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 Post subject: Lt. Col. Liam Hart
PostPosted: Wed Nov 25, 2015 5:19 am 
US Army
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Lieutenant Colonel Liam Hart was a career US Army Special Forces Officer. He has devoted his life to fight for the country he loves and he never expected to be fighting for humanities right to survive against the Goa'uld, however here he is. As a Special Forces man, he was always a part of a small team and always facing awful odds, however he made it through with his team and survived without being captured or seriously wounded. He does anything for his team and would put his life on the line for any of them, that is what teammates do and that is what leaders do.

Liam has a thirteen year old son, almost fourteen who lives with his mother in New York City and they rarely see each other except when Liam has leave time.

He may seem like a serious guy, and he is at times but once you get to know him he isn't all that serious, he knows how to have fun and isn't afraid too. He isn't exactly a by the books guy since there was no book in the Special Forces Missions he took part in, they have objectives and they have the operational control over how to complete their objectives. Being on an SG team isn't much different.

Liam doesn't have much friends around the SGC, he is relatively new to the program and because of his rank there aren't many people who are comfortable around him, not even off-the-clock. However, when he is off-the-clock, he does play by military protocols, he is just a civilian and formality goes out the window, he doesn't care for it.

Liam has some enemies, other than the Jaffa and Goa'uld but none in the US Military. Being in Special Forces you always make enemies, same with the Intelligence divisions and Special Ops in general. Taliban wants him dead as do other terrorist organizations and criminal organizations in Africa, other than that, he has no enemies, that he knows of...

... Liam has no current significant other and he doesn't date much, he never had an outside life. He was always serving in remote locations and always away on missions, when he wasn't serving he was living his life carefree until he became a father, that kind of put a spike strip in his normal routines for R&R.

Liam is a sports guy, he likes to play and watch sports and stay active. He keeps himself in top physical shape as is protocol in Special Forces, he got into habit of it and that became a large part of his life. He likes to do a lot of outdoorsy things as well, Liam is up for anything action or adventure wise, rank notwithstanding, he doesn't care about rank (officially...), he respects the chain of command but off duty is off duty, the rank goes out the window, so feel free to befriend Liam don't let his rank scare you away!

 Post subject: Re: Lt. Col. Liam Hart
PostPosted: Thu Nov 26, 2015 7:25 pm 
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Welp... I can throw Major Mulholland at him? They're both Special Forces, and Jim is usually quick with a joke or to light up your smoke (Sorry.)... They could be friends? Hell, they might even have worked together at one point...

Captain Robert McCauley, USMC
Major James Mulholland, Australian Army SASR

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