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Smiling he replied, “Exactly, everyone can go off world and bring us the best things back.” Not that he would ever consider anyone being severely injured one of the best things out there, but he knew its what the doctor was paid to do. If there were no injuries to tend to, there would be no doctor on base and then Caleb would be not just without his best friend, but the woman he really liked sharing time with. No for all tense and purpose, someone needed to sprain an ankle every now and then.

The soft kisses were so very clearly a delaying tactic and one that Caleb was not adverse to actually indulging in, so long as nothing was on fire when he arrived for his shift, if he turned up a few minutes late he could always saw he got stuck elsewhere. The hand that was on his leg, travelled a fraction upwards, Caleb took in a breath, yeah if he wasn't careful he was going to throw all time keeping out the window and just drag her back to his quarters. Regardless of any rumours that would start even more.

The hand was hot against his leg, it was a heat that held so much promise as to what was to come later on, a memory that he knew what them hands could do to him. It was all he could do not to insist she move that hand further up, but he did have places to be, things to possibly fix.

He gripped said hand that was on his thigh, squeezing tightly as he returned the soft kiss, “Maybe something cold, really cold,” he muttered smiling at her. “Surprise me, you're the doctor you know what's edible in the Mess.” Caleb was one of the very that didn't have a problem with any food that was served there, yes there was times it didn't even look remotely like food and tasted even less so, but at the end of the day keeping energy levels up was the main thing.

He leaned across once more and gave Claire one last kiss for the day, he had to actually physically move himself otherwise he knew they weren't going to move from the car and the base did have security either watching on camera or patrolling. He didn't think getting caught would be the best solution to any problem. “We should, really, really move.”

Putting words to action, he twisted round in his seat and got out of the car, it was chilly in the car park and the cool air made him shiver once or twice. He walked to the other side so he was stood next to Claire smiling at her, “I promise I'll be but a few minutes, you'll save me a place in the Mess yeah?”

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Claire snorted with laughter. "I'd hardly call it the 'best bits'," she grinned, shaking her head. "But I see where you're coming from." There was less chance of getting injured or killed, to start with, and despite the gory and sometimes depressing nature of her job, Claire loved it, she loved that she could make a difference.

She knew full well the effect the kisses would be having on Caleb, and his breathing was a dead giveaway. Claire's probably matched it. She couldn't help herself, though. It was as though Caleb had flicked a switch in her, reigniting something that she thought was long dead. She had had no intention of starting a relationship with anyone after she had come to America, but, slowly and surely, Caleb had broken down every wall she had put up, and without her even realising it.

She felt his fingers close tightly around her hand as it nudged up his thigh, and Claire stilled its progress. "When all you really want is something... hot. Really hot," she giggled, trying to stop herself from taking things too far with Caleb. Sex in a car wasn't top on her list of priorities, especially not in the SGC car park. If they weren't careful, they were going to get caught.

Caleb kissed her again, and Claire reluctantly drew back, nodding as he said they had to move. "I know," she said, her voice so quiet that it barely registered. "I don't want to, but you're right." Climbing out of the car, Claire made sure she had everything she needed.

Well, everything except the man who had shared her bed last night.

Claire gave Caleb a heated look, making sure that, for now, she stood a respectful distance away, not making things too obvious. "I'll do my best to get a cosy little table for two in a quiet corner," she grinned, knowing that it would be their luck to end up sharing with several others. "Just make sure you get changed in record time, e taku tahu. Your seat might get snatched up by someone young and virile..." She shot Caleb a flirty glance, and, not waiting for an answer, headed for the entrance to the mountain.

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