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Then [Layla] turned toward Telford and Sullivan. "Perhaps I can escort the Senator to the Hospital, and we can meet back here at a later time?"

Telford glanced between Layla, Sullivan, and Harrington as he turned the suggestion over in his mind. His original plan had been to stay with the Senator, but he was nothing if not adaptable, and the more he thought about the idea of splitting the tour up, the more appeal it had. Though they were both there to gather information, the Congressman and the special agent had different surveys to conduct. And, while being escorted by the Captain would've had its own appeal, Sullivan was the more practical choice.

Lifting one shoulder and an eyebrow in amiable bemusement, Telford said aloud, "I'm agreeable to that if you are, Senator."

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((OOC: go ahead and skip Alex, keep them in the vicinity of the gate for now, I'll give admin input later. Also, Layla Ahmadi will no longer be playing in this mission, as Jess has decided to leave. Please work around her.))

A well turned out USAF Major marched up, smartly saluting the group as they entered the Alpha Site. "My name is Major Paul Davies, and I'm here to continue with your tour of the Alpha Site. Captain Ahmadi, your presence is required immediately in the infirmary, but if the rest of you would care to follow me, I'll give you the grand tour." He nodded once at the Senator. "Do any of you have any questions before we begin?"

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Alex pursed his lips slightly at Captain Ahmadi's suggestion, his gaze flickering between her, the senator and Telford as he weighed up his options. On the one hand he was charged with providing security for both of their guests throughout their off-site inspection, a feat that would become almost impossible if they decided to split up, while on the other... well, technically the good Captain outranked him. He had a feeling she wasn't the type to disregard an nco, even a senior one, going against her on this. Such division would paint a pretty picture in the final report.

Then again, getting them injured, or worse, while on his watch would paint an even more vivid scenario. The Alpha site might have appeared safe and secure, but past experience had taught Alex that such appearances could be fleeting when you were this far from home.

“Sorry, ma'am," The Australian began firmly, his back reflexively straightening as he put and undercurrent of steel to his voice. “But, for the sake of their security, I'm going to have to insist that the party remain together while we're off world. Orders from up on high."

'Orders from up on high' was almost universal NCO lingo for 'with all due respect, I'm going to ignore that suggestion.'

A touch disrespectful, if true in this instance, but he had said it as a way of mollifying the Captain's pride a little, and perhaps offer her a way of saving face in front of their guests. Everyone understood that orders were orders, after all. Although, it apparently wasn't necessary, as the sudden appearance of Major Davies quickly proved, re-tasking the Captain away on what Alex presumed was some pressing medical emergency.

“Sir," He snapped of a quick salute before turning to gesture in turn to Harrington and Telford, “Senator Carl Harrington, Agent David Telford, AFOSI. I believe the Senator was just inquiring about the new additions to the Hospital. I suggest starting with the new forward triage area."

The forward triage area was a open tented room conveniently located within a short walk from the gate, designed to meet the needs of incoming wounded travellers and assess and, if needed, stabilise their injuries before transferring them into relevant parts of the hospital.

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