control crystals that would optimize ship functions and terminal databases to hold more information for less power consumption. Sir’is then came to the conclusion to visit the Tau’ri, for they had many out of the box sort of answers to many possibilities.

B. General Personality

Normal most days, obsessed on the others constantly aiming to improve life for himself and in turn for others. A softy is the best term, yet pranks can get a little out of hand. The best days for his personality is the quiet days. He is often known as a smart ass, due to his long time knowing his intelligence is great but his social skills need improvement. If he ever finds a person who he feels he can truly talk with about science, it would seem like he is entirely a different person. Can’t be helped with two minds in one body, even if they both agree it only makes the situation more interesting.

To make it easier

Courteous: Never
Risk-Taking: Generally
Ambitious: Occasionally
Curious: Occasionally
Self-Controlled: Occasionally
Nurturing: Occasionally
Trusting: Usually
Honest: Sometimes
Loyal: Rarely
Affectionate: Typically
Romantic: Generally
Flirty: Generally
Sympathetic: Often
Altruistic: Sometimes
Optimistic: Sometimes
Observant: Sometimes
Logical: Often
Social: Somewhat
Emotions: Very stable

i. Character Strengths:
-Age (Wisdom)
-Knowledge & Creativity
-Stealth training & lock picking tactics
- Lip reading

ii. Character Weaknesses:
-Loves a good adventure (Will possibly cause an issue out of boredom)
-Gets caught up in his work to the point of sheer forgetfulness
-Hates being shocked
-Can't stand blood, will throw up
-If there is someone he is attracted to in the same room, smart mouth answers will happen.
- Your character is self-important, selfish, and controlling.

iii. Personal attitude and demeanour:

He is interested in the rainforest.

He has difficulty speaking to strangers.

He gets annoyed when things are out of place.

He believes in secret societies.

He is prone to spacing out.

C. Additional Information

Tel’tak is a homely space laboratory
- 3 Naquadah Generators (2 Primary, 1 Secondary)
- 500 lbs. of unrefined naquadah
- 2 short range sensors (1 regular, 1 scientific)
- 1 long range sensor
- Engineering Laboratory (Uses back the tel’tak space near the engine room)
- Prototype synthesizer (Tok’ra engineered Asgard Beaming tech)
- Only two escape pods (Removed other two for sleeping space)
- Testable crystal for ship use, may improve vessel function or cause issues

Wristband with a blue crystal on top (6 crystal replacements left)
- Serves several functions (Crystal fragile breaks after any use)
- Emergency teleportation (When not shielded from ship sensors)
- Small explosive (If held for a minute and placed onto the object or shield will make a small opening)
- Two shot zat effect (Swipe handle over crystal left to right)

Lockpick set in heel of shoes

Ancient gene:

Sir'is considers himself ancient, yet when they keep asking him if he has the ancient gene....his response, "Obviously, don't I look old to you"?

RP Sample (in character):

Waiting in space around the moon near planet known as Earth, Sir'is was aiming to scan the moon for the possibility there is more then meets the eye. After all he is on the side of the moon that is opposite then the Earth. An alarm goes off as he finished his scans. A Tau'ri vessel was on its way to investigate with shields up. Quickly having no choice but to activate the cloak for the ship he lowered down power to the Tel'tak to secondary systems making his energy signature in the cloak almost perfect. It was the moment the power from primary systems halted the ship lost power. The lights flickered in the vessel, Sir'is could only curse for the luck of not remembering that the key power distribution node was a primary system that he shut down, and with that loosing his cloak and engines.

Thinking how great it was trying to open the hatch to the supply room to access the primary node manually was only making the day better, the power reserves for the sensors indicated the vessel was only 4 minutes away. Just as he was aiming to manually override the doors to the next area, he pulled the wrong lever and the main space doors opened a bit letting out most of the oxygen in the forward bridge. Acting quickly he went into one of the escape pods, once inside he was hitting his head on the back of the cushioned pod thinking how much of an idiot he is for not remaining calm. It was that moment he saw a flash of light, and was on the Earth vessel in the what looked like to be the interrogation room.

This is where Sir'is stories begins.


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I'm about to leave for work, so we'll have a look at this once I get home. :)

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