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 Post subject: Re: He Who Dares, Wins
PostPosted: Wed Aug 19, 2015 12:03 pm 
Royal Navy
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Alex Sullivan wrote:
Would it help if I promised to only use my powers of explosives wisely? I likely won't, but I'm willing to make that empty pledge if it'll salve your conscience. I'm giving like that.

But drinking buddies definitely sounds fun, I have a feeling we'll have plenty of missions to unwind from in the days to come, so it'll great just to have some threads to shoot the breeze in.

LOL probably not wise to promise something that would be hard to keep right. ;) Am sure Caleb would just claim innocent if anything happened to explode. Lol.

Drinking buddies it is. :) Look forward to it. :)

 Post subject: Re: He Who Dares, Wins
PostPosted: Wed Aug 19, 2015 10:22 pm 
US Army
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Oh Alex - How I didnt get a reply to you before hand is beyond me

Mere - Also career army, she is friendly to all and tends to make friends with the boys easier than the girls. She has been overseas on various attachments, so its possible that maybe they have been stationed together before, although its a very big world out there
She loves to go out for a drink, and is a frequent host, and player of poker games. There is always the possiblility of meeting her in the local bar, where she can be found drinking the local lads under the table, and winning a few rounds via the pool table
She is a stubborn one though, and fiercely loyal to those she considers near and dear. I cant see these two being enemies, unless you pick a fight with her on purpose.
Shes a girl, hes a guy so thats always a possiblity, although Mere doesnt tend to engage in relationships with those she is working with on a regular basis, preferring to keep the dynamic as uncomplicated as possible.

Sophie - Also new to the SGC, she has recently uprooted from NZ, where she'd set up base after emigrating to Oz. She isnt military, and prior to joining the SGC her experience of all things fatigued and structured was very non existent.
She is friendly, if you can get her talking. She spends most of her time working on whatever project has drawn her attention, and once you get her attention she'll work hard to be the friend you need.
She had a temper though and cannot stand people who think that she is anything less than them because she has a white coat, and not a gun. She is sarcastic to a fault, and can often speak before she thinks which can lead to unintended offence. That said, if she didnt mean it, she'll apologise - If she did then Hell will freeze over before she buries the hatchet
Lovers is probably not a real possibiliy - At least not from the outset Sophie is widowed, and whilst it has been 3 years since the accident, she still finds it hard to reconnect with anyone on that sort of level.
She does enjoy climibing however - So if Alex feels like getting out and about and scaling some mountains, he could well locate her.

"You'll shoot him, I'll save him, they'll question him and everyone goes home happy"

 Post subject: Re: He Who Dares, Wins
PostPosted: Fri Aug 21, 2015 2:18 pm 
Australian Defence Force
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These two I can definitely see getting along. They have some similar, if unfortunate, set of personality traits and outlook on life, and the fact she's also a combat veteran and a fellow sergeant, the same rank to book, would definitely endear her to him. You throw in gambling and drinking? I seriously think we should start a NCO club. Just commandeer a supply room every friday night for a game of poker and a drinking session away from the officers.

As for crossing paths in the past, its likely to have been more on the peripheral edges than anything. Maybe briefly stationed in the same region, or happened to have been at the same base at the same time, just different quads. That said, I'm entirely down for them actually having met and interacted if you want - stranger things have happened. The Stargate universe does love its coincidences after all.

As for the prospect of relationship, I'm not closed off to the idea if its in the cards and they gel, but Alex would be with her on the 'don't crap where you eat' aspect. Of course, that can lead to its own interesting dynamic.

Barring a team assignment, I think most of their interactions would be likely be coincidental meetings at first. I can't really see Alex bringing much to the table in a laboratory. Not unless you're looking for someone to stand there, vaguely glossed over in the eyes as he tries to understand half of what's going on. If so, he's your man right there. Although I do like the idea of them becoming climbing buddies, however. Definite foundation for an unlikely friendship.

As for lovers, I would probably agree with you on it being a remote possibility. Alex already struggles with relationships as is, so I doubt he has the level of seasoning to successfully overcome the wall Sophie has built up. Of course, that won't stop him flirting with her on occasion, more so because she's removed from the general military purview.

Coincidental side note, I actually attended school for two years in the same town that she hails from.

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