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Needle in a Haystack
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Author:  David Taft [ Tue Feb 09, 2016 10:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Needle in a Haystack

He shouldered his pack, cinched it down, and heading toward the gate. He pulled back the charging lever on his shotgun, leaving it in the locked position for the moment while he watched the gate rotate and lock chevrons. The gate opened and Taft didn't even lean back as the event horizon burst outward. He'd seen it so many times, dialed it in full combat so often, that the sound and view were comforting like hearing an A-10 Warthog coming over the horizon as the enemy rolls out it's armored division. It was a thing of beauty for an old Marine.

The Staff Sgt arrived but appeared to be hanging back, almost like he was attempting to stay out of the direct line of sight of the Sgt. Major.

Fia had spoken, Taft had nodded without looking, and the event horizon had stabilized. Taft then went into action. "You heard The Major! Four man team, cover your quarters and overlap at the edges. Check your corners. Every mission is routine until somebody dies, lets have a routine mission!" The Sgt. Major punctuated the last statement by letting the charge lever smack home under the weight of the recoil spring, the sound of a shotgun priming as universal a warning of business as any rattlesnake rattle. Taft then double timed it up the ramp and through the event horizon with his weapon at ready-forward.

Taft came through the other side and scanned the surroundings with the barrel of his weapon, all while moving forward. He had a DHD to secure, though he swung wide to the left to check the platform before hitting the sand by jumping off the platform instead of re-centering to the stairs. He'd seen nothing on the horizon so he dropped to one knee by the DHD and covered the corner of the platform on the side he hadn't had the time to check. Just in time for the Staff Sgt to appear, he checked the sweep and then Taft gave a hand sign toward the right side of the platform. The Staff Sgt swept right to check the corner. No yelling or shooting started so Taft performed a knee to knee turn to cover the horizon again as the Staff Sgt leveled his weapon.

Author:  Josephine Davidson [ Tue Feb 16, 2016 10:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Needle in a Haystack

Last through the gate as always, Joey shuddered slightly as she emerged behind Taft and Dreher. Only her seventh trip or so through an active wormhole and she still wasn’t quite used to that cold rush of a few seconds, though she had become much more profcient in recovering and setting to work. Her P90 was leveled and ready as she stepped through, swiveling with her torso to check her own corner as the team swept over the area surrounding the stargate and DHD. Nothing shooting at them, much as she expected, nor were there any immediate signs that someone had been cavorting around the area recently.

Feeling secure that they weren’t going to be under fire right at the gate platform, her mind already started turning to other matters. With her weapon still held aloft in one hand, she reached down to retrieve the naquahdah detector at her side, switching it on and running a quick scan. There was one massive blip thanks to the presence of the gate, with no other detectable readings in their vicinity. Good in that it meant the detector was working correctly, bad in that they would have to do some hiking to find the 305.

”Looks clear, sir,” she reported aloud, half-distracted as she kept an eye on the detector’s readout. There was a vain hope that she’d see a sudden blip as she moved to rejoin the group, picking up the craft on the edge of the device’s range, but no such lucky break was occurring so far.

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