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Section 1: Personal Details

Name: Alexander Badillion Trahourn
Age: 33
D.O.B.: Nov 26, 1983
P.O.B.: Plymouth, England, United Kingdoms
Nationality: American
Gender: Male

Height: 6'9"
Build: Powerful
Skin Tone: Tan
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Distinguishing Features: He's built like a brick outhouse, has extensive tattoos on his arms, and can eat more than you.

Playby: Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson

Family: Beau and Joan Trahourn
Marital Status: Single

Section 2: Employment


Title: Medical Doctor (animals) & PhD
Specialist Area: Large Animal Medicine & Evolutionary Biology
Degree Speciality: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (BSS), Bachelor's of Zoology, Graduate Degree in Animal Sciences, PhD of Zoology

Additional Information: NC State (both BS degrees), Massey University (Graduate Degree), Hiroshima University (PhD of Zoology). His Masters Thesis was on the effect of habitat isolation on fragmented animal populations (particularly islands), while his Doctoral thesis was on the effects of hostile environments on evolutionary adaptations (using the salt filtering adaptation of the wild horses on the coastal islands of North and South Carolina as the core subject of research, the similarly small population of domesticated horses on the islands of Japan as a comparison).

Section 3: General Information

A. Personal History
Beau worked with horses all his life. And the thing about the horse business is: the moment you start making money at it you start traveling. First from his native Mississippi to Kentucky, where the Derby put him in touch with bigger and better farms. From there he saw all the other tracks, big and small, until he found himself in England. From there it was the rest of the world, except he was no longer alone. Because he met an assistant barn manager who captured his heart even as she was falling in love with his whirlwind adventure of a life. She came with him when his next move hit and they were married in Spain, a few moves later and they were having a baby. Unfortunately, what Beau gained in a son he lost in a wife. Complications from child birth shattered the man's urge to find the next horizon and he moved back to his nation of origin with his infant son.

Alexander Badillion Trahourn was raised on a variety of farms across the US, where he acquired the nickname 'Mississippi' from those he met due to his acquiring the habit of introducing himself by his full name just like his father (Beauregard Bedford Trahourn). He grew up strong, he grew up practical, and he grew up fascinated with animals. He asked questions that even farmers didn't know the answer to, for when they finished explaining when a breed of animal was created he wanted to know how. In exacting detail. Where, and why there? Then, one fateful day in his High School years, he and his father moved to North Carolina to help with an bi-weekly animal auction that was getting it start up and Beau allowed his already massive son to go with a girl he'd met to the North Carolina Zoological Park. Horses might have been his favorite but the rest animal kingdom gave them a run for their money then and there.

He'd always been good at science, though he preferred more practical matters, but from that day forth Mississippi threw himself wholeheartedly into his academics. He was overjoyed when he found that a nearby University (NC State) offered the programs he wanted, and would give him easy access to the Zoo that had changed his life. His grades got him a couple of grants but his father's high paying work and Spartan living meant the rest was covered. He applied himself with enthusiasm and found he had a talent for the work (or at least a good enough work ethic to master it anyway). His gentle nature, patience, and experience with large animals gave him the "stable-side manner" he needed to deal with all manner of creatures.

When his double major ended, however, his father's wanderlust took hold. So when he got work he started with a conservation effort in the Pacific that ultimately landed him in the interior of New Zealand cataloging native species and watching out for invasive ones. While there, the unique fauna of the island tickled his fancy and planted the seeds for his Masters research. Which in turn led to the inspiration for his PhD research, further feeding his wander lust by putting a far too big man on far too many planes traveling back and forth between the coast of the Carolinas and Japan where his PhD program was housed. All in all, 12 years well spent.

However, Mississippi was still that boy at heart. The boy who asked questions after questions were already answered. If a high salinity environment could change horses and iguanas, could it change humans? What about the adaptations of creatures living near lava tubes on the ocean floors? Theoretically, what would happen to men and beasts alike if they were entirely separated from their native environment, say by space travel and interplanetary colonization? He wrote a couple of papers in the space of a year, driven by his enthusiasm for unanswered questions and bemoaning a lack of opportunity to investigate those fantastical (though quickly approaching if NASA had anything to say about it) scenarios... until one day a pair of U.S. Air Force officers cornered him in Australia studying the development of dingos.

B. General Personality

i. Character Strengths: A rugged man, his patience as strong and enduring as his body. He prefers quiet environments but he won't panic in a stressful situation because that's not how you survive a stampede or finding yourself hunted by a large cat. He's steady, both because of the practical considerations of his size and that most animals don't care for sudden movements.

ii. Character Weaknesses: He can be very slow to offer his opinion on a situation especially if it has nothing to do with his field of experience. He's also prone to getting entirely too involved in his studies, research, and work to the exclusion of all other things as a side effect of his using tenacity to overcome shortages of brilliance. He can also be found talking aloud to animals, and providing a responding voice, when particularly distracted which has a way of making him seem silly.

iii. Personal attitude and demeanor: Mississippi is unerringly friendly, gentle, patient, and even apologetic to something of a fault. He often worries that people will think him aggressive, which can only be magnified by his size and foreboding appearance. He attempts to offset this with smiles, sitting while others stand, and generally allowing others the right of way whenever possible. As a Southern Gentleman he will hold doors, avoid cursing, and otherwise go out of his way not to be aggressive.

Until he has to be.

C. Additional Information

Ancient gene: Sure, why not.

RP Sample (in character):

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