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Another Day, Another Departure TAG: All Beta Site Personnel
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Author:  Fia Serigliano [ Sat Sep 09, 2017 7:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Another Day, Another Departure TAG: All Beta Site Person

The Fwoosh never got old for her. The science behind it was so awesomely complex that Fia barely understood it. Thank heaven they had scientists for that. For her it was the beauty of it. The sound, the glorious (and deadly) explosion of light settling down into the rippling blue surface of the event horizon. She was sure that there was a scientific cause for the display, but in the grand scheme of the universe there was no reason for it to be so inspiring. It was the unaccountable beauty in science that restored her faith, always.

At the General's command Fia had turned to nod to the Fred driver. Commonly the vehicle was sent ahead due to the slight delay between what the remote driver saw and what was actually happening on the other side. It was only a fraction of a second, but it was the best way to be sure no slow moving traveler got run over. Then there was the clatter of metal, a exclamation of 'Excelsior!' and the unmistakable sound of someone breaking the event horizon. A quick glance revealed the mountain of a man, Mississippi he called himself', had charged ahead.

With a chuckle Fia motioned the FRED driver to hold off. Jogging up the ramp, she reached the top at about the same time as Dr. Te Atua. "OK Folks! Lets not be outdone by the newbie. And make sure to clear the ramp at Midpoint for FRED. I'm sure Johnson would hate to have to run you over." Unconsciously holding her breath, Fia stepped into the gate.

Author:  Meredith_Blake [ Tue Sep 12, 2017 7:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Another Day, Another Departure TAG: All Beta Site Person

The initiation of the dialling sequence started just as Meredith had made it to the group, and despite having watched the smooth sliding of the chevrons, and listening to the KATHUNK of them locking home, Mere still found herself watching the Gate engage with a muted fascination.

As the last lock engaged, the tale tell FWOOSH signalled the opening of the portal. The physics were all gobbledegook to Mere, but for the pure mystery, magic and incredible science made it a beautiful thing to behold, and it still held a certain wonder despite the many trips back and forth.

Her own appreciation of the Gate however seemed muted by the cry of Excelsior, as a man, she couldn’t quite remember the name of, practically threw himself through the inky blue like a kid into a watering hole.
A grin splitting her face wide, Mere shook her head, pulled her cap down onto her head, hoisted her backpack high, and followed the higher ups onto the next adventure.

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