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 Post subject: Elvria/Parnell
PostPosted: Sun Aug 23, 2015 7:17 pm 
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How did you find us? Been around a while. :)


Section 1: Personal Details

Name: Elvria (host) pronounce Ell-ve-ra, Parnell (Symbiote)
Age: 23 by Earth standards for host and possibly older for Parnell, Parnell has declined to answer how old to Elvria.
D.O.B.: N/A
P.O.B.: N/A - can't remember.
Nationality (if human)/Species (if alien): Tok'ra
Gender: Female host, Parnell is referred to as he a lot, due to the amount of male hosts he has taken.

Height: 5ft 1in
Build: Elvria is petite, but strong, she is one of the shortest Tok'ra she knows and for that she always looks younger in years than what she actually is.
Skin Tone: Fair, smooth (she doesn't do much 'manual work') has a spiderweb of a scar on her right shoulder.
Hair: Dark brown, short hair, easily tucked behind the ears or pinned back if such an occasion calls for it.
Eyes: Brown, glow yellow when transitioning between host and symbiote.
Distinguishing Features: Scar on right shoulder from a staff weapon from when she was younger.

Playby: Kathryn Prescott

Family: All deceased. Thinks of the Tok'ra as more family than anything else now.
Marital Status: Single, does not want to have a partner, is too committed to helping the Tok'ra and Parnell.

Section 2: Employment

C. Fill in this section ONLY if your character is a non-Tau'ri character:

Title: Dr, but no one really addresses her this way.
Job/function: Committed to keeping the Tok'ra line healthy, whilst trying to come up with ways to better extract a Goa'uld from an unwilling host.
Specialist skills: Basic first aid ( although that probably makes it slightly advanced compared to Earth), is a sort of biologist in engineering ways to help free the Jaffa from the larvae they carry and trying to remove unwilling Goa'ulds whilst trying to keep hosts alive.

Section 3: General Information

A. Personal History

Elvria can not really remember a time when she wasn't a host to Parnell, she could remember being a happy child, playing with the other children in the village. Could remember having parents that loved her and cherished her, or rather that is what feeling she gets when she thinks on them. But nothing really substantial.

At the age of 14 she was taken prisoner by one of the system lords, hoping to make her his next queen when she reached maturity. But Elvria did not want this to happen to her, she fought, she struggled and was knocked unconscious before being taken.

Although she was prisoner on the ship, she was treated well - no one wanted an underfed, miserable host after all - and a lot of the others that had been taken began to think the Goa'uld were not that bad. But people would be taken and not return, Elvria was never going to trust them.

The Goa'uld would hurt them and make them use a sarcophagus if need be, Elvria experienced this half a dozen times. Sometimes awakening with no memory of who she was, let alone where she was, but bits and pieces would come back. Of who the Goa'uld was, what they were doing.

By the time two years had passed Elvria was beginning to be prepared for becoming an unwilling host, she had been sure that the time would never come for this and fought the whole way there. Being laid on the table, she was left alone with only one guard when someone came blasting there way in, Elvria had never been so happy to see new people, especially when they promised to rescue her.

Elvria went with them, but not before getting a staff blast weapon to her shoulder, she was taken back to the Tok'ra home - or the one that they had set up camp on - and was told that the blast weapon had hit more towards the centre of her back, damaging her heart. Something they could not repair without help.

She was told about becoming a host, that the Tok'ra did not force themselves onto a person, that it was symbiotic by nature and that it would give her a longer life and heal most things. Including the damage to her heart.

With no actual home to go to, no memory of exactly where home was any more, Elvria agreed and became host to Parnell a stubborn Tok'ra that did not seem to have much humour or rather the humour Parnell had was so very different from Elvria.

Elvria took on Parnell's research, having discovered that Parnell was looking into ways of unbinding a Goa'uld with a host, whilst leaving the host alive. Elvria got most of Parnell's memories and it gave her a sense of belonging of having a family again.

Elvria and Parnell came to the attention of the Tauri after helping one of their teams out with medical attention on a mission. She had gone on her own, undercover - Parnell taking over most of the time whilst she dwindle in the background - to look into the drug that makes people no good to be hosts. She had been taken as a Goa'uld at first, but revealed her true nature as she was helping them and just exactly what she was doing on that planet.

Elvria and Parnell have been given rooms at the SGC and they spend most of their time between Earth and wherever the Tok'ra reside. They also use her as a messenger between the two, which although does not bother Elvria, Parnell can get particularly uppity about it.

B. General Personality

i. Character Strengths:
Elvria - Is strong willed, has a good sense of humour and confident.
Parnell - Is confident (the one strength they both share), smart, brave and incredibly patient.

ii. Character Weaknesses:
Elvria - Gets emotionally attached easily, can be a bit OCD when it comes to being with the Tok'ra, and is open with her emotions.
Parnell - Stubborn, can be cold towards people at times and hates mess.

iii. Personal attitude and demeanour:
Elvria and Parnell deal with stress in the same way, they go into a kind of zone and work until the job/mission/etc is finished. Neither of them mind working to deadlines(there was been cause of that occasional) but both prefer to take their time. They understand the Tauri's rank system, but do not always abide by it, they are both quite happy to voice an opinion - especially Parnell - if they think it's right.

C. Additional Information
Elvria volunteered both herself and Parnell to acting as a messenger between the Tauri and the Tok'ra, although they already have an ambassador, Elvria is always more on Earth than any other planet.

Ancient gene: No, although is rather interested in how that works and if it is possibly for the hosts of Tok'ra to hold said gene and get it to work once taken as a host.

RP Sample (in character):

The sound of gunfire was deafening, Elvria couldn't see two feet in front of herself, as Jaffa stormed the area. She had been split from her parents a while ago, and although she didn't want to admit it she knew they were dead. Rounding a corner, she came face to face with the System Lord, staff weapons pointing at her from all sides, she fell to her knees tears streaming down her face. This was it, this was going to be her end, she saw the nearest one open and......

Elvria came to with a start, it had been the same dream again, the one that frequented her dreams near enough every time she fell to sleep. Although she didn't need as much sleep, Parnell saw to that, the Tok'ra didn't need as much of anything being hosted, she still need some. It was just a shame that every time she did, she dropped right back into that sequence again.

"Are you well Elvria?" came Parnell's voice, it always sounded the same to her, calm and soothing. Even when they were in the middle of a crisis Parnell had that soothing quality to his voice.

They were totally different in that respect, Elvria would have all kinds of emotion inflicted in her voice at times and would often cause Parnell to sigh in consternation. But she was only human after all and she had been so young when they'd bonded that she hadn't really learnt to not inflict that emotion in her voice. But Parnell, Parnell didn't and if she ever caught sound of her voice when Parnell was in charge, it was weird to hear, very weird.

Shuffling the papers around the desk, a bad habit she had picked up from the Tauri, back in the Tok'ra tunnels if she had space to do this kind of thing everything would be neatly piled correctly. There would be none of this 'spreading out' business.

"Everything is fine Parnell," she said, speaking out loud. It was another trait that she couldn't break, speaking out loud made her feel better and although some of the Tauri - especially the new ones that kept arriving - thought it strange, the rest did not bat an eye.

"Was the dream to do with your capture and subsequent bonding with myself?"

Elvria sighed, "I rather wish not to discuss it Parnell, it is in the past and must stay there."

"I have heard the humans of the Tauri say that talking about things would help. Of course you are not Tauri, you are..."

Slamming her hand down, "I know what I am! I wish to discuss this now further!" papers fluttered down from the edge of the desk, but Parnell did not reply again.....

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Welcome on board. Please fill in your face claim, character comfort levels and who's who entries, and then you are free to post your plotter, post in others', and get playing.

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