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Author:  Dare [ Fri Nov 06, 2015 6:58 am ]
Post subject:  AIM

[align=center][color=661111][font=Papyrus]AIM TO MISBEHAVE[/color][/font]
[color=aa5533][font=Lucida Fantasy]there's no place i can be[/color][/font]

    Four months after Captain Malcolm Reynolds released the wave that shocked the ‘verse and angered the Alliance, the crew of Serenity is still flyin’. And by crew, we mean Wash and Book, as well. See, in our ‘verse, they never died. Book was gravely injured and had it not been for the fine doctorin’ he received from Simon Tam, well, our beloved Shephard would probably be with his Maker now. As for Wash: we all know he’s too damn pretty to die, just like the rest of the crew. When Serenity crashed, he narrowly avoided gettin’ impaled, and instead took a small gash to his shoulder.
    Now, the crew of our beloved boat is still robbin’ for a livin’, but Cap’n Tightpants and his Amazon first mate decided that since Miranda was abandoned, and the ‘verse figures it’s contaminated by what the Alliance did all those years ago – well, it’s the perfect place for their base of operations, ain’t it? Our big damn heroes have made a settlement on the abandoned planet, invitin’ a few trusted Browncoats (and by few, I mean few, our Cap’n ain’t the trustin’ sort, of course!) to join them as they start their own version of Browncoat paradise. Oh, Serenity will still be out there robbin’ and runnin’ from the Alliance – it is what she does best, after all, but at least now they got someplace to store all their stuff – and maybe, a place to call home.


[color=aa5533][font=Lucida Fantasy]since i've found serenity[/color][/font][/align]

    We have done a total makeover recently and are looking for roleplayers who love the Firefly 'verse as much as we do! Our admin staff is friendly, laidback and helpful, and we have one goal: We aim to misbehave!

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