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Her words hurt. Perhaps because there was more than a little truth to them. But what was she to do? Sun was who she was and that was not always easy for others to accept. There were better ways, surely, but they did not always occur to her.

She let the other woman swear at her for another moment, sensing that she needed it. And it was not as though she had an answer to all these observations. All she knew was that she could say what she want. It would not change Te Atua's opinion. At least not today. Eventually, the torrent of angry words found an end. And so did the stitches.

Carefully, Sun sat up. Slowly, she turned around to face Te Atua. Her expression was deadpan. She doubted that whatever other feeling she showed now would not be credible. "Thank you for your honesty, doctor. Now I will be honest with you: I am no petty tyrant. And neither am I god, nor a martyr. And, if you think I take pleasure in scaring people, you are wrong. These things happen, because I am who I am." She sighed. "I can't change overnight, but I have been trying. Believe it or not. Unlike you, I can't stop wanting to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders if matters concern me. You can move on, I can't always. And my defensive reaction to it seems to say 'cold bitch' to certain people. I wished you weren't one of them. "

There was another thing about the other woman's reaction that had upset her. And Sun could not help but speak her mind about it. "I had not expected you to meet me with such bias from the moment I walked into the door. As long as you do, I can say whatever I want and do whatever I want and you will always ascribe it to the bloody stereotype in your head. Right now, you probably think I am trying to pacify you with lame excuses. if you were true to your expectations of me, you should know that excuses are not part of who I am. I fuck up with people more than I want to, yes. If you're willing to give me another chance, though, I would prove to you that I am not always a social fuck-up. Bloody hell..." she groaned, feeling a pang of shame. "I'm truly sorry you had to tear me a second one before we could have this conversation. You're the first who did that in a while. I seem to need it..."

Sun wriggled her shoulder a little, concentrating on sliding off the bed. "As to the scans, we will do them whenever you see fit. Do you want me to stay until then? Perhaps I can help somewhere. Anything but going back to that damned paperwork." She smiled, and it was a genuine smile. She hoped it would pacify the doctor a little, hoping she would not see it as a feeble try to suck up.


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Yeah, this woman was living up to her reputation alright.

Claire wondered whether she had actually ever seen the Major smile, even a tiny one, and decided that she hadn't. Maybe having a face like a slapped arse came with the rank? Who knew? She went about cleaning up the instruments she had used while the Major spoke, and wondered whether this "honesty" was genuine. It sounded like more excuses to her.

Finishing her cleanup, Claire came around to face Sharpe. "Like I said... actions speak louder than words," she said, pausing for a moment. "Those are pretty words, sure, but... until your actions live up to them, you're not going to shake that reputation you've built up." In truth, the excuses fed into what Claire had observed: the woman saw herself as a martyr who was only happy when he was taking the blame and responsibility for everything, while, at the same time, blaming anything and everything on external factors.

Claire's eyebrows arched. "If I were biased, Major, I'd have made you wait, rather than hurrying up with my previous patient, or I would have refused to treat you at all, tossing you to Doc Warner or a nurse," she said, her voice full of candour. "Everything I've seen today, your whole attitude, has backed up the reputation that seems to be dogging you. Can I suggest that affording people respect, rather than using your rank, status and position to get what you want... well, that would be a great way to go about 'changing'."

She shook her head, sighing. "It's not a bad thing to actually be a considerate, feeling human being, you know," she remarked, a twinkle of a small smile twitching at the corners of her mouth. "You might actually find that you like who you become... and then... well, maybe others will like you too." Maybe not, but it would be worth a shot.

"Don't wriggle that shoulder," Claire said, her voice stern again. "I'm going to put you in a brace and sling for now, you're going to be out of action for a week or more - if you don't let that wound heal, and take it seriously easy, you're going to tear the sutures, and make it worse." She regarded the woman for a few seconds. "We should be able to get the scans organised within the hour, but you need to rest during that time, not be looking for things to keep you busy."

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