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Darkest Before Daw. TAG CLAIRE
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Author:  Caleb Williams [ Mon Oct 02, 2017 2:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Darkest Before Daw. TAG CLAIRE

The shower in the end had been just as fun as he had hoped, okay so they might be heading out a little later than he had planned, but the breakfast had been eaten – and it was a really good breakfast, he hadn't realised just how hungry he was – and they were just finishing up getting ready. He kept smiling at her with that knowing look, he didn't want to ever stop looking at her like that, even if it did lead them to distraction at certain points.

He pulled a clean t-shirt over his own head, damp hair kind of sticking up in every direction as he did so, it'd go back to normal soon. Before he went over gave her the loudest kiss on the side of her face before laughing as he turned back to his suit case and pulled out an envelope that he had kept hidden from her since New Zealand. It had been hard trying to figure out what he'd wanted to do to celebrate them being together for such a long time, and with it being on Valentines day as well he wanted to make it extra romantic.

Caleb was such a sucker when it came to things like that, he could remember the conversation with Rawiri in his head quite clearly, he had probably turned red the whole way through it and was sort of turning a bit red now. He loved being able to show Claire how much he loved her, what he would do for her and well he had never had words to describe that to her, so he liked to show her instead.

If that meant lazy mornings off where they didn't get out of bed for hours, or days where they'd just be out and about talking nothing to each other. So long as he got to spend time with her, so he held the envelope out to her, slightly concerned that she wasn't going to like this, but Rawiri had told him she would.

“Do you remember our second date, that picnic that we had?” he asked, still holding out the envelope. “I hope you like this sweetheart, we can always do something else if you want.”

He knew as soon as she read what that voucher was for, she'd dress appropriately, he didn't' want to just come right out and say that he had booked for them to go horse riding up the Island peaks, and then to have a picnic up there when they arrived. He knew they both liked doing out door types of things, plus seeing a new place, hell they wouldn't be with the Stargate programme if they didn't like at least exploring new places.

Author:  Claire Te Atua [ Mon Oct 02, 2017 7:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Darkest Before Daw. TAG CLAIRE

Claire didn't miss the way that Caleb was looking at her, and she returned the look with her typical flirty smile, a smile that was reserved only for the man she loved. She did wonder what he was up to, though. Leaving the planning to him - so far - had seen very little go right in terms of dates. Their second date had been delayed, then cut short by their need for one another, and their first anniversary had been a non starter. However, this time, with no work to get in the way, Claire hoped that things would go smoothly for once.

Tugging on the belt of the dressing gown to tease Caleb a little more, she laughed as he leaned in and gave her a noisy kiss on the cheek. He was a cheeky bugger sometimes, and she shot him a perplexed look as he passed her an envelope he had retrieved from his suitcase. The blush staining his cheeks was adorable, and Claire twitched her eyebrows up.

"What's this," she laughed, turning it over in her hands. She nodded as he reminded her of the picnic he had planned for their second date, the one that never actually happened, the pair of them hotfooting it back to her apartment instead. Her interest piqued, she opened the envelope to find a voucher for a horse riding tour up into the hills, followed by a picnic.

Claire squealed with delight, jumping up and throwing her arms around Caleb's neck, kissing the life out of him. "Thank you, it's perfect," she breathed, as she came up for air. "How the hell did you know?" She hadn't been riding since she was a teen, and missed it, so for Caleb to choose something that she had loved for her entire childhood spoke volumes. She narrowed her eyes, and gave him a suspicious smile. "You've been talking to dad, haven't you?" Still even while teasing, she was raiding her case, and slipped into a pair of faded, battered jeans, long sleeved tee, and low heeled boots. "I think this will don, don't you?"

Author:  Caleb Williams [ Wed Oct 04, 2017 9:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Darkest Before Daw. TAG CLAIRE

Caleb was nervous as he handed the envelope over, damn it if he didn't want to just bury himself in the tease that was his wife right then. But he had made plans and he was going to stubbornly follow them through.

Nothing had ever gone right for them in the planning department, except maybe when they had gone to New Orleans and even then it had rained on there first night out, but that had been a joint effort in the planning. Maybe it was that military precision of his, that made him want to plan something really nice for Claire and have it actually work. Or maybe he was just a romantic idiot nowadays.

Either way when he'd spoken to Rawiri about the disastrous anniversary he'd planned – leaving out a few pertinent details – he'd first been laughed at, loudly, and he hadn't minded not really. Once Rawiri had calmed down something he had agreed to help Caleb, how her father managed to keep a straight face whenever he was around his daughter after that he would never know – he did know he'd never want to play poker with the bloke – and that they would figure something out.

The reaction he got from Claire as she read the voucher was a lot more excited than he'd anticipated, he managed to catch her though as she threw her arms around his neck. Knowing he had picked right though, with help, filled his own heart with the same kind of excitement. He returned the kiss full heartedly, arms ground around her middle to keep her from knocking him over, not that she would of course, he was a pretty solid mass to move at times.

“Don't look at me like that,” he said just as playfully, “You're dad had a good laugh at our failed attempt I'd made on Atlantis. We came up with this, he said you hadn't done this in such a long time.”

As he'd spoken Claire had managed to get herself dressed in record time, he was impressed because he didn't think even he himself could get dressed that quickly and he had to be ready at any time. He eyed her up and down, noting the jeans, boots and top, approving of the attire.

“That'll do nicely, cowgirl, all that's missing is a hat, think we can find you one on our travels,” he said, smiling brightly at her. “Come on, lets not keep them horses waiting, they might get to the picnic before us.”

He opened the door for her, gesturing for Claire to go through first, it wasn't often he got to be a gentleman with her like that. As he made his own way through the door, checking making sure it was locked behind them, he wasn't sure what he was more excited for, the actual horse riding part of it (something he himself hadn't actually done before) or her reaction to the whole day he had planned out. There was going to be a few surprises along the way he was sure.

Author:  Claire Te Atua [ Wed Oct 04, 2017 1:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Darkest Before Daw. TAG CLAIRE

Claire was so proud of Caleb. When they had been just friends, she would never have thought him capable of something like this. In between all his bed hopping, he was just a blokey bloke: out of the guys, drinking, messing about, and seemingly never planned anything a day in his life. He floated through life, letting things take him where they would, and that included his clumsy request for Claire to kiss him. It was something that they had both fallen into, and she was grateful they had.

She laughed as Caleb explained how he and her dad had come up with this plan, and she kissed him softly again. "You know dad loves you, right," she remarked. "You're the son he never had. He doesn't get on with my sisters' husbands as well as he does with you." Whether it was the navy connection, or just because Rawiri could see how happy Caleb made his eldest daughter, she didn't know, but she was just glad that her husband and her father got along as well as they did.

"I didn't know you could ride, though," Claire said. Caleb was a dark horse indeed, it seems. Had she known he could ride, she'd have suggested it long before now. There were many friendly planets in the Pegasus Galaxy where they could have taken a pair of horses out for a ride.

"Cowgirl??" Claire laughed wholeheartedly, and shook her head. "Don't even go there! You realise we'll probably be wearing oh-so-sexy helmets? Although I think I prefer those to a bloody cowboy hat!" Personally, she thought they would both look ridiculous in cowboy hats, but, when they got back to America, she might just have to buy one for Caleb, just to tease him.

Claire headed out through the door as Caleb held it open for her, grabbing his hand, before looping her arm through his. "So... point the way, Caleb, I am in your hands today!"

Author:  Caleb Williams [ Thu Oct 05, 2017 9:40 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Darkest Before Daw. TAG CLAIRE

He couldn't help the small almost embarrassed smile that came to his face when she told him that her dad loved him. He had never done the whole 'meeting parents' things, had never had cause to meet anyone's parents, he definitely had never been anyone that any of the women he slept with could take him. He had always been the one they'd sated a particular itch with, and although he made sure that no one got hurt etc, he hadn't done the parents side of things.

So when he had met her family, her very large extended family, he was sure he had run on autopilot throughout the whole thing. He had been truly scared of meeting them, especially her dad, he was never a person that dads got along with, so when he'd stepped off that plane and Rawiri had all but pulled him into a hug. It had been surreal, but it had done the trick, he had fallen into easy conversation with him after that, and it had only gotten easier as the years had ticked on.

Now, now when he spoke to Rawiri he normally got told off by Claire for causing trouble, not that they ever caused trouble of course, okay there might have been a few moonshine recipes exchanged. But they were Navy there was gonna be moonshine recipes exchanged.

“That's just because am so easy to like,” he answered flippantly, he wasn't quite ready to admit that he also he kind of loved her dad as well, especially considering he didn't quite have that same camaraderie with his own father.

Caleb just smiled sort of knowingly at Claire as she said about the riding, he had no clue how to ride, okay so he knew the basics of riding, knew how everything was meant to work and yes he might have done a bit more searching into horse riding to give Claire this gift. But actually riding a horse, yeah that had never happened, he had a feeling he was gonna end up landing on his arse a lot more than he thought by the end of the ride.

“Am a man of many talents, sweetheart,” he answered, winking at her.

Once they were in the hallway, door firmly closed behind them, he had Claire at his side, he started leading the way down the corridor. The sounds of hotel coming to life as the morning wore on a bit more prominent now, there were muffled voices as they passed doors as people argued, rushed around to get dressed no doubt.

“Am sure you'll look sexy in whatever you wear,” he replied, he had an idea that they weren't going to look sexy at all. He knew that they were going to have to wear the helmets for the horse riding, no matter how experienced either of them was, although he had to admit that getting hurt by something as simple as horse riding after he'd spent a year or so on Atlantis with aliens that could suck the life from you, well that would be some kind of irony he was sure.

He kissed her cheek once more as they headed through the hotel, whispering quietly to her, “I thought you were always in my hands,” just because he wasn't spending the day in bed with her, didn't mean he couldn't tease her.

Author:  Claire Te Atua [ Thu Oct 05, 2017 5:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Darkest Before Daw. TAG CLAIRE

Claire laughed as Caleb brushed off her father loving him. It was true, though. He had never really liked her ex, Tama, had said there was something he didn't trust, and, as such, had never made him feel particularly welcome. Caleb, though... well, it had the polar opposite. Rawiri had taken to him immediately, welcoming him as the son he had never had. The fact that the pair of them had clearly been plotting together to plan this day made her heart swell. She needed to thank her dad when she next spoke to him.

She grinned knowingly as he mentioned he was a man of many talents. "Don't I know it," she replied, her voice deep and husky, maybe just a little teasing. Sure, she would have been happy to spend the day in bed, revelling in a hedonistic haze, but Caleb had taken the time to plan something special, and for that, she loved him just a little bit more.

Allowing herself to be led from the hotel, Claire tucked herself into Caleb's side, enjoying being able to be thise close in public. "Nobody looks good in those helmets, not even you," she grinned. "Better safe than sorry, though." It had been a long time since she had ridden, and, if this was anything more than a sedate trek up into the hills, she could well end up on her arse and needing that bloody helmet. She wondered how long it had been since Caleb had ridden, too. If he was as out of practice as she was, this could get interesting. "You know I've not ridden in... bloody hell, probably ten years or more? Are you prepared to kiss me better when I fall off and bruise my... ego?"

She blushed slightly at Caleb's blatant flirt, giving his waist a squeeze as she slipped her arm around him. "I am, aren't I," she agreed. "You realise you have me wrapped around your little finger?" She trusted him utterly, and anything he wanted, she was willing to try to give him.

Author:  Caleb Williams [ Mon Oct 09, 2017 12:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Darkest Before Daw. TAG CLAIRE

Caleb shivered as she dropped her voice to that husky tone, damn the woman knew exactly what to say to make him rethink his plans. He would give anything to spend the next day or two just being with Claire, getting themselves as reacquainted as possible without any interruptions – there had been more interruptions on Atlantis than the little half the time – but he refrained from just slinging her over his shoulder and storming back to their rooms.

He had plans damn it and despite everything in him wanting to throw them out of the window, he wasn't about to do that, he had plans he was going to follow through. People wouldn't be able to accuse him of not following through.

Walking through the hotel and out into the warm Italian morning, he couldn't help smiling into the sunshine slightly. It wasn't all that often that they got to be just themselves, just the two of them open as any normal couple was, no one offering up a whispered piece of gossip as they passed. No one knew them here and it was kind of nice to think that no one was going to stop them to ask them to patch someone up – in Claire's case – or ask him to fix something because someone had broken it....again. It was also kind of nice to know they didn't have to save the world so to speak in that moment, they could just be a couple and part of him wished they could have that all the time, but another part was kind of glad they worked where they worked.

“I promise to make sure that you don't fall off, and if you do, I promise I'll make it up to you, anyway you want,” he answered smiling sweetly at her.

He felt silly even as he said it, but that was the joy of being on a vacation he could be as silly with Claire as he wanted and there would be no one around to comment on it. Although he was damn sure that there would be comments when they got back to the SGC, after all they might be discreet whilst on base it was damn obvious when they both took a holiday at the same time. The people on base weren't exactly stupid at the end of the day and they often put two and two together.

When she mentioned that she was completely wrapped around his little finger he heard the unspoken words she hadn't said. That she trusted him, completely, and he trusted her completely as well, there wasn't another person he would trust his life with as much as he had done with Claire. She knew things about him that no one else at the SGC did, knew when to tell him off – like the previous night – and when to let him talk to her on his own terms.

It was kind of a heady feeling to have, to know that he trust someone so completely as that, he gave her side a small squeeze. He hadn't every thought he would open up as he had done to Claire, had always made a point of hiding behind the persona that people talked about, the bed hopping Navy, Brit Bloke that wanted to charm his way through the SGC. Sure that reputation still remained, he still heard the comments, and there were moments, small as they were now that he wanted to hide back behind that wall, to become that person once more.

Because despite everything it was easier to be that Caleb, than to be this open honest man that had somehow managed to win Claire over, to find himself falling in love after he had sworn to himself he never actually would ever again. It was part of the reason why he hadn't told her about the insomnia sooner because part of him had actually been afraid that, that would tip them over the edge so to speak, because he was not sleeping for such a stupid reason.

“I think you'll find that's the other way around,” he said quietly, “There isn't anything I wouldn't do for you.”

Maybe it was a sappy thing to say, maybe it wasn't the right thing to say, but he had made a promise to Claire several years ago when they had first started this journey together that he would be honest with her at all times. He was being as open as he felt comfortable being whilst they were out in the open in public, because at the end of the day he didn't want people to see how vulnerable he could actually be.

It was part of the reason why he had planned a horse riding trip with Claire, because it was something they could share together, talk as they did that – which after the sleepless nights, he knew was probably needed between them – and just be an actual couple without people watching, staring or making any kind of comments.

He was thankful it was a nice enough morning though, as it meant they could walk to where the guide was waiting for them, they would have a map to follow – he hoped his map reading skills were still up to scratch – and there would be a picnic waiting for them at the top of the trek. He was quite looking forward to it.

Author:  Claire Te Atua [ Tue Oct 10, 2017 9:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Darkest Before Daw. TAG CLAIRE

Claire didn't miss the wicked glint in Caleb's eye as she teased him a little, but chose to ignore it. She wasn't about to throw a spanner in the works of his big day, after he had clearly gone to a lot of trouble to get things organised. She would never get her head around how thoughtful Caleb could be at times, it went completely against the carefree, impulsive face that he showed to everyone else. She loved that she saw that side to him, and treasured it.

The morning wasn't exactly warm, but it was certainly closer to the warmth of spring than the chill of winter. Maybe they ought to retire to the Mediterranean somewhere when they'd had enough of trotting around the universe. If they ever had enough.

She laughed as Caleb promised to make sure she wouldn't fall off the horse. "And what do you need me to do if you fall off," she grinned, tucking herself into his side a little closer as they walked through the streets. It had been wonderful for the last few weeks to be able to just be together, no commitments aside from to one another, no constraints on where they went or what they did. After the frantic pace of life on Atlantis, it had been liberating, and she had been able to relax fully for the first time in over a year. It was amazing what not having to worry about the Wraith would do.

Claire's cheeks flushed as she told Caleb that he had her wrapped around his little finger. It was a big admission for her. Since Tama had broken her heart, she had always held a little bit of herself back, made sure that she had protected her battered heart. However, Caleb had wriggled his way past that little barrier, and she was almost scared to admit that she was his, body, heart and soul.

It was out there now, though, and Claire shrugged a little, her small smile turning to a grin as Caleb admitted her would do anything for her. He truly was her other half: they completed one another in unexpected and beautiful ways, and she didn't think she could be without him now. Either way, she didn't want to be without him again. "Well, I think we're even, then," she said, brushing her hand back through her hair, even as the faint ocean breeze caught it.

"So... where are we going, then," she asked. Not that she wasn't enjoying just walking in the sunshine, but it would be good to know where they were headed. "We walk much further, and we're not going to bloody need any horses!"

Author:  Caleb Williams [ Wed Oct 11, 2017 10:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Darkest Before Daw. TAG CLAIRE

The walk from the hotel through the warming streets was nice, it wasn't overly busy with tourists just yet, although the whole place was fairly unknown to most tourist groups, it was one of the reason why they had both decided to choose this destination.

There wouldn't' be too many people around, they could act as couple like as they wanted, without ending up in someone's photo somewhere along the way. Despite all his charm, Caleb did have moments where he preferred just spending time with Claire on their own, no one else around, just the two of them. They had actually be lucky on Atlantis to get their own quarters, it had actually been an advantage to them and they had grown closer.

Caleb laughed as Claire asked what she needed to do if he fell off the horse, which was probably more likely to happen than Claire was.

“So long as you don't bring out the sharp pointy objects, you could always kiss it better, that's what nurses do right?” he said, winking at her.

It was a shout back to the time in the gym, when he had told her she should kiss it better when he'd landed on his back from there 'sparring match', he was also sure there had been a nurse joke thrown in there as well. He knew full well she was a doctor, a damn good one as well but, well if he didn't tease her at least a little about being a nurse and making him feel better than well he wouldn't be himself.

“If I told you where we were going, it wouldn't be a surprise would it now,” he said, smiling cheekily at her, not that there could be much more surprise to what he'd already given her. She already knew what the activity was for that day, not only that but they wouldn't have to walk much further, the island wasn't that big.

Sure enough not a few minutes later, they seemed to leave the buildings and pavement behind and came out at the bottom of a mountain, the sun casting large shadows across its surface with the early morning. There also stood two, ready and waiting chestnut brown horses, they definitely looked a lot bigger to him, as he approached them.

He smiled at Claire brightly, “I think your transport awaits, sweetheart.”

Author:  Claire Te Atua [ Wed Oct 11, 2017 11:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Darkest Before Daw. TAG CLAIRE

Claire was more than happy to let Caleb take the lead today. In so many areas of their life, they were equals, or she was the one in control. It was part and parcel of who they were in their work lives, and the way they had to behave on Atlantis. Sometimes, though, she was happy to just sit back and let Caleb take the reins - literally today, it seemed - and go along with whatever made him happy, whatever he had in mind. She trusted him utterly, and it was a testament to how strong their relationship was that they were both able - and happy - to allow one another to take control when needed. There was never a power struggle between them.

She laughed at Caleb. "Last time you asked me to kiss something better, look what happened," she teased, giving his waist a squeeze again. "But if you're going to keep calling me a bloody nurse, I might just have to oblige..." She let her statement hang, her voice teasing and full of promise. He could make of that what he wanted.

Claire stuck her tongue out at Caleb, blowing him a raspberry. "Spoilsport," she chuckled, letting her head drop against his arm for a moment. She didn't mind, though. She liked surprises, especially of the Caleb variety. Their entire relationship had been one big surprise, after all, and it was just the way she liked it to be. There was always something that Caleb seemed to be able to surprise her with, and it kept things fresh. She hoped that it would always be like that.

It wasn't long before it wasn't a surprise, though. At the base of a steep hill stood two gleaming chestnut horses, and Claire returned Caleb's smile. "They're gorgeous," she said, finally letting go of Caleb's waist, heading over to the horses, and firmly stroking the white blaze down the nose of one of them, before scratching behind the ear of the other. She smiled at someone she had to assume was their guide, stood off to one side.

One of the horses was probably a good hand smaller than the other, and she shot Caleb a wicked grin. "So you get the little one, right," she teased, already checking over the saddle and stirrup leathers on the smaller one. "That's how it goes, isn't it?"

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