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Author:  Claire Te Atua [ Sun Jan 03, 2016 9:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Taking It Easy TAG Caleb

Leaning in to Caleb as they walked, warming herself in the chill air, Claire savoured this moment of being a perfectly normal couple. She loved that they were able to just be themselves and screw the consequences, even if it was just for a few days. Maybe they would be able to keep this up when they went to Atlantis. It would certainly be a less pressured and militaristic environment than the SGC, and she, for one, was looking forward to that part of it.

The crowds were filling the streets, and you could feel the excitement in the air. New Zealand didn't go in for Halloween in the same way that America did, and this was a real eye opener for her. Last year, Claire had been working, and hadn't bothered even going to O'Malley's for a drink after her shift. She had gone home and headed to bed early.

Oh the life of a surgeon.

Now, though, there was no place that Claire would rather be, and nobody she would rather be with than Caleb. It was the perfect start to what she hoped would be a perfect weekend.

Claire breathed an audible sigh of relief as Caleb slowed his pace, and scrunched her toes up in the shoes. They would have been fine for a night out, had they managed to avoid the walking from one end of the French Quarter to the other. "Thanks," she said, her steps getting more painful by the moment. Music drifted out from some of the flashier looking clubs, but that wasn't the kind of thing Claire wanted.

She had always wanted to listen to proper New Orleans jazz in Treme, and even if she got blisters, she was determined to do that. She wanted to dance to that music with Caleb, resting in his arms as the sensual tunes wound their way around them. She'd never really danced before, but, if Caleb wanted to dance, then dance they would,

Claire laughed at Caleb's offer to carry her. "I don't think you need to do that," she chuckled, stopping as the shoes became that little bit too much. She twitched up an eyebrow as he suggested she walk barefoot. "Actually, that's not a bad idea," she conceded, already reaching down to undo the buckles on the ankle straps. Moments later, she was several inches smaller, and a thousand times more comfortable. "Aaaah, bliss," she said, as her red hot aching feet soaked up the chill from the pavement.

"I can always put them back on when we get to wherever we end up," she grinned. Claire glanced up at Caleb. "Heard any music that appeals yet, or seen somewhere you like the look of?"

Author:  Caleb Williams [ Sun Jan 03, 2016 10:07 pm ]
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It wasn't until they came to a stop that Caleb realised just how much the shoes must have been hurting Claire, honestly yes they made her look so appealing to him and when he'd first seen her that night he had wanted nothing more than to just turn right back around and head to the hotel room. But he had promised her a night out, well rather they had promised each other a weekend not to forget and he wasn't about to opt out of that.

Of course he smiled patiently at her as she took off the shoes, he was going to be a little bit of a gentleman - he was certain he'd flirted enough for the next hour back in the restaurant - so he held out his hand to her. Clearly stating that he would carry her shoes for her, he had nothing else in his hands and well, it was the right offer to make.

She was once more the normal height he had come to know and love about her, short but not to short, just the right amount of shortness for him. Just enough so that he could lean over slightly and place a kiss on her forehead, which was exactly what he did in that moment, nothing heated, just a soft brushing of his lips against her skin.

"Here pass them here, I'll carry them for a little bit," he said, gesturing for the shoes to be given to him. Honestly he had could carry her shoes for her for a short while, he could always give them back a few minutes later if needs be.

At her next question, he took a moment to look around them, there were definitely a lot of places pumping out a fair bit of music. Hell there was one place that was blaring out some really loud pop music that honestly just sounded like the same song played over and over again, which really meant he was getting old if he couldn't make out the songs being played in a clearly marked youngsters place.

He did enjoy seeing everyone dressed in the different costumes dancing to said music though, if there was one thing he had come to love about America so much it was the fact that any holiday they seemed to hold they did it in style and a lot of it. Honestly he remembered eating so much over the Thanksgiving he'd been invited to and then Christmas back home, yeah the New Year he had hardly been able to move he had eaten that much.

It seemed to him that Halloween was no different and although he knew England was starting to pick up Halloween a bit more, it was still absolutely nothing compared to what he saw here and now in New Orleans. It was near enough like stepping into a whole new world and honestly he had quite literally done that before.

"Let's keep walking for a bit longer," he said, finally smiling at her, "Am sure all the youngsters wouldn't want us 'old folks' dancing to there new fangled music." In all honesty, he couldn't stand the pop music that was blaring out of the closest place, there was just something about it that made him want to run to the other side of the state.

He tucked Claire a bit closer into his side, as he started them walking once more, her shoes hanging off his free hand. Yet somehow they weren't the oddest looking couple around, not that evening.

Author:  Claire Te Atua [ Sun Jan 03, 2016 10:36 pm ]
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Claire leaned a little on Caleb as she removed her shoes, and the relief was palpable as she let her feet settle on the cold ground. It was instant relief, and she wondered whether she would even be able to get her shoes back on when they found somewhere that interested with him. Honestly, she couldn't care less if she had to go barefoot all night now, it was worth it just to feel the relief right now.

Smiling as Caleb kissed her forehead, Claire reached up and ran fingers over his chest. His taut muscles played out underneath her fingers, and she looked forward to getting that tight t-shirt off him later. While he might not be exactly dressed up, Caleb looked nothing short of delicious, and Claire was sure that he knew exactly what he was doing to her in that suit.

"You don't have to carry them, you know," she said, her smile amused. "But thank you." Doing as she was asked, and letting Caleb be the chivalrous one, Claire handed her shoes over. It was an alien feeling, her bare skin against the cool pavement, and one that she hadn't felt in a long time. Claire grinned up at Caleb as she looped her arm through his again. "LAst time I did this, I was about twenty," she laughed, shaking her head. "I think that was when I learned I really, really shouldn't wear heels!"

She laughed as Caleb proclaimed them "old folks". "No, we just have better taste in music," she replied, glad to be walking away from the pounding bass in the flashy-looking clubs. That really wasn't her kind of place, or her kind of music, and she appreciated that Caleb knew that about her. "Besides, anywhere like that wouldn't exactly lend itself to dancing with you the way I'd like to dance with you."

Claire didn't want to get into a sweaty mess, flinging limbs and hair around to a beat that sounded like a grizzly bear being kicked in the bollocks repeatedly. She wanted to lean against Caleb, as close as they could get, dancing intimately in a darkened corner with sensual music wrapping around them.

And that... wasn't the kind of music they were hearing right now.

Glancing at the street names, Claire pointed to a street off to the left. "If I remember the map correctly, if we head up there, we'll be on the edge of Treme, where we'll find some decent music. Any thoughts?"

Author:  Caleb Williams [ Sun Jan 03, 2016 10:55 pm ]
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Caleb couldn't help a small chuckle, he was sure that once Claire's feet hit the bare concrete he would start seeing steam come off her feet. Again honestly he had no idea why women did that to themselves, although he greatly appreciated the effort women went to, he just didn't understand there agony over it. Thankfully - unless he ever lost a bet - he wasn't about to understand either.

The hand that splayed out on his chest, had the light kiss he'd give her almost nothing in comparison, it was a touch of what the person doing that to him knew what they wanted. It was a touch that was going to promise him many, many things that night, it was a touch that even without saying any words Caleb knew exactly what Claire was thinking in that moment. Honestly everything she felt then, he was pretty sure was going to be reflected back in his own eyes to her.

He brought his own hand up to put it on top of hers for a moment, curling his fingers around hers, as they finally moved back to a walking position and headed a little further towards where they were hopefully meant to be heading to.

"I know I don't have to," he said, smiling at her, "But you brought that champagne to celebrate, it was only fair I carry your shoes." Not that there was any repaying needed to be done of course, it was just the right thing to do at the time. "I wouldn't be a very good sailor if I let a lady carry her own shoes now, would I?"

He laughed along with her as she told him about the last time she had done such a thing, it was weird how young he felt when he was with her and they were joking around and flirting, to how old they actually were. Claire made him feel twice as young as what he was - although he was by no means slowing down any time soon of course - and that was something else all in its own right.

"I think the last time I walked barefooted anywhere was," he made a show of thinking about it for a moment before smile crept onto his face as he pulled her in as close as he could get her without them walking into someone or something. Leaning down ever so slightly, he said, "The last time I walked anywhere barefooted was the last time I was at your apartment."

He didn't say a specific time at her apartment, because well in all honesty all the times he had spent there was fun and well he would let her draw her own conclusion as to what time he meant. There had been many an occasion where he had wandered her apartment - okay so it had been the bathroom, kitchen, living area mainly he'd wandered in - with no socks or shoes on. In fact he was pretty damn sure there was a pair of socks living in her drawers somewhere.

Caleb pulled himself up right, as Claire pointed out which way she thought they should go, he looked from the places they were leaving behind - god he was so very glad to be leaving them behind - to go towards a place that seemed a bit quieter than the one they were currently in.

"I think it's a place to start, it not like we have to be anywhere, any time soon is it now?" he said, smiling at her. It was true they didn't have anywhere to be for any set time that evening, he was just happy to spend time with Claire and enjoy the most of the weekend.

He started them towards the direction she had pointed out, when he said, "Am glad you think we have better taste in music, hate the thought that you'd think I was old now." He laughed.

Raising an eyebrow at her, he asked, "Oh and just what kind of dancing do you think you could coerce me into Miss Te Atua?" So he hadn't used her proper title, had called her 'Miss' instead of 'Doctor' but they weren't at the SGC, they were being a normal couple and that meant he could call her Miss.

Author:  Claire Te Atua [ Mon Jan 04, 2016 12:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Taking It Easy TAG Caleb

The look in Caleb's eyes as Claire traced her fingers across his chest was nothing short of deliciously provocative. For a brief, fleeting moment, Claire was tempted to just forget the music and dancing and drag Caleb back to the hotel, but that wouldn't make this weekend any different from any other. This was their first, and possibly last, trip away together, and she wanted to make the most of it. And that included music, and dancing, and experiencing whatever else came their way.

Claire almost shivered as Caleb's fingers wrapped around hers as her hand lay on his chest. She never seemed to tire of his touch, even when it was something as simple and innocent as his fingers wrapping around hers in a public place. She only hoped that this first flush of love and romance wouldn't fade too quickly. Underneath everything, though, their deep friendship gave them a good, solid base, and that was the best possible foundation for a lasting relationship.

She smiled at Caleb's consideration as he took her shoes, and shrugged at his comment about the champagne. "It turned out to taste like piss, so..." Claire laughed. "So is it some rule of the Royal Navy that you have to offer to carry a woman's shoes if you go out with them and they were stupid enough to wear heels that were too high?"

Claire laughed as Caleb made a big show of some admission or other about when he last walked barefoot, and leaned more closely in, giving his waist a squeeze. "Well, I'm glad you feel comfortable enough to walk around barefoot there," she grinned. Her smile dimmed ever so slightly, and only for a moment before a new sparkle picked up in her eyes.

"You know... if you wanted to, you... you could always..."

Claire stopped, stumbling over her words, before shaking her head. "Stupid idea. Don't worry about it." It had been a stray thought that had just popped into her head, and, having considered it for a few moments, had realised it would be pretty pointless. Besides, it might be a step too far.

Caleb looked relieved as Claire directed them towards Treme and away from the more youthful clubs, and she was grateful for that. She glanced up at Caleb, an amused expression on her face. "You know... I don't think we've ever talked about what kind of music we're into, have we," she chuckled. She was certain that Caleb must have rifled through her CD collection while at her apartment, but she realised that she had absolutely no idea what kind of music Caleb liked.

"You know age is a state of mind, don't you," Claire said, her tone amused. "And right now... I think I'm about eighteen." She wouldn't want to actually be eighteen again, though. She was older, wiser and happier now, and wouldn't want to change a thing.

Claire giggled as Caleb teased her about dancing. "Oh, something slow and close for starters," she said, twitching her eyebrows upwards to tease him. "And then... well, we'd just have to see where that led, wouldn't we?" She had no doubts at all where that would lead, and she knew that Caleb would be thinking along the same lines. This was going to be one hell of a night.

Author:  Caleb Williams [ Mon Jan 04, 2016 2:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Taking It Easy TAG Caleb

Caleb couldn't help laughing as Claire quite plainly stated the champagne had tasted like piss, honestly it really had but well he hadn't like to say as much. He had been so relieved when the server had brought across a beer, it had gone down so much more smoothly than the champagne ever had and it was nicer to go with the brilliant meal.

“Yup it is right underneath the motto like the second or third rule to go by,” he said smiling at her, resisting the urge to give her a salute as he said as much. If he did that then he was going to have to let go of her and well at that moment in time being close contact with Claire was all he wanted to do.

The shoes were still clutched in his hand as they continued to walk a little further, he felt happy as Claire leant in closer to him – after his big show of walking around barefooted – and squeezed his waist slightly. Honestly the woman might be a few inches shorter than him, but she could still wrap her arms near enough all the way around him, which if he lingered on that thought too much lead him down a path that meant they would not be going dancing but straight to bed.

“Of course,” he whispered back to her, her apartment had become a sort of home away from home away from home kind of thing. He had felt comfortable enough there than anywhere else on base and yes he there had been the odd time that he'd gone to her apartment after a night shift and just basically crawled into bed with her.

First time that had happened Caleb had woken up thinking he might have over stepped a boundary somewhere along the line, had been worried about just what exactly that meant.

He stopped walking as Claire stumbled over he words, honestly he had never seen the woman lost for words, so it was a slight concern when she told him to forget about it, which he now wasn't going to be able to do.

Caleb pushed Claire a little way from him, so he could look into her eyes, “Ah there is no such thing as a stupid idea, stupid execution of said idea but never a stupid idea. You know can tell me right? You haven't got to be worried.” Honestly he felt more worried than she looked in that moment, he couldn't imagine what she wanted to tell him or even suggest to him but what ever it was he would take it in his stride. It wasn't like she could exactly shock him twice in one night after all.

He started walking once more, heading more and more towards the Treme that Claire was leading them to, he was unsure exactly what she had wanted to say but he wasn't going to push her on the subject if she didn't want to tell him. Yes it might mean that he'd be riddled with curiosity for the next several days, but it would pass, he didn't need to ask all the time.

“That's true, we never have spoken of music tastes,” he agreed, of all the subjects they hadn't talked about music was on that list. Of course he had taken a look around her music collection and there had been the odd albums there that had peaked his interest where they lined up with his own music taste. “Obviously I don't like pop, but am pretty open to listening to most music, of course there is some rock music that works really well. You know when you have that unfixable job and you just want something to fix it with, that's when I listen to that kind of music.” And now she knew something else about it.

Caleb laughed loudly as she said she felt like she was eighteen once more, god he was really glad they weren't that young, he couldn't go through being a teenager once more. Too many hormones to deal with daily, although there was still a rampant hormones since he'd gotten together with Claire that didn't seem to be abating any time soon.

“Am really glad you aren't eighteen, would hate to think am cradle snatching now,” he said, smiling brightly at her, he pulled her close into him once more, his own hand curled up on her side now, tracing soft patterns through the dress. “But you make me feel young as well, besides all these youngsters am sure we could show them a trick or two.”

Not that he had any intention of showing the young kids of New Orleans just exactly what he was capable of doing, oh no that was solely reserved now just for Claire and Claire only. It was to him, like there own secret language, one that gets mapped out by hands, kisses and a whole host of other enjoyable things.

“Slow for starters eh? You just want to get your hands all over me don't you,” he said with a wink at her. His hand squeezed tightly at her side, “Of course am sure we could pick our own tempo, slow but getting steadily more fun.”

There was that mischievous glint in his eye again, the one that clearly spelled trouble in a good way, his hand slipped from her waist up to her arm to spin Claire out and then pull her back in close to him, this time so she was standing in front of him.

He was a hair breaths away from just leaning down and kissing her senseless in that moment, “How do you like your dancing doctor?”

Author:  Claire Te Atua [ Mon Jan 04, 2016 2:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Taking It Easy TAG Caleb

"Well, I have to say that's the strangest military rule I've ever heard of," laughed Claire, snuggling in to Caleb's side a little more. "So is it rude to ask how many women's shoes you've carried?" The comment was accompanied by a cheeky grin. She'd bet that he hadn't carried anyone else's shoes at all, in fact. Well, maybe with the exception of Rachael.

A little fizzle of warmth wriggled its way through Claire as Caleb confirmed he felt just that comfortable in her apartment. It meant a lot to her. Having been the king of one night stands, Caleb was a changed man, utterly committed to their relationship, to her, and maybe that certainty, along with his admission, that he felt at home in her apartment.

A tiny smile twitched on her lips as she remembered one particular morning. They'd been together maybe two weeks, and she'd given Caleb a key to her apartment a couple of days beforehand. Claire was working days, and he was on nights, and, early one morning, she had rolled over and almost died of fright to find Caleb curled up in bed beside her. It was the best possible surprise he could have given to her, and she had snuggled up against him, ending up barely making it to work on time.

She wouldn't have changed it for the world.

However, then her mouth engaged before her brain was in gear, and she ended up tripping over he words. She looked up at Caleb, almost like a rabbit in the headlights as she decided in a split second to just come out with it. After all, it wasn't any bigger a deal than moving to a whole new galaxy together.

"I... I was going to say that... if you wanted, you could always move into my apartment with me before we... leave," she said, her words rushed and voice quiet. If she didn't say it quickly, she would never have said it at all.

"You don't have to, though, it's... just a thought." After all, Caleb spent more time in her apartment now than he did on the base in his own quarters, so it made sense, really, especially as they didn't have any idea whether they would be allowed to share quarters when they arrived in Atlantis. That didn't bear thinking about, but Claire supposed that they would have to go and see Elizabeth Weir and talk to her. She had no idea what the woman would say, though. She didn't know her very well at all.

They carried on walking towards Treme, and, although the crowds were thinner, the streets were still busy enough. Claire kept her eyes on the ground. After all, she didn't want to stand on broken glass or something equally as nasty. As they got closer to the legendary music area, the music became less poppy, drifting more towards the jazzy, funky tones that New Orleans was renowned for. Much more her cup of tea.

She wasn't surprised that Caleb liked rock music, though. It seemed to suit him down to the ground. "Yeah, I like most rock as well, but tend to stop when it gets a bit too close to metal," she explained. "As you may have noticed, most of my music collection is proper Kiwi stuff, though, bands you've probably never heard of!"

Claire laughed as Caleb told her he was glad she wasn't eighteen. "Have you forgotten I'm older than you, Mr Williams," she joked. It was only by a couple of months, but it was still a novelty for Claire. She had only ever dated men who were older than her by at least a year or two. Still, age didn't matter, not now. Caleb was perfect for her, and it wouldn't matter whether he was two months, two years or ten years younger than she was. She couldn't imagine feeling any different.

About to come back with a comment on the dancing, Claire squeaked with surprise as Caleb spun her out, almost tripping over as he pulled her back in towards him again, pulling her close up to his body, leaning down and looking, for all the world, as though he was about to kiss her. Claire's breath hitched in her throat, and, not for the first time that evening, Claire wanted to just forget about music and dancing, and head back to the hotel.

"I like it just fine," she giggled, letting her hand rest on Caleb's shoulder as she stood on tiptoe, leaning in and dusting her lips across his for a few seconds, not daring to kiss him the way she really wanted to. "Why? What kind of dancing did you have in mind?"

Author:  Caleb Williams [ Mon Jan 04, 2016 3:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Taking It Easy TAG Caleb

"There are many, many more odd rules about," he said, smiling at her, honestly some of them were that odd he couldn't actually remember what they were. "Ah a gentleman never tells how many shoes he's carried for a woman," he paused for a moment the smile getting that slightly bit bigger, "Of course I never said I was a gentleman, so the grand total would"

He didn't have to tell her that she was the one, the only one he had ever offered to carry shoes for, normally it was more of a getting shoes off a woman and not caring where they landed - an the odd time where there had been so much rush shoes had stayed firmly on feet, not his proudest moment - but for Claire he would carry shoes. Even if that meant his hands weren't free to hold onto her just as he wanted to, it didn't matter, he didn't like to see her uncomfortable.

Caleb was prepared to tell Claire that she didn't have to tell him what she was going to say, especially when he caught the almost shocked look creep onto her face. He had seen it enough times himself when he looked in a mirror, the one that clearly said you had put your foot in your mouth and there was no taking the words back now. But he also didn't want her to take them back, to think that she had to retrace her steps for fear of what his reaction would be, he wanted her to just say what ever the hell she wanted safe in the knowledge that is wasn't about to blow up at her in any sense of the word.

So when she asked him if he wanted to move in with her for there last remaining days on Earth, well he knew he was probably mirroring her exact look. He had thought she wouldn't be able to surprise him any further that night, but he was totally wrong and well, well it was a surprise but a good one.

The shock slowly left his face, as a smile came back, "That would be, amazing," he said, not sure how to say the words 'yes'. God he wanted to know that her home was now his, wanted to know that he had a person who was willing to put up with him, who wanted him there.

"Yes," he said, voice hoarse as though the word was fighting to get out of him. Which it was, but in a good way, "Yes of course I will." He wanted to pull her close to kiss her with everything he had, but he didn't the smile said enough for exactly what he wanted to do and say.

There was a laugh stuck in his chest as he realised that he'd have to move most of his clothing to hers, and then remembered that the majority of his stuff was already kind of there anyway. Well there was at least a change of clothing tucked away at her place, this just more or less made it one hundred percent official. Which made what he wanted to give her later that evening much more of a solid ground to work on, he was half tempted to just throw that idea out the window and hand it over now, but, well he wanted it to be at the end of the night once they had finished.

As the conversation turned back to there taste in music, the thought of moving in with her was never that far from his mind. "Nope no metal, don't like metal, actually had to share a bunk with someone who liked metal once. Damn that person drove me crazy, it was played through headphones but still so loud the whole sub could hear it."

Honestly he was sure that the person had actually been told by the higher ups to turn the volume down several times, but every time Caleb passed him the music was still blaring out. Which was why he was quite happy as they left the blasting beat of pop behind and he could start to hear the more jazz tones that New Orleans was famous for. He could definitely get behind a bit of jazz music, it was relaxing and soulful all at the same time.

"Oh my god yes you are, does this mean you're cradle snatching me?" he asked cheekily. They were both the same age he knew that but it was months that were different between them, and to be honest he had never actually gone out with an 'older' woman before. This was a whole new experience for him.

As Claire brushed the briefest, barely there kisses against him, he couldn't help a full body shiver as it ran down his spine. Honestly this woman was going to induce some kind of heart attack he was sure of it, but god what a way to go.

He held her arms, running his hands up and down her chilled arms, "Oh all kinds of dancing, slow, sweet, where you are so close to your partner that you can't tell where one ends and the other begins." He said, whispering the words against her lips, before kissing her right there in the street, no concern for who might see at the passion that was clearly sizzling between them in that moment.

Author:  Claire Te Atua [ Mon Jan 04, 2016 9:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Taking It Easy TAG Caleb

Claire was only marginally surprised that Caleb hadn't carried anyone else's shoes. It was a quirky, romantic gesture that she thought might have been employed with his ex, but it sent warmth fizzing through her again as he told her she was the only one he had ever carried shoes for. She was truly touched at yet another romantic gesture that had come out of the blue from someone she had previously only known as someone who was only comfortable with one night stands.

"So am I going to have to get used to all these weird and wonderful rules, then," joked Claire, knowing full well that Caleb would pull things like that out of his arse just to make her smile.

Even though she knew that Caleb would never pressure her into telling him what she had stumbled over, she felt that she owed it to both of them to just come out and say it. She was utterly committed to Caleb, and the offer for him to move in with her for their last few weeks on earth had seemed the next natural step in their relationship. After all, subject to permission from Weir, they would be living together on Atlantis. They could consider this a trial run.

That was, if Caleb agreed.

There was still a ball of nervousness sat deep in the pit of Claire's stomach, especially as a look of utter shock spread across Caleb's face. Claire stopped in her tracks, waving a hand, about to tell him to forget she asked, when the most glorious smile broke through the shock, and Caleb said yes.


For Claire, that was as big a deal as her agreeing to go to Atlantis with him. It was a step - a very public step - in cementing their relationship, and it told Claire everything she needed to know about Caleb's level of commitment to her. A smile of epic proportions stretched across Claire's lips, and she was lost for words. Not that she needed to say anything. Instead, she squeezed Caleb's waist again, over the moon that he had agreed to move in for the short time they had left on earth.

Some of Caleb's things had snuck their way into her apartment over the last few weeks anyway, so it wasn't as though it was going to be that much of a change anyway. Claire was looking forward to sharing her space with the man she loved. The apartment would feel even more like a home than it already did, and that was something she hadn't had in a very long time.

Claire grinned as Caleb admitted that he didn't like metal either. "Then we should be pretty safe when one of us decides to chuck some music on," she said, her tone simple and straightforward. "Not sure if you'd like some of the more weird shit I've got, though." Vintage Split Enz and some of the older Muttonbirds stuff could be pretty strange to non-Kiwis.

"Hey," Claire laughed, just about managing to sound outraged. Only for a second, though, before she burst out laughing. "I'll have you know the proper terminology is 'cougar'. Anyway, you'll only be a few weeks behind me when I hit forty. I'm never a cougar for long!"

Claire shuddered as Caleb's hands slid down her arms, his mouth close to her lips as he promised her slow, intimate dancing wherever they ended up. She was about to ask him if that was wise, but was prevented from doing so by a steamy, passionate kiss. Claire slipped her arms around Caleb's neck, returning the kiss with as much passion as was offered up. It was another perfect moment in what was adding up to a perfect evening.

Ending the kiss with more than a little reluctance, Claire reached up and brushed her fingers across Caleb's cheekbone. "You have no idea what you're doing to me, do you," she chuckled, her voice husky with desire. "We carry on like this, and we'll end up just going right back to the hotel." And that might not be so bad...

Author:  Caleb Williams [ Tue Jan 05, 2016 12:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Taking It Easy TAG Caleb

Caleb laughed as Claire said she was going to have to get use to all the weird rules, oh he could make up so many rules in that moment, so, so many. “Yeah, see there is this other rule as well, that must be followed at all times,” he said, trying to sound serious but honestly he was probably failing. “It states that all female partners of sailors must be dressed at all times in the exact clothing you're wearing now,” he finished winking at her, as he looked her up and down.

Honestly he had probably spent the majority of the evening just being impressed with what Claire was wearing, it had been a complete shock when she had stepped out of the bathroom and she was there his own personal sailor girl or he should say woman. When he had first laid eyes on that very short, very tight dress the thought of actually having to go for a meal and dancing with her was almost torture. But he was happy to say that he managed it, it had taken several carefully controlled breathing techniques but he'd managed it.

The squeeze to his waist after he said yes to moving in with her was all he needed to know that Claire was happy with what he had decided on and that he also felt good about it. Honestly the night had been a night of many Yes at the moment and he was wondering how many more they were going to be getting that evening.

“Of course now you've asked me to move in, are you prepared for the amount of uniform that's going to get strewn around, odd sock here and there,” he said, smiling at her. There was no way on this Earth – and soon in Atlantis – that he was a messy room mate, regardless of the relationship status, he was probably a bit more of a neat freak especially when it came to his uniform than she was.

Caleb shrugged as the conversation turned back to music, “We will be fine, and besides if one of us don't like something we've always got headphones to listen to stuff with.” It was a simple solution to what he imagined would not be a very reacurant thing, he knew they very rarely disagreed on anything, if anything at all. Although he knew it was bound to happen at some point, he didn't think it was going to be over music any time soon.

“It's your weird shit though so am sure I'll love it, I love you so that all that matters,” he said, smiling softly at her. He was getting use to saying that word out loud 'love' not something he ever thought was going to be possible again.

There was a split second that he had actually offended Claire with the age comment, right up until she burst out laughing, it was infectious and he ended up laughing along with her. There was one thing Caleb had very rarely joked about with women and that was there age, so it was nice that Claire had taken it as it had meant to be given, as a joke.

Of course then she mentioned the big four oh number and the smile turned down slightly, “Nope am never turning forty, I shall forever remain thirty eight,” he said wondering if she ask why that specific age or if she could guess that, that was how old he was when he first met her in the infirmary.

Honestly the kiss he started, he didn't want to end, especially as Claire wrapped her hands around his neck, there was just something about the way they sat there just made him want to continue what he started regardless of the fact they were in public. Of course when Claire pulled away, he did also, just moving his head away a little bit and not actually breaking the embrace they were in.

No one was paying them any attention, too busy with there own comings and goings, “I have some idea what am doing to you,” he said quietly so only she could hear, “because am sure you're doing the same to me. Do you still want to go dancing?” he asked, if she chose to go back to the hotel now he would be fine with it, if she wanted to continue on there way – which as he took a quick look around, realised they weren't that far from there destination if the loudness of music was anything to go by – he would be happy to do that as well.

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