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 Post subject: Sophie Edwards [Dr]
PostPosted: Tue Sep 23, 2014 9:20 pm 
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Player Details

Name: Cat
Age: 26
How did you find us? Word of mouth

Section 1: Personal Details
Name: Edwards, Sophie Eloise
Age: 32
D.O.B.: 7th January
P.O.B.: Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom
Nationality (if human)/Species (if alien): British
Gender: Female

Height: 5ft 8inches
Build: Average build with moderate toning [A UK size 12-14]
Skin Tone: Fair skinned
Hair: Dark Auburn. Worn loose it falls just below the shoulders with a light wave. Generally however it’s kept up in a ponytail.
Eyes: Green/Blue [Its a lighting thing] Glasses [Well loved, and held together with cotton on one side] are worn when reading/using a computer. When not in use they can often be found shoved atop her head.
Distinguishing Features: Small scar on right index finger [Glassware incident] Three small lacy patterned butterflies [Each about 1 inch across] on left hip.

Playby: Kate Walsh

Family: Mother, Elizabeth Hillings and father, David Hillings [Deceased] Younger sister (Nicola Lambert Nee’ Hillings) with two small children (Alex and Elliot) Luc Edwards, Husband [Deceased]
Marital Status: Widowed

Section 2: Employment

Title: Doctor.
Specialist Area: Pathological Biochemistry
Degree Speciality: BSc Biochemistry, Medical Biochemistry (Specialisation being in Post Mortem biochemical reactions) PhD

Additional Information: Prior to starting with the SGC, Sophie was a lead research assistant at the Otago School of Medical Sciences in New Zealand where she worked on a research project documenting and identifying neurological diseases and post mortem influences of synthesised organisms upon the brain stem.

Section 3: General Information

A. Personal History

From an early age Sophie was interested in science. Her grandfather a retired chemist would amuse her with bicarbonate of soda volcanos and jelly baby burners. Her parents keen to nurture her growing interest gifted to her on her tenth birthday a Britannia Encyclopaedia, leather bound 12 book set. Dog eared, battered but well-loved these books travelled to University and to every place Sophie has settled since.

Her sister, 10 years her junior was quite the opposite, athletic and spry, her talents extended to singing and dancing and the usual sibling inspired dramatic episodes. Despite a chalk and cheese relationship, the two girls put differences aside for the sake of civility, agreeing to share chores but never a room. After all posters of boy bands would always have battled with periodic tables and skeleo-muscular diagrams. The two girls, being so many years apart didn’t school together. School years were a mixed experience, whilst a determined academic, Sophie struggled with some of the more basic aspects of the national curriculum; P.E was a torturous experience, and history a meaningless list of dates and times of people long dead and events long since passed.

Shortly after Sophie turned 15 her grandfather fell ill from a series of strokes [later determined to be caused by a growth upon the brain stem] he recovered but the illness left him a shell of his previous self and Sophie, both fascinated and devastated found herself intrigued by the workings of the brain and the chemical reactions within.
Moving from GCSE's to A Levels, Sophie continued her studies at the local comprehensive, choosing to study Biology and Chemistry, and despite her grandfather’s death, weeks into her second year, she gained an A in chemistry but only a B in Biology. Working part time in a local shop to help support her tuition, Sophie then used her inheritance to help fund her placement at Reading University to study a Bachelors in Biochemistry.
Leaving the family home for the first time, Sophie found the new found independence to be both a blessing and a bane. The balance that all students struggle to find between work and play was just as prevalent in the first term as it was for others that had studied before and despite a natural talent, Sophie’s grades were less than stellar as she found her footing. Coming back from Christmas vacation, Sophie threw herself into her studies, distancing herself from the almost endless parties her Dorm seemed to insist upon throwing, and by the end of first year exams Sophie has created a reputation of being both talented albeit a little anti-social.

Come the end of her second year, Sophie’s natural talent and determination to learn had caught the eye of the head of chemistry, which helped to secure her a full time position as a Laboratory Assistant in a local food testing plant over the course of the Summer Vacation. This valuable lab experience was an eye opener for Sophie who found the continuous hustle and bustle to be refreshing, but the work itself tedious. Days of micro bacterial cultures and cottage cheese pH readings were tiresome and lacked the intricate fascination of neurons and electrical junctions.

By the time September has once again rolled round Sophie had already begun to plan her future, working diligently to collate and gather together a project, worked on in parts since the start of her grandfather’s illness. Researching the electrical pathways of the brain and the effects of stimuli upon the natural biochemical reactions within, the research, gathered and bound for her end of year Dissertation. Sophie completed her first stage of higher education with a 1:1 doctorate, celebrating with a glass of champagne toasted to her grandfather.
Encouraged by members of the faculty at Reading, Sophie accepted a place at Bristol University and made the journey to study toward a PhD in Medical Biochemistry, a field that allowed her to continue her commitment to studies of the brain. It was here that she met Luc and whilst the two were on different courses, they found a shared interest in their fields of study. As the first year progressed the budding friendship grew into something more and by the end of the year the two of them were working side by side at Bristol City Hospital Morgue, collecting vitals from the bodies bought in and delivering them to the pathology labs, where Sophie eventually found herself working after several failed applications. After eighteen months, Sophie and Luc moved in together, a small loft apartment, just affordable on the wages of two post graduates, diligently working to obtain the much sought after Doctorates.

Choosing to expand upon her dissertation, Sophie expanded her thesis, choosing to study closer the biochemical reactions occurring post mortem, identifying the processes and mapping the pathways of the dying brain, a thesis Luc lovingly referred to as the Zombie Doctorate. Just 2 years after moving to Bristol, Sophie’s almost routine life was shaken by news of her younger sister pregnancy, and with a heavy heart, Sophie found her time increasingly spent travelling back to Reading to support her parents and her sister where possible. With such family matters going on, Sophie’s dedication to her thesis took a back seat and for almost 6 months, her research slowed, prompting threats from the University to cease funding. Forced to choose between her degree and her family, Sophie returned to Bristol, a choice supported by her parents but taken as an insult by Nicola, who felt that Sophie was once again being given all the chances that she would now never get. It took a further 3 years of careful collation and eye straining nights at the computer, but the final thesis detailing "The post mortem reactions and biochemical pathways of the cerebrum across the species” was considered a work of diligence, and Sophie was awarded her doctorate, and with Luc at her side returned home to her family, with her new title of Dr Edwards.

After years of hard work, Sophie took a hard earned break, and together with Luc, a newly gifted doctor of Pathological Science they travelled, first to Bali, then to Indonesia, working a variety of jobs to support themselves and it was upon the sands of Nusa Penida, Bali just 5 years after meeting in a not so sunny courtyard, Luc and Sophie married, choosing to emigrate to Australia following better career prospects.
Settling into Sydney, Sophie found a job as a laboratory manager in a small pathological lab, whilst Luc started work as a coroner’s assistant. Just 11 months after starting their life together, tragedy struck. Whilst out on a pick-up, Luc’s work vehicle was struck by another driver, the resulting collision killing him instantly. Sophie’s world shattered upon receiving the phone call and heartbroken she applied for a leave of absence, travelling back to England to reconnect with her family. It was here that she stayed for 3 months, trying to rebuild a relationship with her sister and nephews. Urged by her mother not to let the loss of Luc freeze her life when it had just began, Sophie made the decision to return to Sydney and start again. It wasn’t as easy as her mother made it sound and struggling to remain close to so many things that reminded her of what she had lost; Sophie resigned, sold the flat and applied for a Research Post at Otago School of Medical Sciences in New Zealand.
Still hurting but presented with a fresh slate Sophie found that Otago was near perfect; the school had recently undertaken a project identifying and cataloguing the physiological and chemical differences in diseased and mutated brain stems. The work was varied and intellectually stimulating, taking almost twenty seven months alone to obtain enough samples to maps and record clear trends and patterns in the behaviours of the cerebrums post mortem. It was whilst studying the samples and documenting them that Sophie found an infrequent but inexplicable anomaly. Several of the cerebrums, both healthy and diseased shared a common trait. All showed brain stem activity hours after expected electrical discharge should have ceased, and many showed the neuron networks still retained a small biochemical charge which upon addition of a selection of synthesised inducers proved sufficient to allow, albeit nominal, activity, even days after this should have dissipated.
This neurological defect presented alongside a mutation in the junk DNA. The latter fact being discovered by a fellow research assistant who had been responsible for monitoring and mapping genetic abnormalities in victims of neurological oddities. Sophie sought permission to publish her findings, and late the following year she published a paper in the New Scientist documenting her findings. It was this paper which bought her to the attention of S.G.C, who realised she had stumbled upon a neurological feature of those gifted with the ancient gene.

Approached and offered a position as a lead researcher on a project to further explore this abnormality and the chance to explore the genetic ancestry of the abnormality, Sophie found her wanderlust sparked again. The chance for a change of scenery an enticing alternative to another 3 year fellowship study, and packing up once more, she swapped one side of the world for another.

B. General Personality

i. Character Strengths: Compassionate, loyal, and determined.

ii. Character Weaknesses: Her passion to succeed get things both done and right can often be mistaken for bull-headed stubbornness. She can have a temper, and whilst able to rein herself in, she can often be the bearer of a sharp tongue and sarcastic comment when aggrieved, which has left her in a hole once or twice.

iii. Personal attitude and demeanour: Off with the fairies wouldn’t be a bad way to put it sometimes. Often focused solely on the task at hand she can become oblivious to anything else, but the results are hard to argue with. Whilst able to put her mind to several projects at once Sophie would much rather have the option to pick them up and put them down as she needs to. Able to work under a relatively high pressure load, she can often take on more than she originally intended, almost disappearing entirely until enough of the workload is completed to warrant social inclusion again. Her personal organisation is unique, pencils often find themselves sourced as a way to keep her hair up, cups of coffee are never finished, and paper is almost always strewn around her personal space. Despite this she can lay her hand on anything she needs at a moment’s notice, and has a remarkable sense of time keeping.

Understandably she isn’t putting herself out there romantically. It’s been a little over three years since she was widowed and the idea of another relationship is still too painful a notion to consider.

C. Additional Information

Whilst not athletically keen at school, since university Sophie has taken an interest in rock climbing. This was something that became basis for some small excursions, originally with Luc and then solo, she has become a proficient lead climber and belayer.

Ancient gene: No

RP Sample (in character):

The text on the page was starting to merge, the lines of text pooled together to form a thick stodgy mass that was hard to understand. Blinking, once, and inwardly wincing at just how much her eyes were burning, Sophie pulled a hand from the page of the heavy textbook and pulled her glasses down and off her face. With the lenses pulled free, she was able to pinch the bridge of her nose rubbing the narrow arch between her index finger and thumb. Opening and closing her eyes slowly, willing moisture back into them, Sophie looked around, trying to focus on the clock across the room, the face swimming into motion as her long distance vision swam back into focus.

1.37… How was it 1.37?.

The mini massage of her maxillary forgotten Sophie realised that the only sound she could hear aside from her own breathing was the gentle percolation of the sequencer that shared a common wall between the laboratory and the small annex she treated like an office.
Pushing free of the padded chair she stood straight, stretching the stiffness that she could feel settled deep into her bones. Arms stretched above her head her tall stature was made just that little longer and Sophie was reminded of it as her fingertips brushed the plastic casing of the fluorescent scrip that transacted the room.
Shuffling from behind the desk, she pulled the glasses from atop the page and tucked them into the front pocket of her jacket as she moved forward into the plastic countered room that hummed with the life of a dozen or so different pieces of equipment. Crossing the expanse to the doorway, she punched in the four digit code to open the door and peered out around the frame.

Empty. Quiet. Desolate.

Stepping in to the hall she felt the small push of air as the door slid shut behind her locking automatically. Trailing long slender fingers smudged with ink along the wall, she traced the texture changes between the walls and doors as she walked the nearly familiar route from the labs back to her sleeping quarters.
“Working late again Ma’am” The soft spoken voice came from up ahead, and Sophie cast her eyes upwards from the floor to locate the source of it. Clad in fatigues the young woman stood seven foot or so up the hall, looking directly at her .Sophie smiled, recognising the soldier as a corporal who always seemed to be on late night guard duty, “Time sort of got away from me”. It wasn’t offered as an excuse; Sophie has been at the Colorado Base for nearly 3 weeks and was still adjusting to the time difference. It wasn’t even 8pm back in NZ, and even though she knew she ought to be tired, Sophie was having a little trouble getting used to sleeping much before 3am.

The corporal nodded in way of acknowledgement, and as Sophie passed her she caught sight of the name stitched on the breast pocket, helping her attach a name to the frequently seen face.
“Anyway, it’s all locked up down there – Have a good night Anderson” Offering another small smile she continued on her way, debating and dismissing the notion of saluting the young soldier. That was an etiquette she was still grasping, it was definitely a new experience working for the military.

"All the best things are found in jars; Peanut butter, jelly, a collection of pickled brain stems"

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PM sent! Moving to pending for now. :)

 Post subject: Re: Sophie Edwards [Dr]
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Please remember to fill in face claims and who's who, the post your plotter and/or reply to others. Welcome aboard!

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