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 Forum: P5X-088 - Beta Site   Topic: Welcoming Committee

 Post subject: Re: Welcoming Committee
Posted: Thu Sep 14, 2017 1:47 am 

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Tahirah came through on the tail end of the party. Gate travel was nothing new to her, so she had made a habit of staying back in case those less experienced needed a word of encouragement... or a push. No such incentive had been needed this time. She trotted down the ramp quickly, more out of habit...

 Forum: Plotters   Topic: Computer Grunt for Hire

 Post subject: Re: Computer Grunt for Hire
Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2017 2:28 pm 

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At some point Fia WILL track you down and introduce herself. That's how she is. Have no doubt they can be friends if they find common ground, she is a friendly kinda gal. No Romance though, She is firmly in the unavailable category. ;) Tahirah will be tough to find common ground with, as her backgro...

 Forum: The Gateroom   Topic: Another Day, Another Departure TAG: All Beta Site Personnel

Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2017 9:26 pm 

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Without hesitation, Tahirah enveloped the smaller woman is a friendly one armed hug. Her staff weapon made anything more impossible. "Tal'ma'te, Claire. I am well." Straightening up, Tahirah took a good look at Claire. The woman still sparked as brightly as when they met, and judging from ...

 Forum: The Gateroom   Topic: Another Day, Another Departure TAG: All Beta Site Personnel

Posted: Sun Sep 03, 2017 8:11 pm 

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Everything had been taken care of. What few belongings she had were packed into the duffle at the foot of her cot, a caretaker had been arranged for her plants, and she had taken her leave from those who would be missed. Tahirah knew this mission was only for a few months, but there was a feeling of...

 Forum: News & Announcements   Topic: New Game Sign Ups

 Post subject: Re: New Game Sign Ups
Posted: Sat Sep 02, 2017 1:20 am 

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Would like Tahirah to be there as well, though my focus will obviously be Fia at first.

 Forum: Miscellaneous   Topic: ALIVE!

 Post subject: Re: ALIVE!
Posted: Mon Aug 14, 2017 2:31 am 

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*watches space intently*

 Forum: News & Announcements   Topic: Time for a Return...

 Post subject: Re: Time for a Return...
Posted: Sun Aug 13, 2017 11:49 pm 

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I mean Aye!

 Forum: Tollana   Topic: Suffer The Children TAG: Team #1

Posted: Sat Dec 19, 2015 2:06 am 

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Needing to move as swiftly as possible, Tahirah let the Zat'nikatel clatter to the ground and freed up both hands. One grabbed the tweezers, the other the bottle. "I am over here and well, Blake." She called out in response to hearing her name. Tahirah picked up the gastropod as gently as ...

 Forum: Tollana   Topic: Suffer The Children TAG: Team #1

Posted: Fri Dec 11, 2015 7:34 pm 

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Tahirah's lips compressed into a thin line. The soldier beneath this blanket was older than those guarding the gates, but just barely. If the Tollan militia had been reduced to such children, they were going to need the SCG's help to rebuild. Once news reached the Goa'uld that the mighty Tollan Empi...

 Forum: Tollana   Topic: Suffer The Children TAG: Team #1

Posted: Sun Dec 06, 2015 2:48 am 

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Perhaps it was a language problem, perhaps not. Everything the young man described could have been caused by unseen assailants. The last though caught her attention. As part of her training as Im'abseti, Tahirah had learned about many goa'uld weapons. She had heard of a lesser goddess who had been t...
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