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Replicators (non-playable race)
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Author:  Anni [ Sun Sep 21, 2014 2:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Replicators (non-playable race)

Replicators are advanced robots within the Milky Way. Created by the android Reese as a a toy, using nano-technology. However, they are capable of reproducing themselves indefinitely, and will consume all available resources in a given area in order to create more of themselves. Their sole purpose is to reproduce, and they usually take the form of mechanical insects.

Formed of small, metallic building blocks, they can take almost any form, and can consume almost any raw material, modifying it for their own purposes. They rarely attack unless threatened, and can produce a powerful acid spray. They have a high learning capacity and are extremely adaptable, although can be killed with projectile weapons and electromagnetic pulses.

They are extremely dangerous, and have posed particular problems to the Asgard. The Stargate Program is only now coming to realise how dangerous and insidious the Replicators really are.

At this point in history, they are unable to replicate the human form.

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