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Sunny's life has been all kinds of interesting, from growing up in South Korea to living out her dream. Even if that meant sitting in an airplane for eighteen hours before ending up in the United States, and then working for her enlistment. She's still very close to her aunt Seong and visits her often. Sunny is fairly new to Stargate Command but is ready to get into the mix of things, and because she's silent and broody most people seem to stay away from her.


Assuming she talks to you, she is a very generous and compassionate friend and eager to help someone out. She doesn't always know what to do in every social situation but she'll do her best to make it not-as-awkward. A loyal friend who cherishes the friendships that she has, as she doesn't have many and views friendship in a different light. While most might assume hanging out, talking and exchanging personal information as being a friend, she does not this just means you're an acquaintance, a colleague. Friendship for Sunny is something deeper, and it means you're willing to put your life on the line for her, just as she would for you but not because you wear a uniform but because you're her friend. A bond that can stand the test of time, you could say. Or as Sunny likes to put it Han Solo and Luke Skywalker.


Sorry, but she's married, to this wonderful woman. So there will not be any romancing of any kind with Sunny, although she loves to play wing man.


She doesn't necessarily have enemies, but you can get on her bad side. How? Well, you make a snide remark about her spouse, or try to tell her that she doesn't have the right to be married or how it's wrong of her to be with a woman that it's not natural. Yeah, you'll land on her bad side really fast. A lot of times people mistake her silence for something more than it is, what most people don't realize is that Sunny views actions louder than words and so she won't often comment or talk about something in front of others. Therefore she might come off as standoffish, when she's really just trying to analyze the situation or determine the next course of action.

Where will she be?

In her room, gaming or meditating, or meditating because gaming's pissed her off. Otherwise she's out on a mission, or not at SGC. When not at SGC she's at home with her wife doing whatever the wife wants. Which could be anything from gardening, sewing or whatever new hobby Tessa wants to try or go wherever she wants to go, the rodeo, a basketball game, soccer game, or whatever.

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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