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 Post subject: The Nurse
PostPosted: Wed Oct 22, 2014 2:11 am 
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Born and raised in Jordan, Layla has worked hard to get to where she's at. When she was put forward for SGC the nurse was more than happy to be afforded this chance. Now she's just interested in exploring and helping people in any way that she can. Also, she hopes that this could be a chance to really get comfortable in her own skin.


A friendly outgoing sort, she enjoys having a circle of friends. People she can go hang out with and considering she hasn't been in the states too long. Layla is eager to make friends who can help her navigate around Colorado Springs. If approached she'll treat you with honestly, and if you want to have a friendship perhaps hanging out after work would be ideal. Otherwise you're a professional colleague and nothing more.


Layla can't afford to fall in love. She cannot even fathom the consequences and while yes, it would be a chance to be happy... she couldn't live with herself knowing the shame she'd bring to her parents. How she would be disgraced if someone found her out, and so for now while she'd be more than happy to fall in love. She'd rather not.


People who shot at her, make snide remarks, are filled with bigotry... the usual. Oh, and bugs she hates bugs. Creepy little things, she'll reach for a big boot to crush the suckers with.

Where will she be?

Her room, the mess hall or otherwise wandering the base when she's there. Otherwise she has a nice little flat in Colorado Springs and has fun doing various activities, such as participating in marathons, going to plays and biking around town.

 Post subject: Re: The Nurse
PostPosted: Wed Oct 22, 2014 10:24 pm 
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So Mere is a very social person. She's 27, born and bred military, and loves her work.
Never far from a group of mates, she more than happy to invite anyone to join in [Provided you can keep up with the conversation] and she loves to meet new people.
She has a regular poker night date, and has herself a little bit of a rep for knowing how to play a decent hand or two.
She's not just a gambler though. She loves to get out and about, whether its in to town for a night out and some food [Huge fan of food] or to go for a long run and enjoy the nature of the area.

She isnt judgemental, and is very loyal to those she is friend with [Or those she is ordered to protect] and will fight a battle for you, or with you, if you ask or need her to.

I could maybe see these guys meeting up either at work, during the course of a handover [Mere is the Combat Medic] or possibly on a food mission, or failing that on a run out in the world.

World of possibilities :)

"You'll shoot him, I'll save him, they'll question him and everyone goes home happy"

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