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Section 1: Personal Details

Name: Liam Joseph Hart
Age: 42
D.O.B.: 02/11/1972
P.O.B.: Los Angeles, CA
Nationality (if human)/Species (if alien): American
Gender: Male

Height: 6' 2"
Build: Athletic
Skin Tone: Tanned
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Distinguishing Features: Eagle tattoo on his upper right shoulder

Playby: David Boreanaz

Family: Margaret Hart (Mother), Joseph Hart (Father), Joseph Hart Jr. (Brother, deceased), John Hart (Son, 13)
Marital Status: Single

Section 2: Employment

A. Fill in this section ONLY if your character is of a HUMAN MILITARY background:

Rank: Lt. Col.
Branch of Military: US Army
Current Role: SG Team Leader, Stargate Command
Previous Employment: Special Forces Officer, Infantry Officer
Level of Entry: Commissioned Officer
Years served: 20 years
Specialist skills: Direct Action, SERE, Airborne Training, Ranger School, SF Qualifying courses, Language training in Arabic.

Additional Information:

- 1990, Liam began college at West Point Military Academy majoring in Military History.
- 1994, Liam graduated WPMA and began as a Second Lieutenant in the US Army and joined as an Infantry Officer in the 3rd Infantry Division serving as the Rifle Platoon Leader in Germany.
- 1995, Almost a year later, Liam applied to join the Special Forces and was accepted to try out for the training qualificiation courses where he passed and was promoted to 1st Lieutenant.
- 1997, After training and passing all of the required courses, Liam was assigned to the 3rd Special Forces Group and was stationed in Africa under AFRICOM.
- 1997, Liam and his unit was assigned to Senegal for help training their forces.
- 1998, Liam was promoted to Captain.
- 2000, Liam served in Nigeria training their forces, this was part of the US Department of State's, Operation Focus Relief.
- 2000, During R&R Liam slept with a stranger and she became pregnant.
- 2001, After the 9/11 attacks the Global War on Terror occurred and Liam was sent to Afghanistan and his Group had to serve six months out of the year before rotating battalions throughout Operation Enduring Freedom.
- 2001, Liam's son was born in New York and was named John Laire-Hart, (both parents last names)
- 2003, Liam was promoted to Major and continued to serve in the Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan as part of the ISAF and while on rotation he also served in the Philippines. Liam was assigned as the Company Commander of the Operational Detachment Bravo.
- 2004, Liam's younger brother, Joseph Hart Junior was killed in war in Iraq, his helicopter was shot down and he died instantly.
- 2005, Liam served in many train and assist missions throughout Africa and the Caribbean as that was the role of his detachment to train, conduct intelligence and counter-intelligence operations.
- 2010, Liam was assigned as the Executive Officer of the 3rd Battalion Commander of the US Army 3rd Special Forces Group.
-2012, Liam was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and assigned as the 3rd Battalion Commander of the US Army 3rd Special Forces Group.
- 2014, Liam was approached by a Major in the US Air Force, a Major Davis and was briefed in about the Stargate Program and offered a position as an SG team leader, he accepted happily and has served as an SG team leader since.

Distinguished Achievements/Awards/Decorations-
- Bronze Star
- Distinguished Service Cross
- Distinguished Service Medal
- Valorous Unit Award
- Global War on Terror Service Medal
- Afghanistan Campaign Medal
- Army Distinguished Shooter Badge

Section 3: General Information

A. Personal History
Liam was born in 1972 in Los Angeles California to Joseph and Margaret Hart. Margaret Hart, Liam's mother was a trust fund kid who ended up becoming a house wife. Joseph Hart joined the LAPD right after high school he eventually rose the ranks to where he is now a Chief. Margaret now runs her own consulting company from home.

Liam graduated high school in 1990 and applied for West Point. He was selected and went to West Point Academy and majored in Military History. In 1994 he graduated West Point and became a 2nd Lieutenant in the US Army and became an Infantry Officer then soon after applied for Special Forces and he qualified and passed training. He was assigned to a team and shortly thereafter became a 1st Lieutenant.

He was assigned to the 3rd Special Forces Group and primarily was assigned to the Caribbean and West Africa. He primarily had a role in training forces in Senegal. While on leave for his 2 weeks of R&R he had a one night stand with a woman at a bar, she ended up becoming pregnant and they had a boy. Liam helps out money wise but was fortunate that she is the daughter or a wealthy corporate executive and she is the heir to his empire. Liam makes the time to see his son but mostly only speaks with him online and over the phone. Liam never really wanted kids as he was mostly away outside of America and that wouldn't really be fair to his kid or to the mother. Liam didn't change much but he does look at the world differently, if he got to change some things he would but he doesn't have that luxury. When he is on leave, he does take the time to go visit his kid and his parents visit him quite frequently. Liam doesn't regret much in life but one thing he does regret is not being able to see his son more.

A few years later he was promoted to Captain and reassigned to the 1st Special Forces Group on the outbreak of War on Terror. He and his men were some of the first in Afghanistan for Operation Enduring Freedom. Since the SF's rotate Battalions he was also assigned to the Republic of the Philippines. Liam's little brother, Joseph Hart Jr., followed in his foot steps but became a Ranger instead and was killed in a helicopter crash during his first deployment. Liam took it hard, but he served with many who were killed in service but with it being someone he grew up with, he took it harder but he didn't let that stop him, it only made him stronger.

Liam's view on the world became more grim throughout the war. Terrorism spreads fear and terror and these terrorists don't care what you are, if you aren't with them then your against them and Liam despises that. Liam believes that everyone has the right to live and that no tyrant should be able to take that from them which is why he loves being in the Special Forces and training rebels and even some weak military forces to train them to overcome most obstacles and to be able to defend themselves and fight for their right to live.

In the war in Afghanistan he made friends and saw that not everyone was evil although the Taliban had them in a stranglehold, he knew they'd overcome them as the good guys always win... eventually. Liam was never wounded in battle although he did break some bones here and there.

He was rotated throughout his time as Captain and was promoted to Major and was a Company Commander in the Operational Detachment-Bravo before being assigned as the Executive Officer to the 3rd Battalion in the 3rd Special Forces Group. As the time went on he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel during his 18th year in the service. He accepted the promotion knowing he wasn't as active and fit as he used to be and he became the Battalion Commander of the 3rd Battalion of the 3rd Special Forces Group.

Liam was the Battalion Commander for two years before being approached by Major Davis about joining the Stargate Program where he was then reassigned by the top brass at the Pentagon. He was assigned as an SG Team Leader and almost immediately began off-world reconnaissance missions after catching up on what has happened before joining.

Liam wouldn't trade his choices or job for anything, he loves exploring whether it is Africa or another planet. He is still scarred from his years in service seeing gruesome things that no one should have to see. He thought that things were bad on Earth but when he found out about the Stargate Program and the Goa'uld, his mind got even cloudier, how could the good guys win against such an advanced civilization? He doesn't know but that only drives him to do better and not change who he is regardless of all he has seen and all he has been through throughout the various wars, operations and battles he was involved in. He has faced insurmountable odds before and he won because his cause was just and he knows that the Goa'uld will fall, it is only a matter of time. A few people could make a huge change even against those awful odds. The Empires always fall, eventually, the only question is will the Tau'ri be around to see that day.

B. General Personality
Liam is a laid back guy. He takes his job seriously and puts his men first, no matter what. He trusts his team members and would die for them, just as they would die for him, that is what team members do especially in the Special Forces arena and of course in the Stargate Program fighting aliens who want nothing but to wipe us out or enslave us all. Liam would do anything for his men and he loves nothing more than to be in action, he is an adrenaline junky and loves being in the field rather than an office but time has caught up to him and when he was up for promotion he took what came with it which includes the office job.

i. Character Strengths: He is a natural born leader, military strategist, confident, loyal, organized, honest, inspirational and is mentally and physically strong.

ii. Character Weaknesses: Lets his feelings get in the way but at the end of the day he completes his mission and is definitely a perfectionist, he doesn't like leaving a mission unfinished.

iii. Personal attitude and demeanor:
Liam is a career military officer who takes his job seriously and loves what he does. He doesn't tolerate intolerance or pessimism with his men, he is an optimist and definitely survived more times than he should've when faced with odds that definitely weren't in his favor, he never gave up hope though and because of it, he survived. As a Special Forces Officer and even those Soldiers who served with him, they had to rely on each other and were usually outmanned and sometimes outgunned, yet he didn't let that stop them from succeeding. As a career Special Forces Officer, he loves being in the field and dealing with the unknown and meeting new people and new cultures, the Stargate Program isn't much different considering the people (humans) of the Milky Way come from planet Earth.

C. Additional Information:

Liam is a pretty sarcastic guy and uses humor sometimes during inappropriate times like in the middle of battle or near his superior officers. Liam has a superb and spotless record and is a seasoned veteran serving in several battles, operations and rotating through Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. Liam was approached by Major Davis due to his career in Special Forces, the Pentagon thought it'd be good to have a Special Forces Officer as an SG Team Leader as they felt it necessary to have a warrior on the front lines, Air Force Officers aren't exactly trained as well as the Army Officers since the Army deals with the ground and the Air Force the air. Special Forces Officers are trained even more and are the best of the best in the US Army, at least and are trained to work in small teams and operate behind enemy lines.

Ancient gene: Negative

RP Sample (in character):
"This is bravo one, operation kill the son of a bitch is a go. Let's move in." Liam said over his throat mic as he held his M16 and watched as his men moved in repelling from the choppers. They don't get the element of surprise here as it is in the middle of the desert but they got intelligence that there will be a skeleton crew there, which means be ready for an hidden army.

They inserted from the choppers down the ropes just over a hill from the raiding site. The F-15's just made some noise by blowing up their vehicles as they inserted over the hill and hit the raid site from two different locations, north and south of the compound. They have to retrieve sensitive information from the site which happens to be a hard drive that is supposed to have names and locations of sleeper agents across the world, only for those who work for this specific terrorist organization, of course.

Six men inserted from the north and six from the south as they hit the compound. Thermal readings indicated only 4 people inside, all armed with AK's. Captain Hart entered with the team from the south and they quickly but cautiously moved into the one story wooden structure that may fall over simply by kicking the door down. "Execute, execute, execute!" Liam said over the throat mic and the teams from both sides threw in flash grenades and flushed them out. Shots were fired to the sky and the four suspects came out, three to the north and one to the south. They were all shot and killed with no good guys being injured or killed. The teams move in and clear the shack and find nothing but two bunk beds and a trap door. "Great..." Liam said as he knew there was more to it.

"Let's do it." Liam said as the trap door was opened and shots were fired towards the teams. "Let's flash and smoke them." Liam said as he pulled out his smoke grenade and Jacob pulled out the flash grenade and threw it down the hole. Liam then threw down the smoke and after the flash grenade they started to move down quick to overwhelm anyone in sight. Jacob went first and shot and killed the guy who fired at them first. They moved down the narrow wooden corridor to a larger room about 20 meters away and flashed them again. This time no one moved and no one fired any shots. They went quickly and cautiously and the area was clear.

"Good, the sensitive cargo is secure." Liam said as he saw the computer and took the whole tower as they slowly pulled out. A few troops remained on the surface and in the shack as the other teams were underground. "Bravo one, to bravo actual. Bravo actual come in." Liam said over the throat mic.

"Bravo actual, go ahead bravo one."

"Brave one, mission is complete. We're ready for extract, area is secure and moving to extraction."

"Good job, bravo one. Extraction is in place."

"Bravo one copies, bravo one out."

Liam said as his men pulled out while keeping their eyes open making sure no one was setting them into an ambush and surely no one did. They fell back to the extraction location which was the same point as the insertion point and they hopped back in the helicopters as they headed back to base.

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