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Into The Black (Serenity / Firefly AU)
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Author:  cynadea [ Fri Sep 02, 2016 1:10 am ]
Post subject:  Into The Black (Serenity / Firefly AU)


Into the black is an AU Firefly/Serenity set in 2517, just as Simon Tam and Shepherd Book get on board of Serenity. Serenity is not the only ship, however, and the crew is no more special than any other crew. There is the Oasis, a luxury cruise ship. The GoldHound, a bounty-hunter's ship. The Eir mining Skyplex that is, under it's mining orbital station, a black market hub. Guilds such as the Companions' and the Alliance are also available.

The whole 'verse is open for play.

›› Sandbox, players and crews come up with their own plot
›› Occasional board-wide event, participation optional
›› Rating 3-3-3, 18+
›› SMF, with easy access subaccounts
›› Intermediate level.
›› No word count; focused on content of post rather than quantity of words.
›› Board is organic, meant to grow with player stories. Ships will come and go as needed.
›› Mature, experienced GM and player base.

Don't know Firefly, but think you would enjoy a human only Scifi adventure? You'll fit right in!

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