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Sophie did know who the Tok’ra were, or at least sort of knew enough in the sense of not understanding it all that much, so instead of piping up to say that she didn’t need the dummies guide, she simply took the opportunity to absorb the additional information.

Listening to Jackson talk, she realised that in hindsight the refresher was sorely required; she was the first to admit that she didn’t really keep to date on politics, be it on Earth or out there, and other than knowing a species genetic quirks thus far, she knew bupkiss about their alien brethren. Of course that was not boding well for why exactly someone picked her when there were half a dozen or more equally qualified and better versed members of the S.G.C drifting about the base.

Jungles! Lovely, humid, green and teeming with bugs and parasites – Sophie made a mental note to pop a quinine tablet, grab some citronella, and a hat with a net. She’d seen reports of the some of the things previously encountered and she wasn’t going to take ANY chances, not that alien jungles were likely to be identical to here, but small things.

“Thank you – That was helpful” She leant forward slightly and offered a small smile to Jackson and the General, appreciative that the time had been spared to go over the small details, especially considering that the man to her left was even more green to this than she was.

Settling back again, she resumed her people watching, listening for any other questions asked or information volunteered. She really didn’t want to be the person who asked if there was a chance of being target practice for some unfriendly natives, after all, there was enough military in the room that she was willing to play to the illusion that all was going to be hunky dory.
Still, reading over the dossier, it didn’t mention anything that sounded like it would be worth fighting over, or perhaps that was her optimism again.

“What sort of artefacts were found that make them suspect Darrion is still kicking about down there? She piped up again from her end of the table, figuring it was an intelligent enough question to redeem her earlier ignorance.

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There were some fair questions. Hammond turned to Ryan, his hands clasped on the table in front of him. "The Stargate is situated in a green basin, surrounded by typical Mayan structures," he explained, nodding towards Price. "Dr Price has experience of Mayan cultures, which is why we have him along." Ostensibly, Price was an observer, but, in real terms, this was a test to see whether he would be able to slot into the environment that being on an offworld team would foster.

Kendall also raised an excellent point. "There are a few scattered settlements, but nothing around the gate area. The closest known settlement is about sixty kilometres away, but that has, according to the Tok'ra, been abandoned for many years. There are no known threats, as Zipacna appears to have forgotten about the world. He decimated it, and moved on."

Hammond acknowledged Edwards' question. "As well as the standard Goa'uld communication device, undercover Tok'ra operatives will secrete Tok'ra communication devices in a number of locations," he explained. "What has been found is one of these devices. The last communication stored on this device indicates that Darrion was on his way to P7X-225. The reason that SG-1 has been dispatched for this mission is because our archaeologists and anthropologists have more experience than the Tok'ra personnel in the location and retrieval of such items, and, if Darrion has left anything on P7X-225, we are best placed to find it."

Hammond stood, the tiniest of frowns on his face. "You depart at 0900 hours, team. You are dismissed."

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