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09:17, 1st October 2014

One of the comforting things about the SGC was the constant hum. Not necessarily a constant hum of activity, but the constant hum of the electrics and systems that powered the base. You couldn't go anywhere within Cheyenne Mountain without being aware of the slight thrumming noise that meant that everything was hunky-dory.

In fact, it would have been something to worry about if you found somewhere that was silent.

It was almost four hours since the Tollan code had been received through the wormhole, and the base had been stood down from high alert. No matter how many sweeps and tests had been run, nothing had shown up, and everything was operating at optimum level.

Hammond was in his office, and the first two offworld teams for the day had been dispatched, and all was well in the world.

The first indication that anything might be amiss was the vague flickering of a few lights on the surface level, near the main entrance. The guards looked on in slight surprise, but the lights stabilised after a few seconds, leaving the corridor bathed in its normal artificial yellow glow, although one of the soldiers would swear that it looked slightly more... silvery than normal.

Moments later, the lights in the science labs flickered on and off, just the once, before returning with the same slight silvery hue that the soldiers at the surface would attest to. One of the confused scientists reported the anomaly, only to be told that everything was within normal parameters, and to simply continue to monitor the situation.

Over the next few minutes, lights flickered on and off for a few seconds all over the base, but, to all intents and purposes, all of the levels on the monitors were exactly as they should be. Despite the odd occurrences, no alarms were raised, and life in Cheyenne Mountain continued as normal...

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