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 Post subject: Akash Malhotra
PostPosted: Tue Oct 28, 2014 10:40 pm 
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Section 1: Personal Details

Name: Akash Malhotra
Age: 43
D.O.B.: 28/1/1970
P.O.B.: Arga, India
Nationality: Indian
Gender: Male

Height: 180 cm
Build: Medium
Skin Tone: light/tan
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Distinguishing Features: Beard

Playby: Shah Rukh Kahn

Mother: Poonam Malhotra
Father: Rahual Malhotra (deceased)
Wife: Meena Malhotra (deceased)

Marital Status: Widowed

Section 2: Employment

Title: Doctor
Specialist Area: History
Degree Speciality:
BA in History,
MD and PhD in Ancient History of India

Additional Information:

Section 3: General Information

A. Personal History

Born in Agra, India. Akash is his parent's only child. According to his mother he was always interested in reading then doing social interaction with other children even as a boy, so taking him out at gathering was rather a challenge - itself. The only people who were able to get him to talk were his grandparents. His dadaji (Parental Grandfather) told him much of the ancient tales for years catching his young imagination.

Adolescents and High School came and went, but Akash's dream of picking up history for major didn't fade. He applied in Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi during his final year for his career path which had been instill into him by his grandfather.

He met his wife in the University, marrying three year after graduation. Another year after their marriage, they made the announcement about a new arrival joining them and expanding their family. However it was not meant to be as the Code blue took both before his arrival at the hospital. Since the loss, Akash buried himself his in grief, for few years and moved to Shimla and worked there as a tutor in history.

Sometime in 2001, one of his students brought him a artifact with a strange carving on it that sparked his interest. After being shown where it was found, Askah made few calls to start a dig and a get a team under his wing. Within a year a team was formed; two old friends from his university days joined to help out; Archeologist and Linguist. The findings were more then the trio expected. As over the years the digs and the findings became his life work.

By 2009, they had five digs successfully under their belts, with each dig came the strange carving -different from the one before- to add to their collect. By 2011 the trail had dried up. However their findings were enough to catch the interest of Doctor Pooja Rai Gracia who send a liaision to Shimla on behalf of SGC. Within weeks three of them were in a meeting with Hammond and O'Neill. After much thought they all agreed to work with the SGC.

During one of the 'training exercise' to prepare for the expedition on Tok'ra world, Akash was received internal injures as well reasonable amount of blood loss. Unable to transport him back to Earth for the medical care he required. Tok'ra offered the members a choice of saving his live by taking a symbiote known as Udish. With nothing to lose, Akash agreed. Two of them started off on a rocky patch, but now are able to work with each other without fighting. Akash acts as the liaison to SGC for the Tok'ra

B. General Personality

Akash: Overall Akash is a quiet, reserved and barely talkative unless he is spoken to directly. He has a habit of chuckling when nervous. Before his wife's passing, Akash was open and extremely social.

Udish: He is more reckless and impulsive, and will dive into trouble wihtout thinking most times unless Akash reels him with some sternness and gets him to see some sense. Although the good doctor has stopped him on many occassions from his own foolishness.

i. Character Strengths:

Akash: generous, helpful, decisive
Udish: Charming (where needed), stubborn, rebellious

ii. Character Weaknesses:
Akash: Procrastinating, Forgetfulness, too idealistic
Udish: extremely impulsive at times, lacks inspiration, daring

iii. Personal attitude and demeanour:

Akash: While he is very approachable with a motto of "my door is always open" that mostly applies to professional side of him. Hen ever will talk about his personal life when on the job. If he dislikes a person, he will not let that interfere with his work relation with that person. Unless he has a reason to avoid them.

Udish: As a young Tok'ra, he is very outspoken about his views on anyone. Whether he voices it or not, the young symbiote will make it known through his manners. As this does get him trouble with Akash at times.

C. Additional Information

Ancient gene: Nope.

RP Sample (in character):


He studied the carvings photos after lining them up in the order they were found. No matter which angle he looked at it, they did not make sense. In fact, he mused as he sipped tea, they were the odd balls of the whole evacuation they had done. They didn't fit the norm of what he knew about the Ancient India. What alarmed him was that these pieces hadn't been broken since they might have been buried. The smooth cut along the edges of the piece, perplexed him, intruded him.

Sighing he breathed in the autumn cool air from mountain that offered. Winter, he decided was going to be extremely cold. Setting the cup and saucer on the table, he picked up other images that were scattered around the room he had converted into a study. He was unsure of what he was looking for, but he knew that this puzzle was far from boring. He studied the images of the cuts, which itself threw him out the loop on it's own. Back then there were no tools for cutting it like this. It wasn't even sanded with a sander.

No, he shook his head, their was more to the story then it was being told. A mystery he was eager to solve. With a smile drawing in his lips, he picked up his tea and moved to the window, and watched the view. For the first time in years he felt challenged

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